January Favourite’s

I cannot believe its nearly the end of Janurary! How crazy is that! Only seems like yesterday that i was getting ready for Christmas! I know i didn’t do a December favourite’s, things got crazy over the Christmas period. I am hoping to carry on with them this year though as i know some of you liked them.

This month i have mainly planner supplies that i have loved using. But hey! Who doesn’t like planning supplies :p I have used most of these products for about a month now and i can generally say i love them all and going to buy some more! If anyone has any suggestions of products that they love and want me to try please comment bellow!

Right so onto this months favorites:

  • Papermate Flairs Amazon £8.75- For Christmas i was given a amazon voucher. I decided that i wanted to spend it on something that i would never buy with my own money. I have always seen people using Papermate flairs in their planners. I have always been intrigued because the colours always looked so bright on their pages. I bite the bullet and i am so glad that i did!
  • papermate flairs
  • Page flags Amazon £1.82- I also brought these with my amazon voucher. I brought them to use as a sticker in my planner to mark off my daily events such as college and placements. When the came they were smaller then expected but i am really happy with them.
  • page plags
  • Pink Organiser. Charity shop £1-As you may know from a blog post last week, i have set up a blog planner in my personal pink organiser that i found in a charity shop.  I have always wanted to find a use for it because the colour is so beautiful and the leather is so soft! When i really started getting into this blog and my YouTube channel i really need to get everything together and i thought that a blog planner would be the best way!
  • Pink personal
    Personal organiser
  • Dashboard-When i got my KIKKI K Planner i was moving out of my carpe diem planner into it. During the process i was deciding on a new dash for that week. I couldn’t find one that i liked or thought that went with yellow. I gave up and just closed the planner. However later on in the day i went into my planner to check something and i noticed that the dashboard that i was using in the carpe diem planner went really well with the KIKKI K, I couldn’t stop looking at it or taking photos,as you can see on my Instagram haha.
  • kikki k inside
  • Amazon bag- If you read my “what i got for Christmas” blog post then you would have known that i got a bag from my aunt. I’m really loving the colour grey at the moment. I am always finding myself going for grey clothing and planner accessories. When i received the bag i was so happy. I have been using my bag every day, going to college and every day errands. The size of the bag is perfect for fitting everything i need for college and for fitting little bits of shopping in when im out and about,refusing to pay the new 5p bag charge haha.
  • Bag x
    A bag from Amazon
  • Post-it note tape Tesco £1- Another Christmas present that i received was this post it note tape. I am a big user of post it notes and washi tape, so the two combined is amazing! It’s so easy to write on and it doesn’t smudge, unlike washi tape does if your not careful.
  • post it washi
    Post it note washi from TESCO
  • Kikki K Planner £28- As you will know from last weeks blog post,my brother brought me a Yellow Kikki K planner. I have always wanted a Kikki K planner, however i never thought i would ever own one due to the price and the fact they are not UK based. I am so in love with this planner, the texture, the colour and the inside pockets.
  • kikki k outside
  • Doll box from Tesco- I have been having trouble trying too find a box big enough to hold my sticky notes. However i received this lovely box for Christmas and its perfect. It taller then the boxes that are about at the moment and fits perfectly on my desk shelf.
  • box
    Box is from TESCO
  • Fox planner cover £14 TheSewUniqe Etsy- Since i have been using my Kikki K planner i have been petrafied of getting it dirty due to it being such a light colour. I rememberd that i had brought a planner dust cover from TheSewUniqe on etsy a few months ago. The cover fits lovely on the planner and looks amazing on my desk due to its cute bright pattern. I actually did a whole review on the planner cover,if you like to see it click HERE.
  • planner cover

    I hope you liked this months favourites and made you want to try new products! Let me know if you want me to do a February favorites next month. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Zoe  oxox


Personal-Planner Review 2016

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that last year i was using a A5 personal-planner that i had uncoiled and punched into my Filofax.  I loved it so much that i got another one for this year. However i decided to change the layout of it. Last year i used the vertical layout. This year i decided on a lined box layout. Before we get started the price of this planner including postage was £22.90.

The website is so easy to use and has so many options. I’m not going to lie it took me ages to choose what i wanted because you could customize EVERYTHING! I decided to do the box layout this year because i liked how simplistic it look and i could just write straight in it whereas i couldn’t do that with the vertical layout due to the fact i had to use washi tape to break up the days.


This year i went with their new 2016 cover page as i loved the quote. Last year i made a collage on picmonkey of my loved ones, I loved the quality that it came out in, however i fancied a change this year.

personal planner front cover

Once i ordered the planner i could not wait for it to arrive. The planner took about a week to arrive. The website tells you to expect 2 weeks for delivery though. The Planner came in a green bubble wrapped bag which was different to the box that it came in last year. If i am 100% honest i will have to say that i preferred it coming in a box. It set my mind at ease when it was coming through the post. However the planner came in perfect condition so i cannot moan.

The planner itself comes with a ruler, a plastic wallet to keep things in and a elastic band to keep the planner together. I loved the fact that the ruler and plastic wallet could be taken out and moved to where ever you want it. I used the ruler to mark the day i was on so i could find my page. I also liked the plastic wallet because i could move it in my week if had something i needed to remember in it or i could put it in the front or back. Whatever i felt like doing that week.


When looking through the planner i could not believe the quality of the paper! I was nervous that they would change the paper and it wouldn’t be as thick.However if im honest i think the quality of paper has got better then last year! A lot of Pens that normally bleed through my paper didn’t and the paper its so lovely to write on! The pages are so bright and colorful which makes you just want to stare at the pages!  I decided to go with a nice bright yellow pattern for the inside with the lined pages.

I decided to choose a lined background this year as i love the way it makes everything come together. I cannot write in a straight line to save my life. I also like using the lines as a guide so i can make sure the stickers are straight hehe! Something new this year with the personal planner is the fact that they have added a monthly view calendar. I envied the Erin Condren Life Planner because of the monthly view and now i have one! Oh the simple things hehe.

monthly view

On the website you can chose to have different boxes at the bottom of the page. Last year i went with an exam box, to do box and a meal planning box. However i NEVER used them! They were so small and i had trouble writing on them. I decided to keep them blank so if i wanted to use them i could and i wasn’t limited to what i could use the space for.

bottom boxespersonal planner left box

All in all i am obsessed with this planner! I cannot recommend it enough! If you would like to see some more pictures of this planner please see my Instagram @zoeplans

Thank you so much for reading, Hope this review has helped!

Zoe xoxo

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Whats in my pencil case 2016


I was noosing on Mrs Brimbles blog the other day and saw her blog post on whats in her pencil case.  She made up her own tag and i decided that i would like to take part in it and share with you all whats currently in my pencil case. Anna who is of course the amazing Mrs Brimbles has made up questions for the tag. I am going to use her questions as a guide and answer them.

1. What pencil case are you using / do you use?

I am currently using a lovely owl make up bag as my pencil case at the moment which is pictured above. I have lots of pencil cases laying around my room but this is by far my favorite.

Owl Pencil case

2. Why do you use it?

I use a makeup bag as my pencil case because of the size. I find many pencil cases are too small to fit all my bits into because i stuff a lot in there.Plus is pink and has owls on. Why else hehe.

3. Where was it from?

It is actually from Primark. I brought it last year for £4 which i thought was a good deal considering if i don’t use it as a pencil case i can always switch it and use it for what its actually made for haha, holding my make up.

4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay at home?
I don’t actually take it out with me. It sits on my desk at home with my planner. When i’m out and about i bring my Filofax Pennybridge which i don’t really do anything in expect write in it with a normal pen that is kept in the pen loop. Therefor i don’t really need to lug it around with me. If i do need a pencil case i use my little pink one pictured below:

5. Show us what was inside?
Inside there are:

*Papermate flairs

*Sissors x2



*Gel pen

*Washi samples

*Masking tape set

*Stick it roller

*Sticky notes booklet

6. What was in there that you had forgotten about?

There wasn’t anything in their that i had forgotten about actually, i think its because i went through it just after Christmas so everything in there is fairly new and used often.

7. What is your most used / favourite item?

My favourite item has to be my papermate flairs. I use them all the time. I love how they write and how  bright the colours are on the paper! They don’t bleed through the paper however they do shadow a little bit but its not too bad.

8. Now you have gone through you case what will you leave out? if anything!

I don’t think i would leave out anything if im honest. Although if i had to pick something to leave out i would say the sticky notes, i don’t use them that often and they do bulk my out my pencil case. However they have come in handy when i am forward planning because they are compact and have loads of shape and sized post it notes in there. 

9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
Hmm, i’m not sure to be honest. I go through stages, one minute im loving everything and the next i have brought something new or changed things up. The last time i went through my pencil case was after Christmas. Before that i think it must have been early November time!

10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wish list?

Hmm i’m not sure actually. I love my pencil case at the moment but im very unpredictable so it could change quite fast! If money wasn’t an object i would love to buy a Kipling 100 pencil case. They look amazing and i have really fallen in love with them. However paying £35 for a pencil case is ridiculous in my opinion!

I would love to know what you have in your pencil case so please leave me a comment below. Please  also see Anna’s original blog post to see what she has in her pencil case. I will leave the link below.  I tag all of my readers to do this tag! If you do please let me know! I’d love to come and read it.

Have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox

Mrs Brimbles blog post: http://mrsbrimbles.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/whats-in-my-pencil-case.html 

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KIKKI K Planner Unboxing

Look what arrived! Oh my goodness its so beautiful! The colour is so bright! I was nervous when it was ordered in case it wasn’t as bright as the website picture showed. However it really is! I’m so happy with it!

I brought this planner on sale for £28.80 and £6 p&p. The price before the sale was £48. I never thought i would own a Kikki K planner due to the price and the fact that the shop is not based in the UK so i was always afraid of custom charges. However Kikki K has changed how they do things so people wont get custom charges which i am really happy about!

The delivery time on this planner was amazing! Considering it was sent from Singapore it only took 6 days to arrive! I orderd from the Kikki K website Friday night and received the planner the following Thursday. The parcel was delivered by DHL and came at around 5pm. The planner was shipped in a large white box which had inside my Kikki k box and lots of air bubbles.

The Kikki K came in a lovely hard box in the corresponding boxes which i absolutely love! What i mean by this is depending on the colour of the planner the outer box matches.

Kikki k boxbox indside


When i opened up the box i couldn’t believe the colour! It’s so bright and cheerful i absolutely love it! This is my first ever Kikki K and everyone raves about them. I didnt actually know if i would actually like it. However im so happy i do! The texture is like saffiano leather. Similar to the Filofax Saffiano. However its more coarse then the Filofax saffiano.

kikki k outside

What i really loved about this planner is the inside. Due to me only owning Filofax branded planners the insides are virtually the same. However with this Kikki K planner the inside is so cool! There is two spaces in the inside over to hold little note pads which iv started using and there amazing. One of the notepads is a to do list and the other one is a enjoy today pad. I love the to do pad as it has already come in so handy! All i have to do is put my master to do list there and i can just flick open the planner and have a look, rather then faffing trying to find my current week. The enjoy today note pad is not currently in use. I’m not sure what i will use it for at the moment but i am sure i will find a use for it. My only concern about the note pad’s is them running out and i can’t buy replacements. I will have to sort something out and try and make my own or something. I’m not actually sure if Kikki K sell them individually.

kikki k inside

The rings in this planner is actually gold. I don’t actually own a planner with gold rings so this is a first. I’m not really fussed on the colour of the rings if im honest. I know some people hate gold rings, but im not really bothered. Rings and rings.

The inside of the planner is actually material. The only other planner i own with material insides is my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner. I didn’t really love the material in the Carpe Diem planner, however in the Kikki K i really don’t mind it. The material is soft and feels so much better quality.

This Kikki K planner arrived with grey and black colourd inserts. Of im hoinest i dont really care for them. If they were lighter i think they would be nice but im just not into dark colours. This Kikki K came with 7 dividers, 2 pages of stickers,18 month perpetual calendar,to do pages, meeting pages and note pages. I don’t plan on using the inserts as i have cut and punched a personal-planner into my current Filofax which i am planning on just moving into the Kikki K planner.

At the back of the planner its the same as every other planner if im honest. There is a split for a note pad. The Kikki k note pad doesn’t come with pre-punched holes like the Filofax brand does. However that doesn’t really bother me due to the fact i hardly use them so i don’t need to put it in my planner straight away. This may be a problem for some people though who use it to take notes on the go.

All in all i really love this planner. The quality is good and the colour is amazing! I’m so thankful to be able to own my own Kikki K planner! I really didn’t think that i would ever own one! I hope you all enjoyed this review and it helped you if you are deciding to get one. I have also done a YouTube video review if you would prefer to watch that as it has more information and in depth show through of the planner and the inserts.


Speak soon,

Zoe oxox

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Planner Collection January 2016

Hi guys, A lot of you have asked to see my updated planner collection due to i have shared some new pictures on my Instagram recently. I have also had questions on how i use the planners/Filofax’s i have and if they are in in use. Today i thought i would answer all those questions! I will start off with the Planners/Filofax’s that you may have seen in my last planner collection and then i will move on to my new ones!!

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser

I currently use this planner to hold my extra A5 notepads and inserts that i am not currently using.

Filofax Personal Compact Pennybridge

I currently use my Filofax Pennybridge as my purse and on the go/college planner.

Brown and green personal
Personal organiser

I currently use this personal organiser as an address book.

Green pocket
Pocket organiser

I’m not actually using this planner at the moment. It currently on my shelf waiting for me to find a use for it.

Pear saffiano
A5 Filofax Pear Saffiano

This Filofax is currently holding spare A5 Filofax note pads.

Pink personal
Personal organiser

This planner i am currently using as my blog planner. Its a little bit bigger then a personal size in height but i love the feel and colour of it. I’m planning on a blog post all about my blog planner if you guys are interested! I’ve made some free downloadable inserts for you all.

Gold saffiano
A5 Gold Saffiano

This Filofax is currently sitting on my shelf not in use. I loved this planner around Christmas time.

Pocket organiser

This pocket organiser is currently being used as a health planner. I use this planner to track my migraine and sickness.

pink domino
Paperchase A5 organiser

This planner is what i am currently using at the moment as my main planner. I love the colour so much! I never thought i would like planners with the string Closure but im really loving it!

pink wilko
Wilko personal organiser

This planner i received yesterday from the MyGreenCow giveaway that i won from her YouTube channel! I love the colour and the feel! Trying to find a way i will use it.

yello kikki k
Large Kikki k planner- On its way

Right, This planner i actually haven’t received yet! This beautiful yellow KIKKI-K planner is what my brother has just brought me from the sale. I am planning on using this as my main planner once it gets here. Picture from http://www.kikki-k.com/

carpe diem
A5 Aqua Carpe Diem planner

This planner i am currently using as my penpal planner, I keep all my letters in here and keep track of when i post/receive letters.

personal planner
Personal-Planner from Personal-Planner.com

I currently use this planner in my main Filofax. I uncoiled it and punched it into my Filofax.

That is currently all the planners that i own! I love each and every one of them and i hope you do too!

A big question that i get asked is “why do you buy/need so many planners?” The honest answer is i don’t. I like collecting them and swapping them out when i feel like it. Its like swapping bags to match your outfit. I like swapping Filofax’s to suite my mood. I know not everyone is going to understand that or agree with it but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you have all have a lovely weekend. In the comments bellow let me know how many planners you own and what you use them for!

Speak to you soon,

Zoe oxoxox

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Different uses for Filofax’s

Since i uploaded a picture of my updated Filofax collection on Instagram i was flooded with messages asking what do i use them for blog post hint or that some people buy a few and change them out but are then stuck what to do with them in the meantime. Iv been having a think and today i am going to be giving you guys a few ideas on the uses of a Filofax.

  1. Address book
  2. A place to hold old/new inserts
  3. Journalling
  4. Projects
  5. Recipe organiser
  6. Home organiser
  7. Bill organiser
  8. Blog planner
  9. Personal planner
  10. College planner
  11. Work planner
  12. Christmas planner
  13. Holiday planner
  14. Business  card holder
  15. Finance planner
  16. Fitness planner
  17. Penpal planner
  18. A place for your lists
  19. Notebook
  20. Pet planner
  21. Purse/wallet
  22. Sticker storage
  23. Wedding planner

I hope this blog post helps you or gives you a few ideas. As i hinted above, i am planning blog posts on my updated Filofax collection and how i am using them! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

See you soon,

Zoe oxoxox


New Years Resolutions

Hi Guyss,

Today i thought that i would share with you all my 2016 resolutions. I thought if i wrote a blog post on them i might be able to stick to them a bit better haha! I’m not usually the person to make new years resolutions due to the fact i never stick to them however this year i have decided to try and stick to my guns!

2016 Goals:

  • My first goal is to not buy unnecessary stationery that i do not need. Every time i think about buying something i am going to stop and ask myself if i really need it. If i am unsure then i will hold off buying it until the next day.
  • My second goal sort of leads off the first goal. I have decided that i want to save money. I’m not getting younger, therefore i have decided to start saving up. I’m 20 in October so i want to start saving for if when i move out.
  • My third goal is to publish at least 2 blog posts a week. Normally on a Friday and a Sunday.
  • My Fourth goal is to make sure i tidy my planning space and the rest of my bedroom once a week. I’m murder with keeping things tidy, i just pull things out and then leave it in a mess. Then i get annoyed at myself because my room is untidy and i have no time to tidy it after college.
  • My Fifth goal is to make my bed everyday! This leads off the last goal!
  • My sixth goal is to remodel this blog. I love the way it is now but i really want to change it and make it more of my own. This will probably take me a while but i defiantly want to do it before next Christmas!
  • My last and final goal is to run at least 2 big giveaways on this blog during the year. I have a few up my sleeve but i need to make sure i set aside time to plan them.

Hopefully i will be able to stick to these goals. I would love to hear from you guys if you have any goals for 2016. Hope you all have a lovely new year and i wish you all love and happiness in 2016!

See you soon,

Zoe oxox