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It’s Only Me Caralee Design Team Unboxing

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that i was recently chosen to be apart of a design team for the Etsy shop It’s Only Me Caralee. I am so  honoured to be a part of this team and cannot wait to get started!


Today i received my very first package from Caralee. I filmed a little unboxing on my YouTube channel. If you would like to see that click HERE. Anyway i decided that i would show off the stickers in my package in a little more detail here on my blog.

The first sticker that i received in my design team package was these colourful pay day stickers. I love these stickers due to the variety  of colours that they come in. I am a bright planner girl so almost all of my spreads are colourful. This means that these stickers will work perfectly with any spread that i do. The cost of this sticker sheet is £1.75

Pay day stickers

The next sticker sheet that i received was some heart check list’s. Again the colours are lovely. These check lists peel so easily off the paper which i LOVE. They don’t fit perfectly in my personal inserts, however i normally chop my checklists down a little bit so they fit so it is not a problem.  The cost of this sticker sheet is £1

Check list flags

The last sticker sheet that i received was a brand new release from Caralee’s shop. It is a personal weekly kit. I am obsessed with this kit! I have never seen a personal weekly kit before and i am so glad that she has brought one out! I’m always jealous of the beautiful weekly kits that people use in their Erin Condron planners so i am extremely happy that i can now do something similar. In this kit you get two washi strips that fit perfectly along the sides of the page where you hole punch. However Caralee has not put the hole punches in the strips so you can use these anywhere on the weekly spread which i love! You also get 6 page flags and 8 mini page flags that you can use as check boxes or to mark little events. In this kit you also get 6 to do headers, 6 work headers and 3 important headers. The headers fit lovely in the personal spread. You also get 12 icon stickers plus 2 habit trackers, 4 circle stickers,2 decorative stickers and a weekend banner.  I LOVE this kit! The colours are so summery and its so unique! I really hope that Caralee brings out more of these kits in lots of different colours and patterns! Finally the cost of this sticker sheet is £3.

Orange zest personal weekly kit

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I am so excited to share other amazing things during my time on the design team. If you have liked the look of any of the stickers mentioned or stickers in Caralee’s shop, you can use ZOEA10 for 10% off your order.

I hope you have a lovely week

Zoe oxox


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Small Stuff Creation Sticker Review

Lately, i have found that i spend hours on Etsy looking at beautiful stickers for my planner. My current basket has 45 items in there! #NotKidding. Anyway i decided that i would treat myself, due to some exciting things happening in my personal life, so i orderd some stickers from Small Stuff Creations.

Small Stuff Creations is a lovely shop on etsy that sells TINY cute stickers for planners. The price of her sticker sheets are 80p plus 80p postage. I think this is an amazing value! I orderd 11 sheets of stickers and altogether i paid £9.60 including postage.

The stickers arrived in a small paper envelope. The stickers are then in a pink little bag which is pictured below. The envelope was sent second class. I ordered these stickers on Sunday, i got a shipped notification on Tuesday and they arrived on Wednesday (today) so that was super quick shipping.

The stickers that i orderd were:


Sick day stickers
Work stickers
Bill due stickers
Phone stickers
Children/ Family time stickers
Scale stickers
Happy mail van stickers
Bath stickers
Dew drop stickers.

When the stickers arrived i loved how bright they are. With all of the stickers available in the shop you can choose to either have them in bright colours or pastel colours.  From the pictures above you really cannot tell how small these stickers are. According to the information box for the stickers they are 0.8cm small. I am not going to lie, when they arrived i was taken back on how small the stickers looked. However comparing them to my personal Filofax inserts, they look an amazing size! They are not too small, but big enough to fit a few things in a box on busy days.  I thought the best way to show you the size of the stickers is to do a comparison photo of the stickers next to a sheet of stickers from DaisyDuster Designs.


As you can tell by this photo they really are tiny! however they are so cute. I think these would be perfect for a personal and pocket Filofax planner!

I really like these stickers, they are lovely and bright and are also so easy to peel off which i LOVE! Nothing worse then a sticker not coming of the sheet easily! I would 100% recommend these stickers to anyone who has a smaller sized planner.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I apologies that i have been MIA for the past few weeks. I have had a few big changes in my personal life that i had to adapt to. I am now all up to date with this blog so hopefully i can post consistently again!

I hope you have a good week!

Zoe oxox

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Websters Pages Folio Review

If you are following me on Instagram, you will know that i recently went to a planner meet up in Southampton. I met some lovely ladies and had an amazing time. Sadly i didn’t get many pictures. The only pictures that i have i will attach here.


Anyway, the lovely Maisie from DaisyDusterDesigns gifted me a lovely pink Websters Pages Folio at the planner meet up and today i thought i would do a blog post on my first impression/review.  Firstly i would like to thank Maisie for gifting me this Folio. If you read Wednesdays blog post you will see that i recently brought a Websters Pages planner. I tried to buy both of these Webster Pages products when they were on offer for £3 each,however i missed out. Ever since then i have wanted to get my hands on a Websters Folio and now i can say i finally have!!!

The Folio that i now own is the lovely pink coloured one. Webster Pages Folios come in the same box as the planners come in. Again i like this because i feel the products are being protected when traveling in the post. It also allows you to have something to store your planners/Folio’s in when they are not in use.


 Websters Folios are made out of PU Leather with Nylon and Mesh on the inside. The outside of the Folio’s are all the same expect from the background colour.  I love how simplistic the Websters Folios look,the pattern on the front is not too busy which i really like. Every colour option that the Folios come in also match a Websters pages planner perfectly. I think this is a really cool because it is not everyday you can find a planner pouch that matches your planner perfectly.

On the inside there are four pockets one of which is a mesh pocket. The pockets are really large which i love because it means you can stuff them! Websters Folios are a nice size, they are the same size as their personal planners which i really like because it means it is a lovely size to fit everything in that you need to however its not too big where you find that its a hassle to take around with you.


Websters Folio’s also come with a few goodies when brought from the Websters Pages website. The first thing that they come with is a sheet of tiny stickers. I really like the stickers because they are so cute and also functional. The stickers can be used for different functional meanings. The next thing that comes with the Folios is a set of 4 bright chevron washi tapes. I LOVE these washi tapes. The colours are so bright and cheerful plus the pattern is really cool. The last thing that comes with this folio is a little pack of funky paperclips. These paperclips are very popular. I always see people using these paperclips in there planners.


All in all i really like this product. I think it is very functional and a handy product to own. Since i have had this, i have used it near enough everyday when i go out of the house. I also love using it when i am sat at my desk updating my Filofax every day. I defiantly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an on the go planner pouch.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful! Let me know your opinions of this product in the comments below and let me know if you use it!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxox

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Websters Pages Caramel Planner Review

A few months ago a website was selling Webster pages planners for £3. There was a massive craze and unfortunately i missed out on them. However a lovely lady on UKPA had brought one when they were on offer and sold me it because she wasn’t using it anymore.

Websters pages planners come in a cute box which i really like because i can use it to store the planner when it is not in use. Due to my planner being second-hand the box was a little dented, however i think this was done during transit to be via post.


Websters pages describe the colour of this planner as “caramel”, however i have to disagree. This planner is very orange. If i were to describe it i would call it pumpkin. I actually quite like the colour. I think this planner would look amazing around Halloween time.

The texture of this planner is very nice. The material of this planner is split leather which has a nice feel to it.The leather feels squishy to the touch which I know a lot of people like the feel of. On the front of this planner there is a leather strap and popper closure. Compared to other binder style planners, the websters pages planner looks like it has the biggest strap closure. This means that you can stuff this planner quite easily and still be able to close it. On the popper closure, you will see that it matches the colour of the planner, it also has “websters papges” engraved in there with a lovely flower. I really like this touch as it’s not something you see everyday.

The inside of this planner is also split leather. What i really like about this planner is the fact that they have contrasting colours inside of the binder. Websters pages planners come in many different colour combination. This planner is caramel on the outside and on the pockets on the inside, but there is also white on the inside covering.

On the inside of the webster pages planner there are two card slots and a deep pocket at the front, and at the back there is a space for a notebook insert as well as an elastic pen loop.


The rings on this planner are silver which i think matches really well with the colours of the planner. I much prefer silver rings compared to gold rings in a planner. This webster’s pages planner is compatible with standard Filofax inserts which i think is great.  The rings itself are the biggest let down for me for this planner. The rings just look and feel very loose in my honest opinion. I have spoken to a lot of people and nearly all of them have had trouble with the rings on this planner. The top rings are fine, however they just look like they have a gap in them and i cannot make this go away.

All in all i like this planner. I love the colour and texture, i just wish the ring quality was a little better. In my honest opinion i feel like this is not a planner that you would buy if you want a “life time” planner.  However saying this, i would buy this planner again if i were to buy it from a small independent shop because i know that the rings will be checked before sending. If you would like to purchase this planner you can buy one from the Websters Pages website. You can also purchase one from Mrs Brimbles who pre-orders them in her online shop.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Zoe oxox

*DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions are my own.*


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StickerSisterCo Sticker Review

I was having my daily smooch on the UK Planner Addicts Group on Facebook the other day and i came across a post asking if anyone wanted to try out some new stickers from a brand new etsy shop that is in the process of being made. Of course i commented saying that i would love to try them out. The owners of StickerSisterCo only asked for my 100% honest review of the stickers in return of them sending me them for free.



When they arrived and i got them out of the envelope i could believe how bright the colours was! I love bright colours so seeing that as a first impression was amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I love the mixture of stickers that StickerSisterCo sent me as i get to try out things that i may not have picked myself. My favorite sticker that i received has to be the hand prints. I am currently studying childcare and i am volunteering in childcare settings so these hands will be perfect to mark that days that i volunteer.


My second favorite has to be the individual mickey mouse check boxes. I love this idea because i can use them in my personal sized Filofax. Since moving into a personal sized Filofax, i have found that some stickers are too big to fit in my layouts. I have also found that many of my check boxes don’t fit in a days space. Having these individual box stickers will mean i can fit as little as i want to in the space depending on the to do’s that day and the space of the day in my currently layout.

mickey box

I have never seen Pokemon stickers before and if im honest im not really a big Pokemon lover, however they are adorable! I am going to use them in next weeks spread because i just love the cuteness for them! I know loads of people love Pokemon so there is defiantly a market for them!

pokomon boxespokomon characterspokomon list

All in all i love these stickers. The size of the sheets are just perfect for taking with me on the go. Every sheet fits lovely at the back on my personal planner and also fit in my planner pouch. Having stickers that fit in my planner pouch is a must for me because i love taking it on the go with me. If the sticker sheets don’t fit in my pouch then they normally get put in my sticker folder and forgot about, which is really sad.

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy shop will be opening this weekend so please make sure you head over and check them out! All their links will be at the end of this blog post!

I hope you liked this blog post. If there is anything you would like me to review please comment down below or pop me and email and i will look into purchasing that product!

Have a lovely week!

Zoe oxox

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy: 


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Daisyduster Designs Grab Bag Review

If you have been reading this blog for a while now then you will know that i LOVE stickers! I really enjoy using stickers in my planners because it gives it a sense of fun. I have found that if my week is pretty then i am more likely to keep looking at it which will mean more things get done. Anywayyyyy onto the stickers!!!

Today i am going to be doing a review on a grab bag from DaisyDuster Designs on Etsy. Before i get started i do want to say that these stickers were sent to me for free,however they were not sent for the purpose of reviewing. The lovely Maisie who owns DaisyDuster Designs sent them to me for my personal use to cheer me up after i had a bad week. Therefore, I am 100% reviewing these stickers on my own accord as i love them and really wanted to share them with you.

The stickers arrived in a cardboard back envelope. The stickers were packed neatly into a clear plastic bag. As soon as i took the stickers out of the envelope i knew that i would love them. The colours of the stickers are so beautiful. There’s a lovely mixture of bright colours and pastel colours which i really like.


I really like the idea of grab bags, if you are like me and love surprises then grab bags are an amazing idea. Grab bags are also a great way of testing out different stickers that you may not have picked yourself. Many times i will receive a set of stickers that i would not have chosen and absolutely love them. In this grab bag i received 10 sticker sheets and if i am honest i actually love every sticker sheet that was included! According to DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Bio, if you buy a grab bag you will receive 10 sheets of stickers with the value of £9.70. The cost of the grab bag is £6 and 97p p+p. I think this is amazing value for money. The grab bags that is currently available is the Not-Quite-Perfect Planner Stickers Grab Bag! I’m not sure if this is the grab bag that i received because the stickers were near enough perfect!

The stickers i received in the grab bag were:

paw prints
Paw Prints
Star check box
Star check list
Money icon
Book icons
Arrow icons
Breakfast, lunch and dinner stickers
Car icons
box check box
Square check list
Pastel daisy stickers
love hearts
Tiny love heart stickers


All in all i think these stickers are really good quality. I think the grab bag idea is an amazing idea that will appeal to many people. I have used a few of these stickers in my planner and i just love how bright they are. I would 100% recommend this shop. On DaisyDister Designs Etsy page it states that they are renovating at the moment. They will soon reopen and be bigger and better than ever. I am not sure on the date that they are reopening, when i find out i will add it to this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and loved the stickers shown as much as i do. If you have any questions please leave a comment down below or email me at

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox



DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Shop:

DaisyDuster Designs Grab bag: 


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Aly Marina Craft Planner Charm Review

A few months ago my amazing friend and penpal Alycia opened an Etsy store. Aly’s Etsy store is full of beautiful jewellery and planner charms. Alycia has kindly sent me a few of her charms to review for you guys.Before i get started  just want to say that although this product was sent to me for free, all opinions are 100% my own and non bias.

First impressions of how Aly packages her planner charms is really good! I love how simple it is. Some shops really overdo their packaging which can be exciting to receive, however i just like how “fresh” and simple Aly’s is. Its very professional in my opinion.


inside package

The first charm Aly sent was the really cute princess charm. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are a princess right? 😉 hehe. Anyway the princess charm comes with a princess castle and a crown that says “princess”. The charm is silver on a black charm chord. I really like this charm because its different. I haven’t really seen anything like this  before. Aly actually also sells a necklace with this charm on so if you want that be sure to check out her shop! If you were to purchase this charm it is £2.50 + £1 p+p. I think this price is amazing. Its very affordable. If you want to purchase this charm, i will put the link to the Etsy listing HERE.

Princess charm and bc

The second charm that Aly sent me was the moon and starts charm. I think this charm is really cool. It again silver and has a clasp on it to attach to a planner charm chord. I really like the fact that both the charms have two charms on them. I really like to doubled look. Aly actually also sells a necklace with this charm on so if you want that be sure to check out her shop! If you were to purchase this charm it is £2.50 + £1 p+p. I think this price is amazing. Its very affordable. If you want to purchase this charm, i will put the link to the Etsy listing HERE.

moon charm

The final charm that i received was a really cute Easter bunny holding a Easter egg. This has to be my favourite out of all the charms. I have not seen anything like this anywhere and i just love how simple yet cute it is. Most of the charms that i have are brightly colourd. I LOVE bright colours, however having something so simple is so nice! This charm and all of the charms in this blog will go with ANY colourd planner which i think is so handy! This charm isn’t actually listed on Aly’s Etsy shop. I’m not sure if it was just a one off that she sent me or if it will be realsed closer to easter. If she does release this charm i will update this post and put the link HERE. Untill then follow Aly Marina Crafts on Etsy to get updates of new things that she uploads to her shop!

easter bunny

All in all i 100% recommend these charms. They are very high quality and will last you a long time! If you are someone like me and love using charms on your planners then this shop is the one to go to! The pricing is so reasonable and affordable and the charms are just so unique and cool! Please be sure to check out her shop,all her links will be at the bottom of this blog post.

I hope you liked this blog post. If you have any questions please comment them down below. If you have a business inquiry please contact me on I hope you have a nice week.

Zoe oxoxo

AlyMarinaCrafts On Etsy:

AlyMarinaCrafts On Facebook:


November Christmas A5 Brimbles Box

Is it only me who has lusted over the Brimbles box? I always find myself watching unboxing’s of them on YouTube! Last month i was given £20 by a friend to buy one as a birthday present. She heard me talking about them and told me that i had to try them at least once. I took her advise and ordered one.

Brimbles boxes are made by the lovely Anna Brim and there are different types of boxes available

Examples of boxes that are available include:

  • Brimbles Box Planner (Personal and A5) £15 a month or £18 one off box.
  • Brimbles Box Stationery £15 a month or £18 one off box.
  • The Big Brimbles Box Stationery £28 one off box.
  • The Happy Mail Box £15 a month or £18 one off box.

Postage is £3.50 to the UK. Anna does ship around the world but the price depends on where you are. There is a postage calculator on her website.

When ordering the brimbles box it is important to remember that you are buying something unseen. You do not get a preview of what you are going to receive as its done at random for a surprise. I love this element as its like opening a present at the beginning of the month so i like that idea however it might not be for everyone. You also have to remember that the boxes get sent on the first of every month. Therefor you need to order the month before to get the next month. For example i ordered my box on the 20th of October because i wanted to receive the November box. If you want the December box you need to order before the 30th of November i think! All this information will be on Anna’s Website linked here: 

Anyway on to the box i was sent! 

youtube tumbnail1

I received my box 2 days after they were sent. It arrived in a white box with shredded paper inside. The contents of the box were in lovely red tissue paper. The theme of this month was Christmas. All the items in the box were linked to Christmas in one way or another. In every box Anna writes a lovely card that talks about all the items in the box and the theme of that month. I really like this because it makes it very personal like Anna is actually writing that for you.

Inside the box
Inside the box
The card inside the box.
The card inside the box.

The box i ordered was the A5 planner box. I was tempted to order the stationery box but i feel in love with Anna art and dashboards so i just had to get the A5 box. All the dashboards and cards are made by Anna herself using her own artwork.

Inside the box there was:

  • A5 Dashboard- In my planner box i received the Elf dash. I love it so much! the colours Anna has used and the art skills of the Elf is amazing! My favorite Christmas film is Elf so it felt really fitting to use it in the Christmas period. dash
  • Bunny paperclip from Craftin’ Chaos-  Every month Anna tries to include pieces from different Etsy stores.This month Anna included two different shops in her Brimbles boxes. The first Etsy store was Craftin’ Chaos. The item that was included was a lovely Bunny holding a stocking paperclip. I haven’t got many paperclips so when i saw this i feel in love. I don’t really use paperclips in my planner as i am scared to break them but i love using them when taking pictures or putting them in the pockets of the planners to make it all pretty.  The paperclip feels really sturdy. Some paperclips i have feel flimsy, like they will break if you use them. However this paperclip feels durable and strong.paperclip
  • Santa sticky notes- This month Anna included two items that she made herself. The first item was a set of sticky notes. As soon as i saw them i feel in love! I’m a sucker for sticky notes. I have millions but i cannot help myself i always buy more. The reason that i am so in love with these ones is because of the space on them for you to write. I love cute sticky notes however i always find that they never have much room to actually write. Anna’s however are amazingly cute yet functional! sticky notes
  • Elf list pad- The second thing that Anna included from her own collection was these Elf list pads. Anna showed a sneak peak of the list pad on her Instagram channel at the beginning of the month. When i saw them i went crazy! I just had to have them! This was actually one of the main reasons that i brought the box this month haha! Anyway! the list pad is simply beautiful! I cannot wait to use them nearer the time. I can defiantly see them being put to a lot of use because of how functional they are. Anna has provided plenty of lines for Christmas TO DO’s which will defiantly help me get organised this Christmas. list pad
  • Candy cane washi tape- If you are like me then you love a good washi tape. Even better when its a Christmas one right! 😉 This month i received two washi tapes. The first one was sort of a candy cane design. Well that’s how i would describe it anyway. The roll has a good amount on there and the colours are very vibrant which is always nice for a good spread. washi
  • Christmas penguin washi tape- The second washi tape i received was a cute penguin design. I couldn’t get a good photo of this washi tape due to the pattern was so small but its lovely and i cannot wait to use it! washi 2
  • Santa planner charm-  With every planner box you will recive a planner charm. This month it was a Christmas charm. To me this charm reminds me of the santa from the Coca Cola advert. I think that’s why i love it so much. Every Christmas time i always sit and wait for the Coca Cola Christmas advert to come on. Once i saw it i knew it was officially Christmas time. The charm feels really nice quality. It’s quite heavy which i really didn’t expect but that’s what makes it feel such good quality. charm
  • Christmas stickers- The second Etsy store that Anna worked with this month was EllieBethDesigns. This Etsy store is well known in the UK for amazing quality stickers. I have never actually brought stickers from the store before but i have always looked at them when people shared their layout. The stickers that were included was made exclusively for the Brimble box which i though was a lovely touch. It was like our own stickers that were made just for us! When i opend the pack i could feel straight away that the stickers were amazing quality. I love the look of the stickers and i cannot wait to use them!

    stickers 2

Value for money:

With my busniess head on i think this box is good value for money. You are getting good quality products that feel like they will last. On the other hand when i first opened the box i expected more for my money. I usually buy stationery cheap from Ebay so this was my first big purchase. However when i had a think about it, all the items in the box adds up to the amount i paid for the box if not more. I think when people buy the box you have to understand that you are not getting a box full of cheap stuff. You are receiving good quality items that will obviously cost a little bit more. Anna also includes items from Etsy stores so all this does need to be taken into account. Once i thought about it i can 100% understand why the box costs what it does and i am 100% happy with paying the price.

Overall my first impressions of this box was really good. I can defiantly tell that a lot of thought has gone into the planning and making of these boxes which makes them lovely and special to receive. I love everything in the box this month and i cannot wait to use them. I would like to thank Anna for providing this lovely service and putting in all the thought and planning to make this box truly special. I have also done a corrisponding YouTube video of this blog post so please have a look if you would like to. You can see all the items in this box a little bit better.

Thank you for reading this blog post and i hope that you liked it. Please comment below if you have any questions.

Zoe oxoxox

Anna’s links-



YouTube Channel:

Disclaimer: All views are my own and i have not been paid for this review.


Christmas Paperclips Review.

I’m not sure if anyone else is but iv been in a real Christmas mood lately, Christmas songs stuck in my head, seeing loads of Christmasy planner stuff going on sale.

2 Weeks ago i was having a nose through the planner groups and i came across this post where a lovely lady called Donna was selling Christmas paperclips. I fell in love instantly. I haven’t got Christmas paperclips yet so i got rather excited. I inboxed her and ended up buying the snowman and the reindeer paperclip. If i am correct i think i was the second person to buy paperclips from her. She is newly making them and im not sure if these are a test run but there amazing! I think i paid £1.54 all together. As i said she is newly making these, she hasn’t got a shop up and running yet but she has told me she will be soon. Once she does i will link her Facebook page to the blog.

Clips and note

Shipping was really fast if im honest, Came within the week. I love it when things come quick as im a inpatient person haha. Anyway when i opened the package and looked at them i was so happy. They are so much better in person then they were in the photo. I didn’t even know that was possible haha. The snowman and the reindeer are made out of wood and stuck on to the paperclip with hot glue i think, and finished off with a piece of ribbon which is hiding the glue. The star is made out of metal and is glued on the same as the other paperclips.




Compared to paperclips I’ve brought before, these felt really sturdy. usually im sacred to use them as i think they might break in use due to being fragile but i can safely say i will get lots of use out of these! I cannot wait till end end of November/early December so i can use these paperclips. There so beautiful and i cannot recommend them and Donna enough.

I hope you have enjoyed this review and love the look of this product as much as i do. If you have any questions leave them down below or email me at If you have any questions for Donna leave them down below and if she doesn’t see them i will contact her for you.

Have a lovely weekend

Zoe oxoxo


TheSewUnique Planner/Filofax A5 Dust Cover.

Since buying a Filofax i was always worried that it would get ruined in my bag or get scratched. I kept searching on Etsy for a nice Dust bag but i could never find one in my price range that i liked and was from the UK. One morning i was doing my normal morning routine that consists of looking through Facebook on the UKPA group, and i found a post where the Etsy sellers on the group were linking there shops. Luckily the day before was payday so i decided to have a browse of everyone’s shops!

In the post a lovely lady called Emma linked to her Etsy shop and said that she made planner cases, I clicked onto her shop and i fell in love with all the beautiful patterns and fabrics that she had and made into cases.  She had cases for all sized Filofax. While having a look through i saw a beautiful bright green case with foxes on. I immediately fell in love.

I emailed Emma on Etsy because i wanted to make sure that my Filofax would fit in the case a some ladies who buy cases have had problems with sizes. This is normally because every person’s Filofax is different. Some are stuffed full of amazingness and others are simple which is amazing too. Emma replied back to my email within 10 minutes and sent me pictures of different Filofax in the cases and immediately put my mind at rest. That second i clicked buy and i’m so glad i did.

My package was sent the next day and i received it the day after. I cannot believe how quickly it arrived. The fabric feels amazing, the stitching is perfect and the colours are so vibrant. I also love how light the case is. I would defiantly recommend Emma’s shop to anyone looking for planner/Filofax cases.

I hope this review was helpful, I truly love this case. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zoe oxoxox

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i have not been paid to write this review. All Products were brought with my own money.