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I’m Back!


Oh how strange it feels to be writing a blog post again! I cannot believe how long it has been! So much has changed, in my personal life and in the way i plan! When i blogged i was using Filofax, weather this was a personal or an A5. I no longer use Ring bound planners and have actually sold them all. *Gasp* I know! Crazy huh!

As i mentioned a lot has changed in my personal life. I work 45 hours a week in a job that i love! This leaves me very tired and i just lost my spark for blogging. I have really missed it though and recently i have had this creative erge to start again!

In February of this year i brought an Erin Condren and i loved it! It was my dream planner and i used it non stop for 7 months. Then i hit a brick wall. I lost all creative spark what so ever. I didn’t plan for about a month and this made my life a night mare. I got lazy, forgot to do things, i was so unorganised.  This is when i found out about Travellers Notebook. I fell in love instantly and have used one ever since. I will talk all about my currently planning style in my next blog post.

I am now rambling and think its best that i stop haha! I’m so happy that i am back and i hope you all are too! I’m not sure of when my uploads will go up. I am planning on writing a few blog posts today and will upload them as and when they are done! I don’t want to scare away my creative erge before i even get started!

Anyway goodbye for now! I would love to hear how you all are in the comments below or on my Instagram zoeplans!

Have a lovely week!




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