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I’m Back!


Oh how strange it feels to be writing a blog post again! I cannot believe how long it has been! So much has changed, in my personal life and in the way i plan! When i blogged i was using Filofax, weather this was a personal or an A5. I no longer use Ring bound planners and have actually sold them all. *Gasp* I know! Crazy huh!

As i mentioned a lot has changed in my personal life. I work 45 hours a week in a job that i love! This leaves me very tired and i just lost my spark for blogging. I have really missed it though and recently i have had this creative erge to start again!

In February of this year i brought an Erin Condren and i loved it! It was my dream planner and i used it non stop for 7 months. Then i hit a brick wall. I lost all creative spark what so ever. I didn’t plan for about a month and this made my life a night mare. I got lazy, forgot to do things, i was so unorganised.  This is when i found out about Travellers Notebook. I fell in love instantly and have used one ever since. I will talk all about my currently planning style in my next blog post.

I am now rambling and think its best that i stop haha! I’m so happy that i am back and i hope you all are too! I’m not sure of when my uploads will go up. I am planning on writing a few blog posts today and will upload them as and when they are done! I don’t want to scare away my creative erge before i even get started!

Anyway goodbye for now! I would love to hear how you all are in the comments below or on my Instagram zoeplans!

Have a lovely week!



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Upload Schedule Changes

Good Morning,

If you have been following this blog for awhile you will know that my upload day’s are Friday’s and Sunday’s. This has worked well for me the last few months however due to starting my last few months of education next week ,i am planning on changing my upload schedule because weekends will now be very busy for me. My new upload Schedule will be Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I hope this is okay with you guys,There will be a new blog post up last on today.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Zoe oxox


UPDATE- Sorry Guys

Hi guys,

Im so sorry i haven’t been keeping up with the blog posts. I was finishing up college and found it very stressful. I am not off for 6 weeks so i will not finally have time to upload more frequently. Last update i said that i was going to post blog posts every Wednesday and Saturday 6pm UK time. Obviously this didn’t work. I am going to try and keep to this scheduled over summer but i cannot make promises. I can promise that there will be blog posts frequently but may not be on the Wednesday and Saturday. I am aiming to make sure there is at least one blog post a week. 🙂


Blog Upload Scheduled

Hi guys,

Just a quick post about my blog upload schedule. I have defiantly decided to upload every Friday and Sunday at around 6pm UK time. If anyone has any ideas or recommendations of blog posts they would like to see please let me know 🙂 I have a few in the works that i’m planning to be up next week 🙂

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog! Speak Soon,

Zoe oxoxox