I’ve been looking for a new desk for years now. I just couldn’t find one that i liked or would fit all my needs. I’d like one desk but it wouldn’t have enough draws or i would like another desk but it was too small. I needed a good desk that could fit all my needs because i use a desk every day when using my laptop, college work and planning. When searching i came across the IKEA MICKE WORKSTATION. I feel in love with it straight away. I’m a sucker for organisation. I LOVE to organize things. I’m that person who buys organisation products to organize organisation products! what a tongue twister!

Anyway getting back on topic! When i went to collect the desk from IKEA i saw a display model of the desk without the add on unit and i thought CRAP! It looks smaller then expected. I had a mini panic but remembers that its in a empty space and it will look better in my room. If you are going to buy this desk i would recommend that you go with someone, The two boxes are REALLY heavy! Trying to put the boxes in my trolley was a real struggle!

When i got the desk home i decided to build the desk straight away. I got out the instructions and i was so shocked with how much they DO NOT HELP! I’ve brought things from IKEA before and know how little instructions they give you but this was shocking! A desk that should have taken a few hours to build turned into 7 hours! The instructions missed out bits which was annoying because you didn’t know until you were on the next few steps and were stuck.

Halfway though building the desk
Halfway though building the desk
Desk when build! Please excuse the cords!
Desk when build! Please excuse the cords!

Once the desk was build though it was all worth it! I love all the space. The Add on unit is amazing, you can choose how much space you want in between the shelves and there is a magnetic whiteboard!!!!!! when i was looking online at the desk i was a little worried that the add on unit would take up a lot of the desk but ‘m so glad to say that is really doesn’t!

This desk with the add on unit costs £90 from IKEA or £80 if you are a IKEA family member.

I hope this review helps, if any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at or comment 🙂

Zoe oxoxoxox

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this review and all my opinions are my own.


2 thoughts on “IKEA MICKE WORKSTATION Review

  1. hi just wanted to know but did u have to buy extra items for the desk if yes can u please tell me cause I’m going to buy it but I’m scared that I need items to built this

    thanks xoxoxo


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