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Planning Storage Trolly

If you are following me on Instagram then you will know that i brought a trolley from IKEA a few weeks ago to keep my planning supplies on.  Since i started planning i have LOVED the idea of having a little trolley/unit to keep my supplies on so i could transport it. I feel in love with the teal Raskog trolley’s, however i could never spend near enough £50 for something just to hold my supplies so i was on the hunt to find something similar.



During my late night searches on Ikea i came across the BYGEL trolley. As soon as i saw it i knew it would be perfect for what i wanted and it was only £18!!!! It has a top so you can put things on it and there is a drawer and two shelves. It has taken me a while to get it set up and working but i’m so in love with it!

The main thing i wanted when i brought this trolley was to have something that i can keep all my stuff on that i can transport to my desk when i am planning. I currently keep all of my planners on my desk and my “most used” washi tapes, however i needed somewhere that i could keep all my other big and not so used items.  When i saw the trolley i fell in love as it could suite all of my needs.


On top on the trolley is a removable plastic tray topper thing (excuse my terrible describing) This is amazing because you can use it as a table top. I currently keep my laminator and paper cutter. I love this feature because i can actually stand up and use the laminator and paper cutter on the top as its the perfect height.

Attached to the top of the trolley is an option for you to have three plastic cups. I loved this idea as i could store all my pens and writing supplies in them. In the first cup i have all my most used pens that i use in my planner. For example my papermate flairs and sharpies. In the next cup i have things like scissors, hole punches and crafting knifes. In the last cup i have lots of different pens that i have tried but not loved so much or that i use for craft projects rather than planning.


The next thing this trolley has is a plastic tray. I currently use this to hold all my scrap paper offcuts that i can used but can still use in later projects. I always struggled finding a way to store my offcuts as they can be big and small so i am so happy that this trolley has this option.

On the first shelf i keep all my scrapbook paper books. I love having them all together so i know where they are and which books that i have. Its also handy having them there as the offcut tray is just above it and i normally make dashboards using the paper and the laminator.


On the bottom shelf i keep anything and everything. I currently have the famous Ikea boxes holding all my washi tape, three sticker expandable files holding some of my stickers that i don’t use often such as decorative and seasonal stickers,post it notes and a few cute boxes holding project life cards, list pads and future giveaway items.


I love this trolley so much because it is so versatile! You can use it in so many ways. Plus the price is not bad at all! I hope you guys liked this blog post and it has sparked ideas of ways to store your planning supplies. If you use this trolley or something similar let me know below as i would love to see them and how you organised them!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox



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