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It’s Only Me Caralee Design Team Unboxing

If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that i was recently chosen to be apart of a design team for the Etsy shop It’s Only Me Caralee. I am so  honoured to be a part of this team and cannot wait to get started!


Today i received my very first package from Caralee. I filmed a little unboxing on my YouTube channel. If you would like to see that click HERE. Anyway i decided that i would show off the stickers in my package in a little more detail here on my blog.

The first sticker that i received in my design team package was these colourful pay day stickers. I love these stickers due to the variety  of colours that they come in. I am a bright planner girl so almost all of my spreads are colourful. This means that these stickers will work perfectly with any spread that i do. The cost of this sticker sheet is £1.75

Pay day stickers

The next sticker sheet that i received was some heart check list’s. Again the colours are lovely. These check lists peel so easily off the paper which i LOVE. They don’t fit perfectly in my personal inserts, however i normally chop my checklists down a little bit so they fit so it is not a problem.  The cost of this sticker sheet is £1

Check list flags

The last sticker sheet that i received was a brand new release from Caralee’s shop. It is a personal weekly kit. I am obsessed with this kit! I have never seen a personal weekly kit before and i am so glad that she has brought one out! I’m always jealous of the beautiful weekly kits that people use in their Erin Condron planners so i am extremely happy that i can now do something similar. In this kit you get two washi strips that fit perfectly along the sides of the page where you hole punch. However Caralee has not put the hole punches in the strips so you can use these anywhere on the weekly spread which i love! You also get 6 page flags and 8 mini page flags that you can use as check boxes or to mark little events. In this kit you also get 6 to do headers, 6 work headers and 3 important headers. The headers fit lovely in the personal spread. You also get 12 icon stickers plus 2 habit trackers, 4 circle stickers,2 decorative stickers and a weekend banner.  I LOVE this kit! The colours are so summery and its so unique! I really hope that Caralee brings out more of these kits in lots of different colours and patterns! Finally the cost of this sticker sheet is £3.

Orange zest personal weekly kit

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I am so excited to share other amazing things during my time on the design team. If you have liked the look of any of the stickers mentioned or stickers in Caralee’s shop, you can use ZOEA10 for 10% off your order.

I hope you have a lovely week

Zoe oxox



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