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Filofax Nude Original Review

As some of you know, i received a Filofax Original Nude in a swap that i did a few weeks ago. When i was on Facebook, i got a question asking me if its a nice as what people make out. I was really skeptical at first as i have never really like the Originals,however it looked lovely so i wanted to give it ago.

Filofax Originals retail around £65 brand new,however if you are on planner group’s on Facebook you may mind a pre-loved one a little bit cheaper. The Original that i own is the personal nude. However Filofax offers the originals in all sizes and loads of different colours.

The outside of the Original is thick cow leather with a patent finish. The feel of this Filofax is AMAZING!  It feels so nice to the touch. This Filofax is the floppiest Filofax that i own. When ever i saw an original before, the floppiness really put me off. I didn’t think that i would like it as i am use to having stiff Filofax’s. However, I LOVE IT!!!! I love the floppiness.  It’s just so nice to hold and use. I think i want another one already!

The inside of the Original is the same as external leather with patent finish and visible reverse of external leather.The Original has two card pockets, one vertical slip pocket, two elastic pen loops, one multi-functional elastic holder. There is also a slip pocket at the back for a paperpad. If there is one thing that i dislike about this Filofax it would be the elastic holder pen loop thing on the inside of the Filofax. In my 100% honest opinion, i don’t actually know why it is there. I have no idea what i would use it for. The left pen loop is a normal sized pen loop, however the right pen loop is ridiculously small!! I couldn’t even fit my really slim ebay pen in there!


My most favorite thing about this Filofax is the closure. The closure is made of a leather strap with a branded popper and colour coordinated gel button. I think this is really cool touch to the Filofax. None of the other Filofax’s that i own have this detail on the front so im really liking it.

All in all i love this Filofax. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about buying one! It is so stylish and elegant it would really go with anything! You could also use this as a business planner if that is something that you do. Please let me know what you think and if you have one.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Zoe oxox


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