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Websters Pages Caramel Planner Review

A few months ago a website was selling Webster pages planners for £3. There was a massive craze and unfortunately i missed out on them. However a lovely lady on UKPA had brought one when they were on offer and sold me it because she wasn’t using it anymore.

Websters pages planners come in a cute box which i really like because i can use it to store the planner when it is not in use. Due to my planner being second-hand the box was a little dented, however i think this was done during transit to be via post.


Websters pages describe the colour of this planner as “caramel”, however i have to disagree. This planner is very orange. If i were to describe it i would call it pumpkin. I actually quite like the colour. I think this planner would look amazing around Halloween time.

The texture of this planner is very nice. The material of this planner is split leather which has a nice feel to it.The leather feels squishy to the touch which I know a lot of people like the feel of. On the front of this planner there is a leather strap and popper closure. Compared to other binder style planners, the websters pages planner looks like it has the biggest strap closure. This means that you can stuff this planner quite easily and still be able to close it. On the popper closure, you will see that it matches the colour of the planner, it also has “websters papges” engraved in there with a lovely flower. I really like this touch as it’s not something you see everyday.

The inside of this planner is also split leather. What i really like about this planner is the fact that they have contrasting colours inside of the binder. Websters pages planners come in many different colour combination. This planner is caramel on the outside and on the pockets on the inside, but there is also white on the inside covering.

On the inside of the webster pages planner there are two card slots and a deep pocket at the front, and at the back there is a space for a notebook insert as well as an elastic pen loop.


The rings on this planner are silver which i think matches really well with the colours of the planner. I much prefer silver rings compared to gold rings in a planner. This webster’s pages planner is compatible with standard Filofax inserts which i think is great.  The rings itself are the biggest let down for me for this planner. The rings just look and feel very loose in my honest opinion. I have spoken to a lot of people and nearly all of them have had trouble with the rings on this planner. The top rings are fine, however they just look like they have a gap in them and i cannot make this go away.

All in all i like this planner. I love the colour and texture, i just wish the ring quality was a little better. In my honest opinion i feel like this is not a planner that you would buy if you want a “life time” planner.  However saying this, i would buy this planner again if i were to buy it from a small independent shop because i know that the rings will be checked before sending. If you would like to purchase this planner you can buy one from the Websters Pages website. You can also purchase one from Mrs Brimbles who pre-orders them in her online shop.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Zoe oxox

*DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions are my own.*


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KIKKI K Planner Unboxing

Look what arrived! Oh my goodness its so beautiful! The colour is so bright! I was nervous when it was ordered in case it wasn’t as bright as the website picture showed. However it really is! I’m so happy with it!

I brought this planner on sale for £28.80 and £6 p&p. The price before the sale was £48. I never thought i would own a Kikki K planner due to the price and the fact that the shop is not based in the UK so i was always afraid of custom charges. However Kikki K has changed how they do things so people wont get custom charges which i am really happy about!

The delivery time on this planner was amazing! Considering it was sent from Singapore it only took 6 days to arrive! I orderd from the Kikki K website Friday night and received the planner the following Thursday. The parcel was delivered by DHL and came at around 5pm. The planner was shipped in a large white box which had inside my Kikki k box and lots of air bubbles.

The Kikki K came in a lovely hard box in the corresponding boxes which i absolutely love! What i mean by this is depending on the colour of the planner the outer box matches.

Kikki k boxbox indside


When i opened up the box i couldn’t believe the colour! It’s so bright and cheerful i absolutely love it! This is my first ever Kikki K and everyone raves about them. I didnt actually know if i would actually like it. However im so happy i do! The texture is like saffiano leather. Similar to the Filofax Saffiano. However its more coarse then the Filofax saffiano.

kikki k outside

What i really loved about this planner is the inside. Due to me only owning Filofax branded planners the insides are virtually the same. However with this Kikki K planner the inside is so cool! There is two spaces in the inside over to hold little note pads which iv started using and there amazing. One of the notepads is a to do list and the other one is a enjoy today pad. I love the to do pad as it has already come in so handy! All i have to do is put my master to do list there and i can just flick open the planner and have a look, rather then faffing trying to find my current week. The enjoy today note pad is not currently in use. I’m not sure what i will use it for at the moment but i am sure i will find a use for it. My only concern about the note pad’s is them running out and i can’t buy replacements. I will have to sort something out and try and make my own or something. I’m not actually sure if Kikki K sell them individually.

kikki k inside

The rings in this planner is actually gold. I don’t actually own a planner with gold rings so this is a first. I’m not really fussed on the colour of the rings if im honest. I know some people hate gold rings, but im not really bothered. Rings and rings.

The inside of the planner is actually material. The only other planner i own with material insides is my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner. I didn’t really love the material in the Carpe Diem planner, however in the Kikki K i really don’t mind it. The material is soft and feels so much better quality.

This Kikki K planner arrived with grey and black colourd inserts. Of im hoinest i dont really care for them. If they were lighter i think they would be nice but im just not into dark colours. This Kikki K came with 7 dividers, 2 pages of stickers,18 month perpetual calendar,to do pages, meeting pages and note pages. I don’t plan on using the inserts as i have cut and punched a personal-planner into my current Filofax which i am planning on just moving into the Kikki K planner.

At the back of the planner its the same as every other planner if im honest. There is a split for a note pad. The Kikki k note pad doesn’t come with pre-punched holes like the Filofax brand does. However that doesn’t really bother me due to the fact i hardly use them so i don’t need to put it in my planner straight away. This may be a problem for some people though who use it to take notes on the go.

All in all i really love this planner. The quality is good and the colour is amazing! I’m so thankful to be able to own my own Kikki K planner! I really didn’t think that i would ever own one! I hope you all enjoyed this review and it helped you if you are deciding to get one. I have also done a YouTube video review if you would prefer to watch that as it has more information and in depth show through of the planner and the inserts.


Speak soon,

Zoe oxox

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Ring Bound Vs Spiral Bound Planners

Hi Guys,

I have had some questions about my ring bound planners and why i prefer them over spiral bound planners. I have decided to do a blog post explaining why i like them and prefer them over spiral bound planners. 

As many of you know i’m obsessed with ring bound planners. There are lots of positives, however there can be a few negative things about them.


I love how much you can customize ring bound planners. There is no limit to what you can do with them. My favorite thing about them is that you can take things in and out as you please. There are so many times that i get important letters with information on that i need to keep and remember and i loose them because i put them in a “safe place” and always forget where that is. Whereas now, whenever i get an important letter i punch in into my planner at the back so i always have it on me and know where it is whenever i need to find it. However, there is a downside to being able to take things in and out of your ring bound planner. Depending on how often you open and close your planners rings it can have an affect on the tightness of the rings and cause gaps where the rings do not meet up correctly. This can be avoid though by opening and closing the rings correctly by pressing on both sides of the levers that open the rings and not just one. This makes sure that there is pressure coming from both ends of the rings to avoid one side becoming looser then the other. 

Another thing that i love to do is make custom dividers for my planner. I love doing this because i can switch out the contents to fit my growing needs. In my planner at the moment i have 5 divided sections. They are: Planner, Weight loss, Blog, Notes and letters. However over time i may not need one of these sections. If that happens then i can just simply remove it. There are so much you can do with a ring bound planner. Its all up to you and your creativity. However some people may find having all this control and customization very overwhelming. Many people do not know where to start and find the ring bound system to much. That is the downfall to having so much customization. However you always have to remember that this is YOUR planner and it can be as simple or as creative as you like. 🙂 


Buying a ring bound planner can be expensive depending on the make and where you buy them from. The most popular ring bound planner is the Filofax. Filofax’s can cost anywhere between £25 and £100. However when buying a Filofax you know that it will last years and be amazing quality. When looking to buy a ring bound planner its best to shop around. You can get amazing deals on Filofax’s on Ebay and Amazon with people selling them second hand. However you can get cheap alternative to Filofax’s. When you first start out i recommend you look for “Ring bound organizers”. You can find these in the shop Paperchase and online. When i first found out about Filofax’s i was obsessed and i really wanted to buy one. However being on a student budget i knew i could never afford one. This was in till i found out that you can buy ring bound organizers from Paperchase for half the price. 

Ring bound planners can be cheaper then spiral bound planners. This is because you will only be buying the ring bound planner once, All you need to do is buy the inserts for it each year. This means in the long run it will be cheaper then buying a spiral bound planner each year/6 months. 


Many people have busy lives so having a planner to fit in there bags is important. I love the fact that you can get ring bound planners in all shapes and sizes. I currently have an A5 for my life planner which usually stays at home or if i’m going out and about i bring it with me because i don’t carry much around so it fit in my bag. However when i’m at college my bag is stuffed to the brim with different stuff so i use a pocket planner. This easily fit in any bag and is not bulky at all! 

Having a ring bound planner can also be bulky. Depending on the size of your bag and the size of your planner this can be an issue for people. Some people’s planners are too bulky and heavy so they do not like carrying it around with them. This is an disadvantage but personally i don’t think its a big disadvantage due to the fact you can buy different sized planners to suite your needs and wants. If you have a small bag then you can buy a Compact, Pocket or Personal sized planner rather then the A5. Its all up to how you use the planner and what suites you! 🙂 

I hope you found this helpful. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, either write a comment or email me at 

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Zoe oxoxox

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Paperchase Vintage London A5 Organiser Review

Hi Guys,

Today i will be reviewing the Vintage London A5 Organiser from Paperchase. I received this planner a few weeks ago by my amazing Penpal Alycia.  Alycia very kindley sent me this planner as a gift becuase i use using a planner and always wanted to try a Filofax style planner. When Alycia sent the planner she said that she thought a Paperchase planner is an amazing way to start out and try a Filofax style planner because they are so much cheaper then a real Filofax and you can get the feel before you take the plunge.

Alycia was so right! It’s amazing! I have never felt the quality of a real Filofax Planner but the Paperchase ones are such high quality. The rings were all tight and had no gaps which was amazing and all the pages turn with no snag what so ever! I really love the Vintage London A5 because its so bright. I have never seen this planner before and i love how different it looks because of the pattern. Since using it, i have had so many compliments. Even from people who are not into planning or Filofax’s what so ever! The material of the planner is lovely! Its so soft to touch and feels high quality. frontback 1full view

Inside the planner there are many pockets which i love! On the inside of the front there are 5 card slots with one that you can put a picture in, A zippy pouch and a little sleeve. The card slots are amazing for keeping business cards in if you are out and about and receive one you like or for you favorite stationery shop ;). I personally use the card slots to keep my paper clips on in case i need to mark a page when i’m out and about. I haven’t found a use for the zippy pouch in the moment in time but i think it will be perfect if i have receipts that i need to keep or little bits like that. I could even put some stickers in there for when i’m out and about.  The sleeve i use to keep documents and loose paper i receive from college. I put them in there before i write them in the planner so i remember them. I also keep letters in there if i have an appointment so i have confirmation and the details.

front inside

On the inside of the back cover there is a space for you to put a paper pad in so you can write notes when your out and about. I never thought this would come in handy for me but i was so shocked it did! It really is the best invention! You can swap pads once you have used all the paper and you can easily slip it out when you don’t want it in there.


I hope this review was helpful. I would 100% recommend this planner to anyone! If you like it and end up buying it let me know your comments and make sure to tag me in picture on Instagram @zoey_louisee.

Speak soon,

Zoe oxoxox

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Personal-Planner Review 2015

Hi guys,

In January i brought a planner from

I have been using the planner for 6 months now and i am happy to do a review. Quick disclaimer all opinions expressed are my own and i am not being paid for this review.

Last summer i got onto the planner YouTube black hole and got addicted to watching planner reviews and plan with me videos. I fell in love with so many but due to being on a student budget i didn’t really have the money to spend £50 on a planner! However i fell in love with the Erin Condren layout. Due to having anxiety planning was essential and i found splitting my day up to morning day and evening really helped me. One day i came across a video about personal-planner. I loved how customizable it was and everyone loved them! I decided to take the plunge when i found a 20% off code on a review on YouTube for them.

The website was so easy to use and had so many options. I’m not going to lie it took me ages to choose what i wanted because you could customize EVERYTHING! I decided to do the vertical layout as i could then split the columns up anyway i wanted using washi tape. I ended up making my cover on with pictures of my loved ones. It looked amazing! Once i ordered the planner i could not wait for it to arrive. The planner took about a week to arrive. The website tells you to expect 2 weeks for delivery though.

The front cover i made on
The front cover i made on

When the planner arrived it came in a bright green box that fitted through your letterbox which was amazing because i didn’t have to stay in for it. The planner comes with a ruler, a plastic wallet to keep things in and a elastic band to keep the planner together. I loved the fact that the ruler and plastic wallet could be taken out and moved to where ever you want it. I used the ruler to mark the day i was on so i could find my page. I also liked the plastic wallet because i could move it in my week if had something i needed to remember in it or i could put it in the front or back. Whatever i felt like doing that week.

When looking through the planner i could not believe the quality of the paper! Pens do not bleed through and its so lovely to write on! The pages are so bright and colorful which makes you just want to stare at the pages!  I decided to do the vertical layout as i could then split the columns up anyway i wanted using washi tape. The washi tape made everything pop and i just love the way my layout looks.

This is the layout i chose and what it looks like without washi.
This is the layout i chose and what it looks like without washi.
washi layout
This is the layout now after i added the washi tape to break up the day! 🙂

As you can see by the above pictures you can see that there’s an option to have boxes at the bottom of the page. I decided to have a to do box, exam box and meals. I also opted for the weather tracker on every day. I have to be honest with you though. I do not use the boxes or weather tracker now. I did at first but the boxes are so small you cannot really write much and i have big hand writing. It probably wont be a problem for people who have small handwriting.

The boxes at the bottom of the page.
The boxes at the bottom of the page.
little boxes 1
The boxes at the bottom of the page.

All in all i am obsessed with this planner! I cannot recommend it enough! Think i have recommended it to 10 people and 5 of those people have brought one and in love with them! If you would like to see some more pictures of this planner please see my Instagram @zoey_louisee

Thank you so much for reading, Hope this review has helped!

Zoe xoxo