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Boxing day Sale Haul

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What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hi Guys,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I apologies for not posting recently but i had family down for Christmas so i didn’t have time to upload. However before Christmas a lot of you asked me to do a blog post on what i got for Christmas, so today i will be showing you all. A quick disclaimer though, this is not a bragging post. I am only uploading this as you guys have asked me to. I am extremely great full for everything i received this Christmas and wanted to show you all.

So onto what i received:

I hope you all liked this post, I am happy to say that my post scheduled will now be back to normal. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Please comment below and let me know what you got for Christmas!

See you soon,

Zoe oxox

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Handcrafted by Sheree Sticker Haul

Good Evening!!

I hope you all had a nice week! Sorry it’s been a bit up in the air with my blog post schedule,Its been a hectic few weeks with college. However i am back with my little black Friday haul!!!!

I’m so surprised at myself this year that i didn’t go overboard on black Friday! Loads of amazing shops had black Friday deals however nothing really stood out for me. I’ve previously purchased some custom stickers from Handcrafted by Sheree on Etsy and i was actually planning to order some more custom stickers from her when i saw that she was actually doing a Black Friday Offer.

The stickers that i orders were: 

I love these stickers so much! They are such good quality for the price and i cannot recommend them enough! I also did a corresponding YouTube video for this blog post so please click the link below to watch that! I’m so sorry its upside down, i don’t know what happens 😦 It was fine on my camera! Ugh anyway!

I hope you all found this blog post interesting. If you have any questions please comment below!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxoxox



Whiteley Village Shopping Centre Haul

Tuesday i went to Whiteley shopping center because my aunt was down from Leeds. Today i thought that i would show you guys what i brought. I didn’t buy to much but i’m happy with my purchases.


1) Paperchase

Glu Dots From Paperchase £1.50
Glu Dots From Paperchase £1.50

2: Marks and Spencers:

marks and spenser bundle

washi side
Washi tape £3.50 each
Paper clip £1
Paper clip £2
Tags £1
Tags £1

3) Tiger:

Tiger bundle
Boxes £1 and Scissors £1

I hope you enjoyed my first haul. I know its a small one but i hardly ever go to Whiteley and i haven’t got these shops near me. Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoyed this extra blog post.

Zoe oxoxox