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Planning Storage Trolly

If you are following me on Instagram then you will know that i brought a trolley from IKEA a few weeks ago to keep my planning supplies on.  Since i started planning i have LOVED the idea of having a little trolley/unit to keep my supplies on so i could transport it. I feel in love with the teal Raskog trolley’s, however i could never spend near enough £50 for something just to hold my supplies so i was on the hunt to find something similar.



During my late night searches on Ikea i came across the BYGEL trolley. As soon as i saw it i knew it would be perfect for what i wanted and it was only £18!!!! It has a top so you can put things on it and there is a drawer and two shelves. It has taken me a while to get it set up and working but i’m so in love with it!

The main thing i wanted when i brought this trolley was to have something that i can keep all my stuff on that i can transport to my desk when i am planning. I currently keep all of my planners on my desk and my “most used” washi tapes, however i needed somewhere that i could keep all my other big and not so used items.  When i saw the trolley i fell in love as it could suite all of my needs.


On top on the trolley is a removable plastic tray topper thing (excuse my terrible describing) This is amazing because you can use it as a table top. I currently keep my laminator and paper cutter. I love this feature because i can actually stand up and use the laminator and paper cutter on the top as its the perfect height.

Attached to the top of the trolley is an option for you to have three plastic cups. I loved this idea as i could store all my pens and writing supplies in them. In the first cup i have all my most used pens that i use in my planner. For example my papermate flairs and sharpies. In the next cup i have things like scissors, hole punches and crafting knifes. In the last cup i have lots of different pens that i have tried but not loved so much or that i use for craft projects rather than planning.


The next thing this trolley has is a plastic tray. I currently use this to hold all my scrap paper offcuts that i can used but can still use in later projects. I always struggled finding a way to store my offcuts as they can be big and small so i am so happy that this trolley has this option.

On the first shelf i keep all my scrapbook paper books. I love having them all together so i know where they are and which books that i have. Its also handy having them there as the offcut tray is just above it and i normally make dashboards using the paper and the laminator.


On the bottom shelf i keep anything and everything. I currently have the famous Ikea boxes holding all my washi tape, three sticker expandable files holding some of my stickers that i don’t use often such as decorative and seasonal stickers,post it notes and a few cute boxes holding project life cards, list pads and future giveaway items.


I love this trolley so much because it is so versatile! You can use it in so many ways. Plus the price is not bad at all! I hope you guys liked this blog post and it has sparked ideas of ways to store your planning supplies. If you use this trolley or something similar let me know below as i would love to see them and how you organised them!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox


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Current Planners In Use- April 2016

If you read Wednesday’s blog post then you will know that this is linked to my Planner Collection blog post. I received a few questions over the last few months, asking me if i actually use EVERY planner that i own. Well the truth is, no i don’t. However I do use a fair few of them. Today i am going to show you the ones i use and how I am currently using them.

The planner that get’s used the most out of my collection has to be my Filofax Personal Pennybridge. This is because I use this as my everyday purse. I love the Pennybridge so much! It’s a lovely size so i can fit all my cards in there and it also has the option to hold my current planner inserts if i am going out and about and want to just carry my purse and do not want to lug around another Filofax with me at the same time. The Filofax Pennybrige has 14 card slots, a zipped compartment for your coins and a place to keep your notes. It also has compact personal rings so you can carry around your inserts in there or spare note pages/shopping lists. If i am using a different Filofax as my current planner then i will keep shopping lists in the Pennybrige so i can keep everything together. There’s nothing worse than going out shopping and loosing your list in your bag somewhere!


The next planner that is currently in use is my A5 Yello Kikki K planner. I use this as my blog planner. Since i started blogging i have always used a personal sized planner as my blog planner. However i found that the inserts were just too small for me to plan out my blog posts on my monthly spread. When i moved down to personal size for my everyday planner i decided that i would move into my A5 Kikki K and transform it into my new blog planner. I love using this planner for my blog planning because it just fits everything in so nicely. I now have ample room to plan my monthly blog upload schedule and i have lots of room to jot down my ideas for future blog posts.

kikki k outside
Kikki K Large


The next planner that i am currently using is my Filofax Personal Finsbury. I am using this Filofax as my everyday planner. I love using the Finsbury because the leather just feels so nice. Its lovely and soft and it just makes me feel happy! I normally switch out Filofax’s every week to use as my everyday planner because i have so many that i love so i like to alternate them depending on my mood. This is one of the reasons that i have so many planners!


The next planner that i currently use is this green pocket organiser that i brought from a charity shop. I am using this planner as my travel planner. I am currently planning on going to a big planner meet up in October. I decided that i wanted to make myself a travel planner because i am also going to be staying up there for the weekend. Some of you may know this but i suffer from anxiety. To help me get through the trip i wanted to sort everything out in a planner. I have different sections in the planner to help me sort out things for the trip. For example i have all my travel information in there, my hotel information in there and packing lists. It’s all to help me get information out of my head and onto paper so i can process it better.

pocket planner

The next planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase vintage organiser. I am currently using this planner as a college binder. I take it to college with me and its holds all my notes and note paper. I love using it because it has compartments at the front of the planner which is helpful to keep things in such as memory sticks and pens.

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser

The last planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase pink organiser. I am using this planner as a sticker binder. I have struggled finding ways to store my stickers ever since i started planning. I saw a lot of people use ringed planners to store their stickers. I liked the idea however i found that planners with a strap closure just didn’t work for me. That was in till i had the idea to use my paperchase organiser with the elastic band closure. I love this planner so much, i loved using it when i was using an A5 planner as my everyday planner because it was just so bright and happy. However since i moved to personal size i really missed using it. I am so glad that it is now in use!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know in the comments below if you use more than one planner and what you use it for. If you have any questions please leave them down below and i will make sure i get back to you!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zoe oxox

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Planner Storage Organisation 101

When you accumulate lots of stationery, you find yourself searching for good storage ideas to keep everything organised and in place.  I found that i would spend hours searching on google and pinterest trying to find easy ways to store all my stationery and planner supplies. However sometimes i was trying to find storage ideas for things that i have brought to store things. It was a huge mess and big cycle. It took me a while, but finally i have found amazing storage ideas that work for me, so today i thought i would share them with you! I also have some ideas that i haven’t yet tried but am hoping to in the future. So lets get right to it!

Cute boxes

Boxes are a great way to organise your stationery crafting supply’s. I have quite a few now that house my sticky notes, list pads and stamps. I also use a box to hold all my bits and bobs that do not have homes yet. You can buy cute boxes from a wide range of place’s. However i have found cute ones from Tiger,Tesco and Wilko.

Box is from Tiger
Box is from TESCO

Set of drawers

I have found drawers really useful when organising my planning supplies. If you have seen my desk tour on YouTube then you will have seen the two sets of draws i have. I currently use a 3 draw bedside table that holds all my inserts in one draw. My scrap craft paper in another and my paper packs in the bottom draw. When i was looking for another set of draws i found that bedside tables were really expensive. I had a look around and i found some plastic drawers from Argos. I wanted something that could hold all my little random stuff so it didn’t have to be big or sturdy. I brought the drawers from Argos and they worked perfectly. They are tall and thin which is perfect for fitting in small places. It also has wheels so if you move things around a lot like me its easy!


Handbag organiser 

Handbag organisers are a great way to organise your supplies and keep together your most used items. If you have been following my blog for a while you would have read my blog post all about my handbag organiser. I loved using it because it was so easy to pick it up and carry it to wherever i wanted to plan because of the handles. It also had lots of pockets which was amazing to organise my supplies in there. To read my blog post all about my handbag organiser click HERE.

handbag organiser

Make up bags

Make up bags are a good way to keep themed things together. I currently use a large makeup travel case from Boots to hold all my Christmas themed supplies. I have put everything in there that is about Christmas so i know where it all is when i come to plan next Christmas. This means that i will not miss place or loose things during the year. There are many other used for make up bags such as using them as a pencil case or using them to hold different planning supplies. Make up bags can be used for anything really. It totally depends on how you want to use them.

make up box
Boots Make up Travel Case
Owl Pencil case
Primark Make up Bag

Plastic tubs

Plastic tubs are a great way to store random little bits that you have scatted around. I currently use a little blue tub that hold all my journaling  cards and ephemera/die cuts. You can use plastic tubs to hold little charms,paperclips or pens. It is totally up to you.


Mini desk drawers

Mini desk drawers are a great way to keep your desk top organised. I brought some from Poundland last year and i just love them! You can use them so for many different things. I currently have one on my desk at the moment holding my paperclips and magnetic turtles for my whiteboard haha!

poundland draw

Passport Pouches

When i first stated planning, the main thing i used to organise and hold my planning supplies were cheap passport pouches from Ebay. They were perfect to just throw in your bag when you were going out and about and had lots of different pockets and zips to hold different things. I actually have a blog post on my passport pouch so to read that click HERE.

Travel pouch front
Travel pouch front
travel pouch back
Back of the planner pouch
inside empty
Inside the empty planner pouch.

Wash bags

Wash bags are a great thing to use to keep your planning supply’s organised when you travel or move from room to room to plan. I have used a few wash bags in the last year and i love how some of them even fit your planner in a pocket which is separate from the rest of your supply’s.  Most wash bags have many different pockets in them which i think is amazing to organise your supply’s when you go on a trip or just to keep your supply’s ion if you normally move room to room to plan and you just want something that you can zip away and carry around the house.

make up baginsdie makeup bagcarry case outsidecarry case inside


I don’t currently use this method to organise my things, however i have seen many people use a trolley like system and i love it. The most popular trolley that people use to organise their supply’s is the RASKOG from IKEA. I have seen so many pictures of how people use them and i just lust over them. Trolleys may be a good idea if you have your own craft room that you may need to roll your trolley around the room to your desk of you keep it in one area of your house and your roll it to an area to plan. Either way i think this is an amazing idea if you can afford one!


Tool box

Tool boxes are another good way of organising your planning supplies. Many people that i have spoken to use tool boxes to organise their washi tape or sticky notes. I tried out this method and it didn’t work for me because i found that i had to find somewhere to store the tool box. However i know it does work for many other people. The thing about trying to find organisation methods, is everyone is different and what may work for you may not work to someone else.

tool boxx

Folders (a4,a5,expandable)

Since starting planning, i have always found binders and exapandable folders really useful. When i fist started out i used cheque size expandable files from wilko to organise my stickers. However i now store my stickers in a5 binders in plastic wallets.  Binders and folders can be used to organise many different things, its totally up to how you want to use them .

Expanding file outside
Wilkinsons expandable file £1.25
Expanding file
Wilkinsons Expandable file
A5 Display Folder from Amazon

Over the door organisers

I do not currently use this method to organise my things, however i have seen many people do and it looks amazing! If you are stuck for floor space then a over the door organiser may be the answer to all of your organisation questions. While searching though Instagram i have seen many people use over the door organisers to store their supplies. However, i have also seen people attach them to walls next to their desk which i think is a really good idea. Over the door organisers can come in many different styles so finding on to suite you may be easier then you thought.

over the door organiser

And Finally….

A Pencil case

This is a bit of an obvious one, however pencil cases can be used to not only store your pens and pencils but it can also be used to keep washi tape in and other things depending on the size.


I hope this post has helped some of you guys in giving you ideas on how to organise your things. I would love to hear how you guys organise and if you have any other ideas or examples please comment below.

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox

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February Planner Set Up

Good evening,

I am a really nosy person, I love having a look in other peoples planners, seeing how the set things up. I normally find really good tips and tricks when watching peoples set up videos.

So today i thought that i would share with you my Planner set up for this month. Its nothing special or amazing, however i thought that some of you would be interested so i decided to share it with you all.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox

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Whats in my pencil case 2016


I was noosing on Mrs Brimbles blog the other day and saw her blog post on whats in her pencil case.  She made up her own tag and i decided that i would like to take part in it and share with you all whats currently in my pencil case. Anna who is of course the amazing Mrs Brimbles has made up questions for the tag. I am going to use her questions as a guide and answer them.

1. What pencil case are you using / do you use?

I am currently using a lovely owl make up bag as my pencil case at the moment which is pictured above. I have lots of pencil cases laying around my room but this is by far my favorite.

Owl Pencil case

2. Why do you use it?

I use a makeup bag as my pencil case because of the size. I find many pencil cases are too small to fit all my bits into because i stuff a lot in there.Plus is pink and has owls on. Why else hehe.

3. Where was it from?

It is actually from Primark. I brought it last year for £4 which i thought was a good deal considering if i don’t use it as a pencil case i can always switch it and use it for what its actually made for haha, holding my make up.

4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay at home?
I don’t actually take it out with me. It sits on my desk at home with my planner. When i’m out and about i bring my Filofax Pennybridge which i don’t really do anything in expect write in it with a normal pen that is kept in the pen loop. Therefor i don’t really need to lug it around with me. If i do need a pencil case i use my little pink one pictured below:

5. Show us what was inside?
Inside there are:

*Papermate flairs

*Sissors x2



*Gel pen

*Washi samples

*Masking tape set

*Stick it roller

*Sticky notes booklet

6. What was in there that you had forgotten about?

There wasn’t anything in their that i had forgotten about actually, i think its because i went through it just after Christmas so everything in there is fairly new and used often.

7. What is your most used / favourite item?

My favourite item has to be my papermate flairs. I use them all the time. I love how they write and how  bright the colours are on the paper! They don’t bleed through the paper however they do shadow a little bit but its not too bad.

8. Now you have gone through you case what will you leave out? if anything!

I don’t think i would leave out anything if im honest. Although if i had to pick something to leave out i would say the sticky notes, i don’t use them that often and they do bulk my out my pencil case. However they have come in handy when i am forward planning because they are compact and have loads of shape and sized post it notes in there. 

9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
Hmm, i’m not sure to be honest. I go through stages, one minute im loving everything and the next i have brought something new or changed things up. The last time i went through my pencil case was after Christmas. Before that i think it must have been early November time!

10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wish list?

Hmm i’m not sure actually. I love my pencil case at the moment but im very unpredictable so it could change quite fast! If money wasn’t an object i would love to buy a Kipling 100 pencil case. They look amazing and i have really fallen in love with them. However paying £35 for a pencil case is ridiculous in my opinion!

I would love to know what you have in your pencil case so please leave me a comment below. Please  also see Anna’s original blog post to see what she has in her pencil case. I will leave the link below.  I tag all of my readers to do this tag! If you do please let me know! I’d love to come and read it.

Have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox

Mrs Brimbles blog post: 


Sticker Organisation Ideas

I have used several methods over the last year, depending on whether I wanted mobile storage or had a craft room. I have found that i’m running out of ideas to organize my stickers that work. Some work for a while but then i get to many stickers and they don’t work for me anymore. I have found that sticker organization varies between people and what works for them may not work for you.

Some of the sticker organisation types i have tried are:

* Sticker folders:You can buy sticker folders with sheets a bit like project life inserts. They are expensive but they work.

*Concertina/Expandable folders: I’ve seen concertina folders used a lot, I used this method for a good few months. It worked well for me but the more stickers i had,the harder it was to find the stickers that i was looking for in the compartments. I also found that it got really bulky so it got hard to close the folders. I ended up having 4 little folders from Wilkinsons until i gave up using this method.

Wilkinsons expandable file £1.25
Wilkinsons expandable file £1.25
Wilkinsons Expandable file
Wilkinsons Expandable file

* The box with expendable D.I.Y inserts: This method is exactly like the Concertina folders but in a box instead. This was the first method that i tried. It worked for about a week until i brought the concertina folders. My problem was that i had to D.I.Y and make the expandable inserts to hold the stickers and i just didnt have the time. I found this method by watching a YouTube Video showing how to make them. The link to that is here: 

* Folder with card stock in: I have seen people use a normal folder with card in it and using a strip of washi tape to stick a sticker sheet onto the card and then punch it in a Filofax or folder.

A5 Folder with card and a sticker sheet stick in with washi tape
A5 Folder with card and a sticker sheet stick in with washi tape

*Avery Insertable Folder Dividers: I saw this method and i loved it! Its so easy to organize your stickers into categories and then put the stickers into the flaps in the dividers. However, If you are in the UK you will struggle to find these *Sad face* You can buy then of amazon but on my student budget i cannot afford to buy a few packs of them with the shipping cost.

* A5 display folder: I’m currently using a A5 display folder from Amazon to store my stickers. I see loads of people using this method and loving it. I’m not sure if i like this method because the folder gets REALLY bulky. It wont really close without an elastic band holding it closed. I love how easy it is to look through and choose stickers but i just doesn’t look nice in my opinion.

A5 Display Folder from Amazon
A5 Display Folder from Amazon
What the display folders looks like with stickers in it :(
What the display folders looks like with stickers in it 😦

I have still not found sticker organization peace and i’m not sure i ever will. However there is always methods to try out and test. I hope this post has helped you and given you more ideas on how to organize your stickers. If you have any questions or ideas of you own i would love to hear about them! Please comment below or email me at

Have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxox