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Small Stuff Creation Sticker Review

Lately, i have found that i spend hours on Etsy looking at beautiful stickers for my planner. My current basket has 45 items in there! #NotKidding. Anyway i decided that i would treat myself, due to some exciting things happening in my personal life, so i orderd some stickers from Small Stuff Creations.

Small Stuff Creations is a lovely shop on etsy that sells TINY cute stickers for planners. The price of her sticker sheets are 80p plus 80p postage. I think this is an amazing value! I orderd 11 sheets of stickers and altogether i paid £9.60 including postage.

The stickers arrived in a small paper envelope. The stickers are then in a pink little bag which is pictured below. The envelope was sent second class. I ordered these stickers on Sunday, i got a shipped notification on Tuesday and they arrived on Wednesday (today) so that was super quick shipping.

The stickers that i orderd were:


Sick day stickers
Work stickers
Bill due stickers
Phone stickers
Children/ Family time stickers
Scale stickers
Happy mail van stickers
Bath stickers
Dew drop stickers.

When the stickers arrived i loved how bright they are. With all of the stickers available in the shop you can choose to either have them in bright colours or pastel colours.  From the pictures above you really cannot tell how small these stickers are. According to the information box for the stickers they are 0.8cm small. I am not going to lie, when they arrived i was taken back on how small the stickers looked. However comparing them to my personal Filofax inserts, they look an amazing size! They are not too small, but big enough to fit a few things in a box on busy days.  I thought the best way to show you the size of the stickers is to do a comparison photo of the stickers next to a sheet of stickers from DaisyDuster Designs.


As you can tell by this photo they really are tiny! however they are so cute. I think these would be perfect for a personal and pocket Filofax planner!

I really like these stickers, they are lovely and bright and are also so easy to peel off which i LOVE! Nothing worse then a sticker not coming of the sheet easily! I would 100% recommend these stickers to anyone who has a smaller sized planner.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I apologies that i have been MIA for the past few weeks. I have had a few big changes in my personal life that i had to adapt to. I am now all up to date with this blog so hopefully i can post consistently again!

I hope you have a good week!

Zoe oxox


5 thoughts on “Small Stuff Creation Sticker Review

  1. #happyhaul! ❤ etsy! Isn't it addicting? 80+ items!! Hahahaha!! #stickeraddict? 🙂 I just uploaded my most favorite spreads from May! Although I don't have as many stickers as you! I tend to use a lot of washi tape instead 🙂

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  2. I recently got my own lot of these stickers, they’re so cute! I knew they were going to small but I was also a bit surprised at how small they were when I actually got them, they’re really nice to use though 🙂


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