July’s itsonlymecaralee design team package 

Hi guys, 

I have another design team package from itsonlymecaralee on etsy. As some of you know and will have seen last month, i am on the design team for shop. This means that i will be sent products each month to test and show yoy guys. Anyways  i will now get onto the package.

This month is really exciting beacause Caralee has now started a ew thing in her shop where she releses a new kit every month however it will only be available for that month only! Caralee makes kits for loads of different planners, my favourite  kits are her personal ones! 

This month the theme of the kits were monsters! I love the look of the kit so much,the colours are lovely and bright and its just really cute.  In my DT package caralee sent everyone a monsters kits so i can you what they look like.

The next thing in my DT package was another kit.  I recived the white,black and blue kit. I love the colours of this kit. They work so well together,plus blue is my favourite  colour! 

The next thing in the package was these really useful colourd dots. I use dots for almost everything. I can use them to track stuff or i use the, as checklists. You can never have too many dots!

The next thing in the package was these cute happy mail stickers. Im a penpal writer so these will be lovely to put on my letters or envelopes.

The last thing in my DT package was these cute bottle stickers. These are good beacause thsy can be used to track your water intake which im never any good at! I think everyone needs to drink more water. Anyway i love the colours as they could go with near enough any spread!

I would like to thank caralee for sending me this design team package and i hope you guys have seen something that you like. If so you can use the code ZOEA10 for 10% off your order.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox