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Planner Peace? Filofax Finsbury Emerald Green

Planner peace is a phrase that constantly goes round the planner community. Some people long for planner peace however its not something i have really looked for. That was until i bought a Filofax Personal Finsbury in Emerald Green.

Coming across this Filofax was really by chance, I was doing my normal scrolling through the planner pages when i came across a for sale post. When i saw the picture of this Filofax i fell in love! I have never seen a Green Finsbury before.  I actually own a Raspberry Finsbury and i love it so i decided to go ahead and buy the Green Finsbury. In total i paid £27.30 which was an amazing price seeing as i have never seen a Finsbury in this colour before.


When the Filofax arrived it was even more beautiful then it looked in the pictures. The colour is so vibrant and unusual. However one thing i did notice that this Finsbury is not as soft as my Raspberry Findbury, which was a little disappointing  but the colour completely made up for that.

I have used this Filofax non stop since it arrived and i cannot see me moving out of it anytime soon! However you all know me so only time can tell hehe. Anyway i hope you enjoyed seeing this Filofax and listening to me ramble on. I would love to know if you have seen this Filofax and if you have any opinions on it!

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox


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