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Planner Peace? Filofax Finsbury Emerald Green

Planner peace is a phrase that constantly goes round the planner community. Some people long for planner peace however its not something i have really looked for. That was until i bought a Filofax Personal Finsbury in Emerald Green.

Coming across this Filofax was really by chance, I was doing my normal scrolling through the planner pages when i came across a for sale post. When i saw the picture of this Filofax i fell in love! I have never seen a Green Finsbury before.  I actually own a Raspberry Finsbury and i love it so i decided to go ahead and buy the Green Finsbury. In total i paid £27.30 which was an amazing price seeing as i have never seen a Finsbury in this colour before.


When the Filofax arrived it was even more beautiful then it looked in the pictures. The colour is so vibrant and unusual. However one thing i did notice that this Finsbury is not as soft as my Raspberry Findbury, which was a little disappointing  but the colour completely made up for that.

I have used this Filofax non stop since it arrived and i cannot see me moving out of it anytime soon! However you all know me so only time can tell hehe. Anyway i hope you enjoyed seeing this Filofax and listening to me ramble on. I would love to know if you have seen this Filofax and if you have any opinions on it!

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox


1 year Blogversary

Gosh! What a year, i would like to thank everyone who has read, followed and liked my blog over the past year. I have had so much fun and i have defiantly found my passion.  As a thank you for reading my blog i will be hosting a giveaway over the next few weeks. I am still going through the details however there will be a blog post up when the giveaway goes live.

I would like to apologies for their being no blog post’s lately, My life has just got a little crazy as i have now finished college and working full time so it has taken a bit of adjustment. I am now calming down so i am hoping to get back into my blog and post at least once a week, aiming for two blog posts a week.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox

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Weekly Spread 30/05/16 – 05/06/16

I have wanted to do a plan with me post ever since i started this blog but i have never known how to do one or lay out out. Today i thought i would bite the bullet and just see how it goes.

The week that i am planing is the week beginning the 30th of April to the 5th of June. I have used the Orange Zest Personal Weekly kit from It’s Only Me Caralee on Etsy. This week is a very busy yet plain week due to the fact that i am working all week, however i love the way this week turned out. The sticker kit is so lovely to use as the colours worked together so nicely. If you would like to purchase this kit then i will leave a link HERE. You can also get 10% off any order with It’s Only Me Caralee by using the discount code ZOEA10.

Orange Zest Weekly Kit.
Weekley spread 30th may - 5th june
My final weekly layout.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I know it is something a little different so i would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

I hope you have a lovely week

Zoe oxox