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Planner Tag

I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions the other day and i came across graciouspaperplanner‘s Planner Tag video. I really enjoyed watching her video and finding out her answers to the questions so today i thought i would take part in the tag!


1. How were you introduced too planners and what was your first planner? I have always used some sort of ‘planner’, whether this was a weekly pad on a desk or a wall calendar. It was only a year or two ago that i really got into planning by coming across a video on YouTube showing an Erin Condren Planner. I fell in love emergently! I would spend hours watching different plan with me’s and planner video’s.  The first planner that i brought was an A5 Personal-Planner. I loved this planner because it was similar to the Erin Condren due to it’s vertical layout.
2. How many planners do you have and what are they used for? I currently have 11 planners. However i do not use all of them at one time. I am currently using a Kikki K for my blog planner. A Filofax Finsbury as my everyday planner and a Filofax Pennybridge as my purse/planner. If you would like to know more about my collection and planners in use i have a blog post all about it HERE.
3. What is your favourite brand of Planner? My favourite brand of planner has to be Filofax.
4. How long does it take you to update your planner each day? I don’t really update my planner everyday because i plan the week ahead every Sunday. If i were to update my planner during the week it would normally take me around 5 minutes max. 
5. When did you first start decorating your planner? I first started decorating my planner in January 2015. It was very simple decorating though. I only really used washi tape and colourd pens. I think i started really decorating my planner around February 2015.
6. What is your favourite pen for your planner?  My favourite pen that i use in my planner has to be my Papermate Flairs.
7. If you could use one embellishment what would it be? (I.e. Stickers, washi tape, gems, etc.) Hmm this is a hard one. If you were to ask me this last year i would have said washi tape hands down. HOWEVER now i would have to say stickers. I just love stickers and how simple i can make my layout look with them.
8. Favourite place to get Planner supplies/goodies. (Etsy shops can be included) My favourite place to get planner goodies has to be from eBay. You can get really good things on eBay for so cheap. All my washi apart from a few are from eBay. However for stickers i love Etsy. My favourtie shop on Etsy at the moment has to be StickerSisterCo.
9. What is your Planning routine? My planning routine is really simple if i’m honest. I plan every Sunday afternoon. I move my laptop on top of my printer and i put on a TV show that i am currently watching and then i get all my planning supplies ready and put them on my desk.
10. What inspires you each week for your weekly layout? (I.e. Holiday, Birthday, Season, Color, etc.) Hmm this is a hard one. I don’t really have an inspiration if im honest. I’m not a matchy matchy layout type or planner. If you look through my planner every layout is very similar. The only time i plan based on a theme is if its a holiday such as Christmas or Easter
11. Who is the first You Tuber that inspired you to decorate your Planner? The first YouTuber that inspired me was LivingTheWifeLife. I loved how she decorated her planner. I would just get hooked on her videos.
12. How many Planners do you decorate? I currently only decorate one planner.
13. What Planner would you recommend to a first time user and/or Planner to decorate? I would highly recommend a Paperchase organiser. They are fairly cheap and so lovely. They come in loads of sizes and patterns. If you wanted a spiral planner i would also recommend a Personal-Planner.
14. If you had to pick only one planner which would you use and why? Ohhhh this is a hard one! If i had to pick one it would have to be my Filofax Personal Pennybrige. This is because its the planner that i most use. I could not imagine me not using my Pennybridge. I use it everyday as a purse as well as a Filofax.
15. Bonus question: Show your washi tape stash and is it out of control? Compared to some peoples washi stash i think mines quite tame. However i have run out of room in my desk draw now so i store some in a small box on my shelve.

Here is a picture of my washi stash minus the washi tape in my small box.

16. Who do you tag to do this tag? I tag DaisyDuster Designs,Plan it Zoe and Geek,Chic and Chaotically Organised. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know it is a little bit different. I would love to know your answers to the questions! Let me know if you do this tag.

Have a lovely weekend

Zoe oxox

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All About My Blog Planner

I have had a few questions on my current blog planner. Today i thought i would do an updated post all about my blog planner. Most of the inserts that i have in my blog planner are made by me on a word document. If you like any of them, leave me a comment down below and i will email them to you. However i am hoping that i can attach them at the bottom of this blog post.

The planner that i am using for my blog planner is an A5 Yellow Kikki K. I love this planner so much. The colour is so beautiful, it just makes me so happy when i see it.


When you first open the planner you will see that i have two small Kikki k note pads. I like having these lists pads at the front of my planner because i can write any to do’s that i have for the week and i can easily see them when i open the planner. The next thing that you can see is dot stickers and page flags. I don’t currently use the dot stickers at much anymore, however i keep them there in case i want to use them. I use the page flags to forward plan blog posts so i can see on my monthly view what i am planning on uploading.  This helps me see what post’s i want to publish and then plan time to sit down and write them.

On the dashboard you can see that i have a project life card which my upload schedule on it. I like having this at the front of my planner because i can easily see when i need to upload and write blog posts.


The first section of this blog planner is my monthly section. In this section i have Kikki K monthly inserts. I like these inserts because they are undated. This means that if i do not use a month, i can then reuse it the next month. On these pages i plan the posts that i am hoping to upload using page flags,and then i write them down when i have decided what post is being uploaded when. I also use the side bar to write ideas of posts that i am hoping to upload that month.


The next section is my stats. The inserts that i am currently using are made by me on a word document. I will attach them for you to download for free at the bottom of this blog post. I use this section to track my monthly stats so i can see how i am doing each month and then find out how i can improve.


The next section in this planner is my review section. Again, i am currently using inserts that i made and these can be found at the bottom of this blog post. This insert i made for when i am reviewing a product. This may be a product that was sent to me for reviewing purposes, or a product that i brought myself and wanting to publish a review on it. I find this insert helpful when writing blog post’s because it reminds me important information that i want to include such as the price that i paid for the product and the company that i brought it from.


The next section in this planner is my blog ideas. I use this section to just write down all my ideas that i have for future blog posts. Not every idea that i have works or get’s published, however its a great place for me to keep everything in case i want to come back and revisit the idea in the future. I also write down readers blog post ideas that i might see in the comments or on my social media sites.


The final section in this planner is my blog post’s. In this section i keep all my blog post notes and things that i use when i come to write an actual blog post. Before i write a blog post i try and plan what i am going to talk about and i write notes that i might need to write the blog post. I keep all of this in this section so i can easily find it when i come to write the blog posts that i have planned. This saves me time trying to look through the hole planner to find my notes.


That is currently all i have in my blog planner. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I will attach all of the free printable’s at the bottom of this post. They are all made on a A5 word document. I also have personal sized inserts that i will also put below.

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox

Free Printables: 


A5 free printables


personal free printables

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Current Planners In Use- April 2016

If you read Wednesday’s blog post then you will know that this is linked to my Planner Collection blog post. I received a few questions over the last few months, asking me if i actually use EVERY planner that i own. Well the truth is, no i don’t. However I do use a fair few of them. Today i am going to show you the ones i use and how I am currently using them.

The planner that get’s used the most out of my collection has to be my Filofax Personal Pennybridge. This is because I use this as my everyday purse. I love the Pennybridge so much! It’s a lovely size so i can fit all my cards in there and it also has the option to hold my current planner inserts if i am going out and about and want to just carry my purse and do not want to lug around another Filofax with me at the same time. The Filofax Pennybrige has 14 card slots, a zipped compartment for your coins and a place to keep your notes. It also has compact personal rings so you can carry around your inserts in there or spare note pages/shopping lists. If i am using a different Filofax as my current planner then i will keep shopping lists in the Pennybrige so i can keep everything together. There’s nothing worse than going out shopping and loosing your list in your bag somewhere!


The next planner that is currently in use is my A5 Yello Kikki K planner. I use this as my blog planner. Since i started blogging i have always used a personal sized planner as my blog planner. However i found that the inserts were just too small for me to plan out my blog posts on my monthly spread. When i moved down to personal size for my everyday planner i decided that i would move into my A5 Kikki K and transform it into my new blog planner. I love using this planner for my blog planning because it just fits everything in so nicely. I now have ample room to plan my monthly blog upload schedule and i have lots of room to jot down my ideas for future blog posts.

kikki k outside
Kikki K Large


The next planner that i am currently using is my Filofax Personal Finsbury. I am using this Filofax as my everyday planner. I love using the Finsbury because the leather just feels so nice. Its lovely and soft and it just makes me feel happy! I normally switch out Filofax’s every week to use as my everyday planner because i have so many that i love so i like to alternate them depending on my mood. This is one of the reasons that i have so many planners!


The next planner that i currently use is this green pocket organiser that i brought from a charity shop. I am using this planner as my travel planner. I am currently planning on going to a big planner meet up in October. I decided that i wanted to make myself a travel planner because i am also going to be staying up there for the weekend. Some of you may know this but i suffer from anxiety. To help me get through the trip i wanted to sort everything out in a planner. I have different sections in the planner to help me sort out things for the trip. For example i have all my travel information in there, my hotel information in there and packing lists. It’s all to help me get information out of my head and onto paper so i can process it better.

pocket planner

The next planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase vintage organiser. I am currently using this planner as a college binder. I take it to college with me and its holds all my notes and note paper. I love using it because it has compartments at the front of the planner which is helpful to keep things in such as memory sticks and pens.

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser

The last planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase pink organiser. I am using this planner as a sticker binder. I have struggled finding ways to store my stickers ever since i started planning. I saw a lot of people use ringed planners to store their stickers. I liked the idea however i found that planners with a strap closure just didn’t work for me. That was in till i had the idea to use my paperchase organiser with the elastic band closure. I love this planner so much, i loved using it when i was using an A5 planner as my everyday planner because it was just so bright and happy. However since i moved to personal size i really missed using it. I am so glad that it is now in use!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know in the comments below if you use more than one planner and what you use it for. If you have any questions please leave them down below and i will make sure i get back to you!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zoe oxox

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Updated Planner Collection- April 2016

Since i have moved to personal size Filofax’s, a lot of you have asked to see my updated planner collection. I have also had questions on how i use the planners/Filofax’s i have and if they are all in use. So i have decided to do a two part blog post. Today i will be showing you my planner collection, and Saturday there will be a in depth blog post all about how i use all my planners and if they are all in use. So onto my collection;

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser
Pear saffiano
A5 Filofax Pear Saffiano
kikki k outside
Kikki K Large
pink domino
Paperchase A5 organiser
Brown and green personal
Personal organiser
Filofax Personal Compact Pennybridge
Pink personal
Personal organiser
pink wilko
Wilko personal organiser
Filofax Personal Finsbury
Webster Pages Caramel Personal
Filofax Personal Blossom
Green pocket
Pocket organiser


I apologies that this blog post is pick heavy. I am currently at college and stuck for time however i still wanted to publish a blog post for you guys. If you have any questions about any of my planners or want to see any of them in more detail please comment below and i will be sure to get back to you.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Zoe oxox

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Websters Pages Folio Review

If you are following me on Instagram, you will know that i recently went to a planner meet up in Southampton. I met some lovely ladies and had an amazing time. Sadly i didn’t get many pictures. The only pictures that i have i will attach here.


Anyway, the lovely Maisie from DaisyDusterDesigns gifted me a lovely pink Websters Pages Folio at the planner meet up and today i thought i would do a blog post on my first impression/review.  Firstly i would like to thank Maisie for gifting me this Folio. If you read Wednesdays blog post you will see that i recently brought a Websters Pages planner. I tried to buy both of these Webster Pages products when they were on offer for £3 each,however i missed out. Ever since then i have wanted to get my hands on a Websters Folio and now i can say i finally have!!!

The Folio that i now own is the lovely pink coloured one. Webster Pages Folios come in the same box as the planners come in. Again i like this because i feel the products are being protected when traveling in the post. It also allows you to have something to store your planners/Folio’s in when they are not in use.


 Websters Folios are made out of PU Leather with Nylon and Mesh on the inside. The outside of the Folio’s are all the same expect from the background colour.  I love how simplistic the Websters Folios look,the pattern on the front is not too busy which i really like. Every colour option that the Folios come in also match a Websters pages planner perfectly. I think this is a really cool because it is not everyday you can find a planner pouch that matches your planner perfectly.

On the inside there are four pockets one of which is a mesh pocket. The pockets are really large which i love because it means you can stuff them! Websters Folios are a nice size, they are the same size as their personal planners which i really like because it means it is a lovely size to fit everything in that you need to however its not too big where you find that its a hassle to take around with you.


Websters Folio’s also come with a few goodies when brought from the Websters Pages website. The first thing that they come with is a sheet of tiny stickers. I really like the stickers because they are so cute and also functional. The stickers can be used for different functional meanings. The next thing that comes with the Folios is a set of 4 bright chevron washi tapes. I LOVE these washi tapes. The colours are so bright and cheerful plus the pattern is really cool. The last thing that comes with this folio is a little pack of funky paperclips. These paperclips are very popular. I always see people using these paperclips in there planners.


All in all i really like this product. I think it is very functional and a handy product to own. Since i have had this, i have used it near enough everyday when i go out of the house. I also love using it when i am sat at my desk updating my Filofax every day. I defiantly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an on the go planner pouch.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful! Let me know your opinions of this product in the comments below and let me know if you use it!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxox

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Websters Pages Caramel Planner Review

A few months ago a website was selling Webster pages planners for £3. There was a massive craze and unfortunately i missed out on them. However a lovely lady on UKPA had brought one when they were on offer and sold me it because she wasn’t using it anymore.

Websters pages planners come in a cute box which i really like because i can use it to store the planner when it is not in use. Due to my planner being second-hand the box was a little dented, however i think this was done during transit to be via post.


Websters pages describe the colour of this planner as “caramel”, however i have to disagree. This planner is very orange. If i were to describe it i would call it pumpkin. I actually quite like the colour. I think this planner would look amazing around Halloween time.

The texture of this planner is very nice. The material of this planner is split leather which has a nice feel to it.The leather feels squishy to the touch which I know a lot of people like the feel of. On the front of this planner there is a leather strap and popper closure. Compared to other binder style planners, the websters pages planner looks like it has the biggest strap closure. This means that you can stuff this planner quite easily and still be able to close it. On the popper closure, you will see that it matches the colour of the planner, it also has “websters papges” engraved in there with a lovely flower. I really like this touch as it’s not something you see everyday.

The inside of this planner is also split leather. What i really like about this planner is the fact that they have contrasting colours inside of the binder. Websters pages planners come in many different colour combination. This planner is caramel on the outside and on the pockets on the inside, but there is also white on the inside covering.

On the inside of the webster pages planner there are two card slots and a deep pocket at the front, and at the back there is a space for a notebook insert as well as an elastic pen loop.


The rings on this planner are silver which i think matches really well with the colours of the planner. I much prefer silver rings compared to gold rings in a planner. This webster’s pages planner is compatible with standard Filofax inserts which i think is great.  The rings itself are the biggest let down for me for this planner. The rings just look and feel very loose in my honest opinion. I have spoken to a lot of people and nearly all of them have had trouble with the rings on this planner. The top rings are fine, however they just look like they have a gap in them and i cannot make this go away.

All in all i like this planner. I love the colour and texture, i just wish the ring quality was a little better. In my honest opinion i feel like this is not a planner that you would buy if you want a “life time” planner.  However saying this, i would buy this planner again if i were to buy it from a small independent shop because i know that the rings will be checked before sending. If you would like to purchase this planner you can buy one from the Websters Pages website. You can also purchase one from Mrs Brimbles who pre-orders them in her online shop.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Zoe oxox

*DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions are my own.*


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Whats’s In My Bag-Planner Eddition

I have been watching YouTube for a few years now and i have seen loads of people doing the What’s in my bag tag. I don’t know what it is about them but they are really interesting. Today i thought i would do one and put a spin on it!

What’s in my bag-planner edition!! 

Bag x
The bag that i am currently using is this lovely grey and white bag from Amazon.


The first thing in my bag is my Filofax Pennybridge. I use this Filofax as my purse. When i am going to college i put my planning inserts in this Filofax due to them being zipped up and not in open contact with open drinks or whatever else may be in my bag during a college day! However due to this bag being packed for a planner meet up, i just had my shopping lists and note pages in the Pennybridge due to me bring another Filofax with me that i was using as my planner.

My Filofax Raspberry Compact Pennybridge

The next thing in my bag is a Websters Pages Folio. This Folio was very kindly given to me by the lovely Maisie from DaisyDusterDesigns  at the Southampton planner meet up. I use this now as my on the go planner supply pouch so inside i normally keep sticky notes,washi samples, a sharpie, a pair of scissors and a pencil. If you would like to see everything that i keep in this pouch in detail. Leave a comment below and i will do a blog post all about my travel supplies.

Websters Folio

The next thing that i have in my bag is my current Filofax that i am using as my planner. When i am out and about i keep my Filofax in this lovely planner bag that i got on Facebook a few weeks ago. I feel safer bringing my Filofax out with me in my bag due to the fact i know it has a little protection so it will not get scratched or anything.


The last planning supply that i bring in my bag is my Papermate flairs. I love these pens. I brought them just after Christmas and i have been using them ever since. I brought these pens on Amazon with a gift card so i actually only paid 23p for them!

papermate flairs

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know its something a little different so let me know if you like this and i will be sure to do an updated version later down the line.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox

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Filofax Finsbury Review

As some of you know, i received a Filofax Finsbury in a swap that i did a few months ago. When i put a picture of it up on my Instagram i got asked if i could review it because they wanted to know if it is as lovely as people make out. Well to keep this short. YES IT IS!!!

Filofax Finsbury’s retail around £50 brand new,however if you are on planner group’s on Facebook there are always Finsbury’s being sold for around £20-30. The Finsbury i own is the personal raspberry. However Filofax offers Finsury’s in all sizes and many different colours.

The outside of the Finsbury is textured rambler print leather with hand finished colour. The feel of this Filofax is AMAZING!  It feels so buttery and soft. Out of all the Filofax’s that i own, i think i love this texture the most.

The inside of the Finsbury is a combination of external leather and colour matched lining. The Finsbury has six card slots and one vertical slip pocket at the front and a vertical zipped pocket at the back. I love the fact that it has a zipped pocket at the back because i like to keep postage stamps and receipts in there.

This Filofax has a leather pen loop and strap popper closure. I have never used a leather pen loop before, and if i’m honest, i don’t notice anything different. All of the pens that i use can fit in the pen loop. However if you use a big barreled pen you may struggle to fit it in.

All in all i love this Filofax. Out of all the Filofax’s that i have owned, this is my favourite! The colour is lovely and the texture is amazing! I defiantly want to buy another one in the future. I love the look of the Cheery colour.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Zoe oxox

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Upload Schedule Changes

Good Morning,

If you have been following this blog for awhile you will know that my upload day’s are Friday’s and Sunday’s. This has worked well for me the last few months however due to starting my last few months of education next week ,i am planning on changing my upload schedule because weekends will now be very busy for me. My new upload Schedule will be Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I hope this is okay with you guys,There will be a new blog post up last on today.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Zoe oxox

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March Favourite’s

Gosh! This month has flown by! I cannot believe how quick its gone. I apologies there wasn’t a monthly favourite last month, by the time i went to write one it was the middle of March! Anyway, onto this months favourite’s.

The thing that stood out most this month was stickers!! I have a few stickers in this months favourites. Due to moving down to personal size this month i have been playing with new stickers and finding my feet when it comes to planning in a personal size Filofax.

The first set of stickers are some diary stickers from China. I love these stickers. They have loads on a sheet and they come with 6 sheets for 99p which is an amazing deal. I use these stickers on every spread in my planner because the stickers on the sheets link to my everyday life or can be used to signify something. I have two different sets of these stickers. The first set is the cat characters and the second is the pic characters.

cat china stickerschina pig stickers


The next set of stickers that i have been loving this month are from StickerSisterCo on Etsy. If you have read my last few blog posts, you will know that i have mentioned StickerSisterCo a few times. I honestly love their stickers. I have done a whole review on StickerSistersCo so if you would like to see that click HERE.


The final Etsy shop that i have been loving this month is HandCraftedBySheree. I have been using these stickers for a while now however this month they have really stood out. I have loved using the small list flag on my layouts this month because it is the perfect size for a personal sized planner. I also love using Sheree’s happy mail stickers. They are so cute and also the perfect size for a personal sized planner.


Seeing as that is the last of the stickers lets move onto washi tapes!!! This year for Easter the washi bunny came 😉 My mum surprised me with a set of lovely Easter Themed paper tape and i have been using them on my weekly spreads ever since i got them! I love how colourful they are and how they just complete my spreads. I have attached a picture of this weeks spread with one of the washi tapes on it and i just love it.


chick week

The last section of this months favourites is planners and Filofax’s! As you will know i brought a couple of new planners this month and i have absolutely loved them!

The first Filofax that i will mention is the Filofax Personal Finsbury. This planner is gorgeous. The texture of the leather is so smooth and so nice to the touch, and the colour is so rich and lovely! I have always wanted a Finsbury however i could never justify the price, so when i received one in a swap I couldn’t believe it.

Filofax Personal Finsbury

The second Filofax that i have been loving this month is my new Filofax Personal Blossom. I brought this planner a few weeks ago and i have been using it ever since. The print of this planner and the colours are beautiful. This is the first Filofax/planner that i have owned to have a print on it. I usually go for plain leather planners,however i couldn’t pass this one up.


The final planner that i am going to talk about, and my last favourite of this month is my A5 Yellow Kikki K planner. Since moving down to a personal size for my every day planner, i decided to move up to an A5 size for my blogging planner. I brought this Kikki K shortly before moving into a personal size Filofax. This planner was just sitting on my shelve and i hated the feeling that i had wasted my money because i just wasn’t using this planner. Then one day i was trying to plan in my personal sized blog planner and i was getting really annoyed with my month on one page inserts. They were just too small and i could not write anything on them. That’s when it hit me to move into my A5 Kikki K. Since moving into the Kikki K i have loved planning future blog posts because i actually have space to write them on my monthly inserts. I also find it easier to write things down because of the space you get on the A5 paper.

kikki k outside

I hope you have liked this months favourite’s. I apologize that there wasn’t one uploaded for February. If you guys still like these blog posts then let me know and i will start writing down my Favorite for April!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox