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September Instagram Challenge

Since being on Instagram i have seen loads of Instagram challenges flying around. I never seem to stick to any because of lack of time or simply not knowing what to do for them. I have always wanted to make my own Instagram challenge and i have finally done it. This Challenge is more for me to follow then anything else. I thought if i made a blog post about it then i’m more likely to stick to it haha!

Anyone is free to join in with the challenge, I’ve tried to make it as simple and relaxed as i can so its not much pressure. If you do join in please use the hashtag #zoeplansinstagramchallenge as i would love to see your pictures.

September insta challenge teal

Good Luck

Zoe oxoxox


TheSewUnique Planner/Filofax A5 Dust Cover.

Since buying a Filofax i was always worried that it would get ruined in my bag or get scratched. I kept searching on Etsy for a nice Dust bag but i could never find one in my price range that i liked and was from the UK. One morning i was doing my normal morning routine that consists of looking through Facebook on the UKPA group, and i found a post where the Etsy sellers on the group were linking there shops. Luckily the day before was payday so i decided to have a browse of everyone’s shops!

In the post a lovely lady called Emma linked to her Etsy shop and said that she made planner cases, I clicked onto her shop and i fell in love with all the beautiful patterns and fabrics that she had and made into cases.  She had cases for all sized Filofax. While having a look through i saw a beautiful bright green case with foxes on. I immediately fell in love.

I emailed Emma on Etsy because i wanted to make sure that my Filofax would fit in the case a some ladies who buy cases have had problems with sizes. This is normally because every person’s Filofax is different. Some are stuffed full of amazingness and others are simple which is amazing too. Emma replied back to my email within 10 minutes and sent me pictures of different Filofax in the cases and immediately put my mind at rest. That second i clicked buy and i’m so glad i did.

My package was sent the next day and i received it the day after. I cannot believe how quickly it arrived. The fabric feels amazing, the stitching is perfect and the colours are so vibrant. I also love how light the case is. I would defiantly recommend Emma’s shop to anyone looking for planner/Filofax cases.

I hope this review was helpful, I truly love this case. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zoe oxoxox

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i have not been paid to write this review. All Products were brought with my own money.

Filofax Reviews

Filofax A5 Pear Saffiano Review

As some of you may know i became a part of the planner community in January 2015. My first planner was a Personal Planner from I did a review of this planner and i love it. I currently use it as an insert in my Filofax. To see the blog post click Here.

Anyway when i first started i used the personal planner as it is until i was gifted my very first ring style organizer from my beautiful penpal Alycia.  I then decided to decoil my personal planner and punch it into my Paperchase ring planner. This was the best thing i ever did! I was really nervous in doing that because i was scared that punching it into my planner, i would loose writing space. Now i have done it i can say you really don’t loose much space. If you would like to see a blog post on how i uncolid it and everything please let me know 🙂

The Paperchase planner was amazing and did its job perfectly but i really wanted to own a real Filofax. I’m the worst with money, As soon as i get it i spend it so i knew that saving for a Filofax would be hard, let alone choosing which one i wanted. One day i was looking on the UK Planner Addicts group on Facebook and a bright green Filofax caught my eye. I instantly was drawn to it as green is one of my all time favorite colours. It was a personal size and i knew that’s not what i wanted and at the time i wasn’t really decided if i was actually going to save to buy a Filofax.  Days went past and i could not stop thinking about the Filofax.

Two Weeks later i decided to look onto the Filofax website and see how much the planner was and what it was called. I learnt that it was a Pear Saffiano and i could get an A5 size! On the Filofax Website its £45. For a link to the website please click Here. I was talking to my penpal Alycia about my thoughts on buying a Filofax and she was really supportive. She let me know of a site called SpeedyHen. Speedyhen is a online shop that sells Filofax’s Cheaper then the actual Filofax website. On SpeedyHen the Filofax was £24.29. When i saw this i immediately made up my mind that i was going to save and buy this Filofax. Well how couldn’t i at that price!

A5 Pear Saffiano
Filofax A5 Pear Saffiano

.I was a bit skeptical with ordering from SpeedyHen because i had never brought from them before and a few ladies from UKPA have had some problems but many ladies received there order fine or the customer service were quickly resolving issues for other ladies that had problems.  I ordered the Filofax on Saturday the 8th of August and it arrived on Wednesday the 12th or August! The delivery was super fast! The packaging was very well packaged. The Filofax came in a box with thick sellotape around it. The Filofax itself was in cardboard and had a white sleeve around it to protect the material of the Filofax. I actually had trouble opening the box because it was so well sellotaped haha!

When i finally got the Filofax out and took off the plastic sleeve. i was so happy to see it in beautiful condition and the rings are perfect. I’m used to Paperchase rings, trying to open the Filofax rings are so stiff and hard! Its perfect though, stops the rings having gaps. When i opened the Filofax i was so shocked to see that it came with inserts. I knew that if i ordered from Filofax website that it would come with inserts but i was unsure if i would received insert from SpeedyHen. The Filofax came with:

  • 2 Clear plastic dashboards.
  • Numbered dividers
  • 2015-2016 Inserts
  • To do pages
  • Note pages
  • Colourd note pages
  • transparent ruler
  • Open top loading pocket
  • a note pad at the back

I am so happy with how the Filofax came and everything that was included! I can’t believe i only paid £24.29. I’m so in love with the planner and so happy that i brought it. I will upload a blog post showing my set up next week. I apologies with the lack of pictures in this blog post but its really late and all the pictures came out with crappy quality. I promise there will be lots of pictures in the set up blog.

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you found this blog post helpful and interesting. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at

Have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxoxox


Whiteley Village Shopping Centre Haul

Tuesday i went to Whiteley shopping center because my aunt was down from Leeds. Today i thought that i would show you guys what i brought. I didn’t buy to much but i’m happy with my purchases.


1) Paperchase

Glu Dots From Paperchase £1.50
Glu Dots From Paperchase £1.50

2: Marks and Spencers:

marks and spenser bundle

washi side
Washi tape £3.50 each
Paper clip £1
Paper clip £2
Tags £1
Tags £1

3) Tiger:

Tiger bundle
Boxes £1 and Scissors £1

I hope you enjoyed my first haul. I know its a small one but i hardly ever go to Whiteley and i haven’t got these shops near me. Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoyed this extra blog post.

Zoe oxoxox



I’ve been looking for a new desk for years now. I just couldn’t find one that i liked or would fit all my needs. I’d like one desk but it wouldn’t have enough draws or i would like another desk but it was too small. I needed a good desk that could fit all my needs because i use a desk every day when using my laptop, college work and planning. When searching i came across the IKEA MICKE WORKSTATION. I feel in love with it straight away. I’m a sucker for organisation. I LOVE to organize things. I’m that person who buys organisation products to organize organisation products! what a tongue twister!

Anyway getting back on topic! When i went to collect the desk from IKEA i saw a display model of the desk without the add on unit and i thought CRAP! It looks smaller then expected. I had a mini panic but remembers that its in a empty space and it will look better in my room. If you are going to buy this desk i would recommend that you go with someone, The two boxes are REALLY heavy! Trying to put the boxes in my trolley was a real struggle!

When i got the desk home i decided to build the desk straight away. I got out the instructions and i was so shocked with how much they DO NOT HELP! I’ve brought things from IKEA before and know how little instructions they give you but this was shocking! A desk that should have taken a few hours to build turned into 7 hours! The instructions missed out bits which was annoying because you didn’t know until you were on the next few steps and were stuck.

Halfway though building the desk
Halfway though building the desk
Desk when build! Please excuse the cords!
Desk when build! Please excuse the cords!

Once the desk was build though it was all worth it! I love all the space. The Add on unit is amazing, you can choose how much space you want in between the shelves and there is a magnetic whiteboard!!!!!! when i was looking online at the desk i was a little worried that the add on unit would take up a lot of the desk but ‘m so glad to say that is really doesn’t!

This desk with the add on unit costs £90 from IKEA or £80 if you are a IKEA family member.

I hope this review helps, if any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at or comment 🙂

Zoe oxoxoxox

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for this review and all my opinions are my own.


How I travel with my planner supplies.

Having my planner with me is a must at all times. You never know when you need to jot something down or check a date. If i don’t have my planner on me then i get anxious because my whole life is in my planner and without it i would be an unorganized mess. I have had a few emails asking me what planner supplies i bring with me when i’m out and about. Today i though i would answer that. I am also going to talk about what i bring with me when i’m traveling and know i’m going to be away from home when i am going to plan.

Firstly on the go supplies. When i am out and about i don’t really bring a lot with me. I normally just bring my planner and my planner pouch. In that pouch i have my must haves that i may need when on the go and i need to jot something in my planner. I got my planner pouch for £2.59 from eBay. I used to have a passport organizer but i really couldn’t get on with it. I found it too flimsy and the pockets were either too small or big. My pens would just fall all over the place. When i found this pouch i fell in love and pens fit lovely in it! 🙂

Travel pouch front
Travel pouch front
Back of the planner pouch
Back of the planner pouch
Inside the empty planner pouch.
Inside the empty planner pouch.
Planner pouch full.
Planner pouch full.

In my planner pouch i have:

  • Colourd pens from eBay
  • Portable hole punch from Wilkinsons
  • Small scissors
  • Washi samples
  • Must have/Most used stickers
  • Paper clips from the range
  • Sharpie from Poundland

As you can tell the planner pouch can hold quite a lot of stuff. Some people may think, “You carry all that around with you?” Yes, however i obviously wont take it with me if i’m nipping to the local shop as that would be a bit silly but if i am going out say round a friends or on a shopping trip then i will because my planner houses all my lists and things i need.

If i am traveling then things are a little different. Depending on what i am doing and where i am going i may bring different supplies. If i am going somewhere where i know i am going to plan the next week then i will bring everything i normally use to decorate my week or use when i am doing my weekly planning. Bringing my supplies with me does mean a heavy/big bag. I used to struggle finding a bad that would fit my A5 planner plus all my supplies and anything else that i would need to take with me. HOWEVER i have found the most amazing solution. When shopping one day in Wilkinsons i was in the beauty section and a bag caught my eye. I picked it up and opened it and a thought came rushing into my head. PLANNER BAG!!! The bag is actually meant for a wash bag for traveling but the pockets are perfect to carry my on the go supplies in.

Wilkinsons wash bag £6
Wilkinsons wash bag £6
Sections inside the bag
Sections inside the bag

As you can see from the pictures there are two large clear pockets which are perfect for carrying my planner and pouch in one side and washi tape, hole punch, stamps, glue stick and any other bits and bobs. There is a chevron zip pocket inside which is perfect for keeping sticky notes in there and project life cards, and there is a pocket on the front of the bag which would fit stickers in perfectly.

I’m just so in love with this bag and how it fits everything in. However i hardly travel due to college and work but i have found this bag is amazing to bring with me to work. I normally do my planning on a Sunday morning. However i now normally work then so i found this bag amazing to bring so i can do my normal planning at work when the children are still asleep in the morning or when they do to bed. I obviously bring another small bag to hold my phone,purse, keys and essentials but i love being able to have everything in one place/bag. 🙂

Thank you all for reading and i hope this inspires you or helps you find what works for you when traveling with your planner. Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you but together we can help and share tips 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely week.

Zoe oxoxoxoxox


My new found love for Journaling.

Hi Guys,

As some of you may know i am a lover of Penpalling. I’m fairly new to it but i love it! My Penpal Alycia who also has a blog “ ” Please give her some love. Opened my eyes to a planner/journal called a paperdori. In my most recent penpal letter Alycia sent me a paperdori that she had made. I feel in love with it immediately! As some of you may or may not know, i suffer from Anxiety. I decided that i would use the paperdori as a thoughts and feeling/anxiety journal to help me put my thoughts and feelings down on paper.


thoughts and feelings

Growing up i was always a lover of keeping a diary about my every day life. Weather i had an amazing day and wanted to write it down so i could look back at it or i had a bad day and wanted a good bitch about things that have happened that day. ( Yes most of it was bitching about who had annoyed me that. I was about 9, don’t judge me haha) However when i did write down about my day it felt like my mind was clear. It was like i could dump all my feelings and emotions on a piece of paper and out of my head.

I have had anxiety since i can remember. However i didn’t know what i was feeling was anxiety until about 4 years ago. I have good days and bad days but over the past year my anxiety has gotten so much better! I do still have days where i really don’t want to leave the house or do certain things but i have found with help from my friends i push through them and just get on with it. Anyway over the last month i have found i have been more anxious then normal. I think it was because i was finishing my first year of my level 3 course and was very busy with getting my placement hours up and making sure everything’s sorted for doing my second year in September. During this period i found my love for journaling all over again. One day i was having a bad day. I had 2 panic attacks and was worrying about college stuff. I randomly sat down at my desk and started writing about how i was feeling and what was on my mind.

I love using my new paperdori to house my anxiety journal because it is so compact. Its passport size which is perfect to carry around with me. It also fits in my planner in the inside pocket which is amazing!! This means i can take it with me in my planner and just pull it out when i feel anxious and need to write things down.

I want to thank Alycia for sending me the paperdori. I love it so much and i truly think that it will finally help sort my anxiety out where i always have good days. I’m so thankful that i have such an amazing penpal and new friend to share my love of planners and just have someone to ramble to when writing letters :). As i said she also has a blog and has recently put up her first blog post. Please check it out and show her some love!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I apologies for it being a bit all over the place but i’m just getting back into the swing of things and i’m exhausted from work.  There will be another blog post soon so please look out for it 🙂 If anyone has any questions or want to contact me, please leave a comment or email me at

Zoe oxoxoxoxox


UPDATE- Sorry Guys

Hi guys,

Im so sorry i haven’t been keeping up with the blog posts. I was finishing up college and found it very stressful. I am not off for 6 weeks so i will not finally have time to upload more frequently. Last update i said that i was going to post blog posts every Wednesday and Saturday 6pm UK time. Obviously this didn’t work. I am going to try and keep to this scheduled over summer but i cannot make promises. I can promise that there will be blog posts frequently but may not be on the Wednesday and Saturday. I am aiming to make sure there is at least one blog post a week. 🙂