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A Year Of Planning- How Things Change

I have been planning for just over a year now! I cannot believe how quick that has gone. Today i thought i would share with you all how my planning style has changed over the last year. This planning journey begins in January 2015. I have pictures dating back from 2015 up until now and my current planning style. So lets start.

The first photo is my very first planner that i brought when i got into planning and that was a Personal Planner from . This was a perfect first planner because you can customize it in near enough anyway. I decided to go for the vertical layout because i loved the look of Erin Condren Life Planners so i wanted to try and recreate something similar. Due to only just starting out planning, my planning style was very basic and minimal. I didn’t have any washi tape and i didn’t have many stickers.

Planning set up personal planner

After a while, I brought some sticker paper from eBay and i started making my own stickers. I loved doing this as i could make a sticker for absolute everything. I would spend hours filling up an A4 word document with stickers that i wanted to use in my weekly spreads.As you can see from the picture below i am still using a Personal-Planner, however i still haven’t found a use for washi tape.

Personal planner layout 20 april

A few months past and i started writing to a new penpal. My penpal was using ringed binders and i would lust over her Instagram pictures of how she set hers up. I loved the idea of having something that you could customise to your heart’s content. One day i got home from college to find a parcel waiting for me. When i opened it i couldn’t believe my eyes. My penpal sent me a Paperchase A5 organiser that she wasn’t using. It was on this day that i got the idea of cutting my Personal-Planner up and punching it into a ringed binder. In the picture’s below you can see that i have finally started using washi tape to break up my days. I also used stickers that i had made to mark important events such as an assignment being due.

How i plan
Personal-Planner in my first Ringed Organiser
filofax layout 22 june
Personal-Planner in my first Ringed Organiser

A few months past and i was still in love with using a ringed binder system so i decided to buy my very first A5 Filofax. After a few days of searching, i decided on the A5 Pear Saffiano. At this point i had been planning for about 11 months now so i was really getting into decorating my planner with cute stickers. I was learning that planning can be fun. You can use stickers to decorate as well as using them functionally.


Personal-Planner in a A5 Filofax

Now we have come up to January 2016. I decided that i wanted to buy another Personal planner and punch it into a Filofax. I loved how last year went however i decided that i wanted to try something a little bit different. I brought the Personal Planner in a box layout instead of the vertical layout.

personal planner front cover
Personal-Planner 2016
Personal-Planner 2016

As you can tell in the picture below my planning style changed a little bit than last year. This was because of the different layout that i was using. I still used washi tape and stickers, however it looks much different then how i planned with a vertical planner.

Personal-Planner in a A5 Organiser

After a few months of using the new Personal-Planner in my A5 Filofax, i found that i just wasn’t enjoying planning as much as i did the year before. I couldn’t tell if it was because i was feeling down in myself and couldn’t be bothered, or if it was the fact that they box layout was just not working for me.  I decided to push though and just try new ways or style of planning to see if i could work out the problem. A few weeks past and i still couldn’t shrug of the feeling that planning style wasn’t working for me. One morning i was in bed looking through Instagram when i came across a picture of a lovely decorated personal sized Filofax. That picture got me thinking, maybe it was the size of the Filofax that wasn’t working for me! I decided that the next week i would plan in a personal ring bound planner that i won in a giveaway and hadn’t used yet due to it being a personal size. When i was planning that next week it was like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I LOVED it! I loved the way it looked and how simple it was yet i could still use stickers or washi tape if i wanted to.  The A5 planner must have just been to big and because i wasn’t filling up much of the page space it was getting me down.

Filofax Personal Finsbury
Personal Sized Filofax

I have been using a personal Filofax for a month now and i love it! It is defiantly the right size for me. I hope you enjoyed looking through old photo’s of the last year and seeing how my planning style has changed. I have learnt that planning is all about trail and error. You have to find out what works for you. Some things may work for other people, yet they do not for you. Don’t feel discouraged. Try something new and eventually, you will find a style that works best for you and it will feel amazing!

I hope you have a lovely Easter,

Zoe oxox

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Filofax Personal Blossom Review

If you are following me on Instagram, you will know that i recently brought a new Filofax! Yes i know, ANOTHER ONE?!?! I can justify it though! I actually sold my A5 Carpe Diem Planner in order to fund it and not feel so guilty. Anyway, today i thought that i would review this Filofax and show you guys because it truly is beautiful!

I came across this Personal Filofax Blossom on the UK Planner Addicts group. A lovely lady had put it up for sale and i just feel in love when i saw it. I actually only paid £10!!! I could not believe it. It doesn’t even look used. If you were to buy this brand new they average around £30 depending on where you buy it from.

The print of this Filofax is lovely flowers. I love the colours so much. All the colours complement each other especially the yellow with the different colour pinks. The outside of the Filofax is PU fine leather and the inside is PU cream suede. It is defiantly different from the other Filofax’s and planner that i own, however i actually really like it. It is really soft to touch but not in a leather way if that makes sense. This Filofax has a PU strap with concealed popper and a cream elastic pen loop.



The inside of the Filofax Personal Blossom is very different to an average Filofax. This is because the Filofax Blossom does not have any pockets inside. It is completely empty expect from the rings. This for me is actually a plus. I never utilize the pockets inside my planners. I have tried numerous times to make it cute to find functional uses for them, however i just couldn’t and if im honest they used to always bug me. If they were full they would bug me or if they were empty they would bug me. Using this planner means that i don’t have the option so either way i shouldn’t be bugged haha! The ring size of this planner is 19mm which i think is a normal personal ring size.


I love this Filofax because i think it looks different and fun. All my planners are just one plain colour so i really love having one that is funky, fun and different. I hope you have enjoyed seeing this Filofax and you love it as much as i do! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxo

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On the go stickers

If you read Fridays blog post then you will know that i have a pocket at the back of my Filofax that i keep all of my on the go stickers. These stickers consist of things that i use every week/day.  Most of these sticker sheets are pictured with some stickers missing, this is due to the fact that i actually use them week to week and i wanted to show that.


The first set of stickers that i keep in the back of my Filofax is the actual Filofax brand stickers. I really enjoy using these Filofax stickers,I love the size of them.When i received them for Christmas i didn’t know how i was going to use them as i thought they were really basic,However i have used some stickers for different meanings then they are meant to be used for. For example i use the house sticker as a college sticker and i use the light bulb sticker to identify if i have maths that week or if i need to write a blog post.

filofax brand

The second sheet of stickers that i have in the pocket is the change bed sheets stickers. These bed sheet stickers are so cute! I recently brought them from StickerSisterCo onEtsy and i am in love with them! I have been looking for a cute reminder to put in my planner and i have finally found some!

Change bed sheet stickers

The third sheet of stickers are some envelope stickers. I brought these a while ago now from Hand Crafted By Sheree on Etsy. I love these stickers so much because they fit perfectly in my personal inserts. These stickers are the most used stickers in my planner due to the fact i have a penpal and send a lot of mail!

Happy Face Envelope Stickers

The fourth sheet of stickers are also from Hand Crafted By Sheree and they are the small colourful check list stickers. These stickers are amazing for personal or pocket planners because they are so small and can fit nicely in your layout. I use these stickers every week to check off my weekly to do’s.

40 To Do heart check list flags

The fifth sticker sheet in the pocket is some hand print stickers from StickerSisterCo on Etsy. These stickers are handy to keep in my planner to mark off days that i have been asked to babysit. I love the uniqueness of these stickers as i haven’t seen any stickers like this before.

Hand print stickers

The sixth sticker sheet in the pocket is some canceled and rescheduled stickers. These were made for me by a friend so this actual design is not being sold, however im sure you can find some on Etsy.


The final sticker sheet in the pocket is some pound sign stickers. These are from DaisyDuster Designs:on Etsy. I love using these in my weekly view to mark off when i have paid for something or if i have a bill coming up. Using these stickers makes the bill or transaction stand out so i remember to pay something.


I have linked all the stickers URL’s in the captions of each photo so please check that out. I have also put links to the above mentioned shops at the end of this blog post.

I hope you liked this blog post and it gave you an idea of some stickers that i use on a weekly basis. I am thinking about doing a plan with me blog post some time soon. If that’s something your interested in please comment below or like this blog post.

I hope you all have a good week.

Zoe oxox

Shop Links:


HandCrafted By Sheree: 

DaisyDuster Designs:

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Filofax Personal Finsbury Set Up

As some of you may know, i have recently found planner peace in a personal sized planner. Today i thought i was give you a quick blog post all about my current set up in my Filofax Personal Finsbury. This post will mainly be pictures, i hope you don’t mind!

Filofax Personal Finsbury
Inside- Dash made from The Range Paper Pack
Weekly Spread




Filofax stickers.- I really enjoy using these Filofax stickers. I love the size of them and how good they look in my planner. When i received them for Christmas i didn’t know how i was going to use them. However i have used some stickers for different meanings then they are meant to be used for. For example i use the house sticker as a college sticker and i use the light bulb sticker to identify if i have maths that week or if i need to write a blog post.


In this pocket i keep all of my on the go stickers. As you can see in this picture i keep my envelope stickers from Hand Crafted By Sheree on ETSY. I have a few other stickers in this pocket. If you would like to see a blog post about them then let me know in the comments below.


In the back pocket i just keep postage receipts. I put them there because they are always on me and i know that they will all be in one place.

I love my current set up, i hope you this post. I am thinking about doing a blog post on my on the go stickers that i keep in my planner. If that’s something that you would like to see please let me know below!

Have a good weekend!

Zoe oxox

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StickerSisterCo Sticker Review

I was having my daily smooch on the UK Planner Addicts Group on Facebook the other day and i came across a post asking if anyone wanted to try out some new stickers from a brand new etsy shop that is in the process of being made. Of course i commented saying that i would love to try them out. The owners of StickerSisterCo only asked for my 100% honest review of the stickers in return of them sending me them for free.



When they arrived and i got them out of the envelope i could believe how bright the colours was! I love bright colours so seeing that as a first impression was amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I love the mixture of stickers that StickerSisterCo sent me as i get to try out things that i may not have picked myself. My favorite sticker that i received has to be the hand prints. I am currently studying childcare and i am volunteering in childcare settings so these hands will be perfect to mark that days that i volunteer.


My second favorite has to be the individual mickey mouse check boxes. I love this idea because i can use them in my personal sized Filofax. Since moving into a personal sized Filofax, i have found that some stickers are too big to fit in my layouts. I have also found that many of my check boxes don’t fit in a days space. Having these individual box stickers will mean i can fit as little as i want to in the space depending on the to do’s that day and the space of the day in my currently layout.

mickey box

I have never seen Pokemon stickers before and if im honest im not really a big Pokemon lover, however they are adorable! I am going to use them in next weeks spread because i just love the cuteness for them! I know loads of people love Pokemon so there is defiantly a market for them!

pokomon boxespokomon characterspokomon list

All in all i love these stickers. The size of the sheets are just perfect for taking with me on the go. Every sheet fits lovely at the back on my personal planner and also fit in my planner pouch. Having stickers that fit in my planner pouch is a must for me because i love taking it on the go with me. If the sticker sheets don’t fit in my pouch then they normally get put in my sticker folder and forgot about, which is really sad.

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy shop will be opening this weekend so please make sure you head over and check them out! All their links will be at the end of this blog post!

I hope you liked this blog post. If there is anything you would like me to review please comment down below or pop me and email and i will look into purchasing that product!

Have a lovely week!

Zoe oxox

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy: 


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A5 Vs Personal- The Filofax Debate

When you start planning and you are looking into buying a Filofax it can be a very confusing and mind boggling time. The biggest question that gets asked in all the planning groups on Facebook is “DO I BUY A PERSONAL OR AN A5?!” Deciding whether you are a personal user or an A5 user can be a very difficult time. Many people don’t actually know the answer to that question until they have actually had time to use both.  Today i am going to talk about both sized Filofax’s and stating my opinions in the advantages and disadvantages to them both.

First lets talk about the A5 sized Filofax. A5 Filofax’s are much bigger then the personal size which in itself can be an advantage or disadvantage to many people. When i stated planning i always used A5 size. I loved the space that i had to write in and it was easy for me to make my own inserts because of the page size. However after a while i found that i wasn’t actually doing enough or busy enough to fill in the A5 sized inserts and it was really getting me down.  If you have a busy scheduled or you have a business, i think an A5 Filofax would work really well for you, however if you do not do much or do the same thing most of the time then your pages may become a little empty.

Advantages to an A5 Filofax:

  • Large space to write in.
  • It’s easy to print out inserts because of its a widely recognised size.
  • Bigger ring space.

Disadvantages to an A5 Filofax:

  • Its Heavy! if you want a planner to carry around with you all the time then this may not be the right option for you.
  • A5 Filofax’s are expensive! whether this is the Filofax itself or the inserts. A5 sized is defiantly more expensive.
  • Its Big! I found finding a bag big enough to carry my A5 and the rest of my stuff very difficult. I either found a huge bag that wasn’t practical or a bag that was just too small!


Finally the Personal sized Filofax. Personal sized Filofax’s are smaller then an A5. When i first started planning i thought that a personal sized Filofax was too small for me. I thought that the pages didn’t have enough space on them to write in my daily to do’s and scheduled. However i come to find now that i was very wrong! I have been using a personal sized Filofax for a few weeks now and i absolutely love it! I find that it finds everything that i need lovely and its defiantly for someone like me who is a college student who doesn’t have much going on or has the same routine most weeks.

Advantages to a Personal sized Filofax:

  • Its portable! Taking out a personal sized Filofax is really easy!
  • Its cheaper! When looking into buying a personal sized Filofax, you will find that the Filofax itself and inserts and much cheaper then an A5 sized. This is great if you are like me and like changing out your Filofax on a regular basis.
  • Its smaller! They fit in almost any bag that i own and i do not need to worry about it being to big or too heavy to carry around.

Disadvantages to a Personal sized Filofax:

  • Smaller pages! If you have big hand writing or you have a busy scheduled then a personal sized Filofax may not be for you.
  • Difficult to print your own insets! I have found printing personal sized inserts much more difficult then an A5. This is because its a strange size that my laptop does not recognise. When making inserts on Word you can change the page size on page set up function so it’s easier to make your inserts. However when you come to print them, if you are printing them on an A4 piece of paper, make sure you have a personal sized bit of paper to mark round so you get the perfect size or make sure you put a border round the page so you know where to cut it.
  • Smaller rings! If you love packing your Filofax then you must take into consideration that personal sized Filofax’s have smaller rings then an A5. I myself have not found this a problem or even really noticed it, however i do not have much in my Filofax.


I hope this post helps you in deciding if you want to buy a personal sized Filofax or an A5 Filofax. If you have any more questions please comment down below and i will make sure i answer them!

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Zoe oxox

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Daisyduster Designs Grab Bag Review

If you have been reading this blog for a while now then you will know that i LOVE stickers! I really enjoy using stickers in my planners because it gives it a sense of fun. I have found that if my week is pretty then i am more likely to keep looking at it which will mean more things get done. Anywayyyyy onto the stickers!!!

Today i am going to be doing a review on a grab bag from DaisyDuster Designs on Etsy. Before i get started i do want to say that these stickers were sent to me for free,however they were not sent for the purpose of reviewing. The lovely Maisie who owns DaisyDuster Designs sent them to me for my personal use to cheer me up after i had a bad week. Therefore, I am 100% reviewing these stickers on my own accord as i love them and really wanted to share them with you.

The stickers arrived in a cardboard back envelope. The stickers were packed neatly into a clear plastic bag. As soon as i took the stickers out of the envelope i knew that i would love them. The colours of the stickers are so beautiful. There’s a lovely mixture of bright colours and pastel colours which i really like.


I really like the idea of grab bags, if you are like me and love surprises then grab bags are an amazing idea. Grab bags are also a great way of testing out different stickers that you may not have picked yourself. Many times i will receive a set of stickers that i would not have chosen and absolutely love them. In this grab bag i received 10 sticker sheets and if i am honest i actually love every sticker sheet that was included! According to DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Bio, if you buy a grab bag you will receive 10 sheets of stickers with the value of £9.70. The cost of the grab bag is £6 and 97p p+p. I think this is amazing value for money. The grab bags that is currently available is the Not-Quite-Perfect Planner Stickers Grab Bag! I’m not sure if this is the grab bag that i received because the stickers were near enough perfect!

The stickers i received in the grab bag were:

paw prints
Paw Prints
Star check box
Star check list
Money icon
Book icons
Arrow icons
Breakfast, lunch and dinner stickers
Car icons
box check box
Square check list
Pastel daisy stickers
love hearts
Tiny love heart stickers


All in all i think these stickers are really good quality. I think the grab bag idea is an amazing idea that will appeal to many people. I have used a few of these stickers in my planner and i just love how bright they are. I would 100% recommend this shop. On DaisyDister Designs Etsy page it states that they are renovating at the moment. They will soon reopen and be bigger and better than ever. I am not sure on the date that they are reopening, when i find out i will add it to this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and loved the stickers shown as much as i do. If you have any questions please leave a comment down below or email me at

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox



DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Shop:

DaisyDuster Designs Grab bag: 


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Aly Marina Craft Planner Charm Review

A few months ago my amazing friend and penpal Alycia opened an Etsy store. Aly’s Etsy store is full of beautiful jewellery and planner charms. Alycia has kindly sent me a few of her charms to review for you guys.Before i get started  just want to say that although this product was sent to me for free, all opinions are 100% my own and non bias.

First impressions of how Aly packages her planner charms is really good! I love how simple it is. Some shops really overdo their packaging which can be exciting to receive, however i just like how “fresh” and simple Aly’s is. Its very professional in my opinion.


inside package

The first charm Aly sent was the really cute princess charm. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are a princess right? 😉 hehe. Anyway the princess charm comes with a princess castle and a crown that says “princess”. The charm is silver on a black charm chord. I really like this charm because its different. I haven’t really seen anything like this  before. Aly actually also sells a necklace with this charm on so if you want that be sure to check out her shop! If you were to purchase this charm it is £2.50 + £1 p+p. I think this price is amazing. Its very affordable. If you want to purchase this charm, i will put the link to the Etsy listing HERE.

Princess charm and bc

The second charm that Aly sent me was the moon and starts charm. I think this charm is really cool. It again silver and has a clasp on it to attach to a planner charm chord. I really like the fact that both the charms have two charms on them. I really like to doubled look. Aly actually also sells a necklace with this charm on so if you want that be sure to check out her shop! If you were to purchase this charm it is £2.50 + £1 p+p. I think this price is amazing. Its very affordable. If you want to purchase this charm, i will put the link to the Etsy listing HERE.

moon charm

The final charm that i received was a really cute Easter bunny holding a Easter egg. This has to be my favourite out of all the charms. I have not seen anything like this anywhere and i just love how simple yet cute it is. Most of the charms that i have are brightly colourd. I LOVE bright colours, however having something so simple is so nice! This charm and all of the charms in this blog will go with ANY colourd planner which i think is so handy! This charm isn’t actually listed on Aly’s Etsy shop. I’m not sure if it was just a one off that she sent me or if it will be realsed closer to easter. If she does release this charm i will update this post and put the link HERE. Untill then follow Aly Marina Crafts on Etsy to get updates of new things that she uploads to her shop!

easter bunny

All in all i 100% recommend these charms. They are very high quality and will last you a long time! If you are someone like me and love using charms on your planners then this shop is the one to go to! The pricing is so reasonable and affordable and the charms are just so unique and cool! Please be sure to check out her shop,all her links will be at the bottom of this blog post.

I hope you liked this blog post. If you have any questions please comment them down below. If you have a business inquiry please contact me on I hope you have a nice week.

Zoe oxoxo

AlyMarinaCrafts On Etsy:

AlyMarinaCrafts On Facebook: