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Planner Tag

I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions the other day and i came across graciouspaperplanner‘s Planner Tag video. I really enjoyed watching her video and finding out her answers to the questions so today i thought i would take part in the tag!


1. How were you introduced too planners and what was your first planner? I have always used some sort of ‘planner’, whether this was a weekly pad on a desk or a wall calendar. It was only a year or two ago that i really got into planning by coming across a video on YouTube showing an Erin Condren Planner. I fell in love emergently! I would spend hours watching different plan with me’s and planner video’s.  The first planner that i brought was an A5 Personal-Planner. I loved this planner because it was similar to the Erin Condren due to it’s vertical layout.
2. How many planners do you have and what are they used for? I currently have 11 planners. However i do not use all of them at one time. I am currently using a Kikki K for my blog planner. A Filofax Finsbury as my everyday planner and a Filofax Pennybridge as my purse/planner. If you would like to know more about my collection and planners in use i have a blog post all about it HERE.
3. What is your favourite brand of Planner? My favourite brand of planner has to be Filofax.
4. How long does it take you to update your planner each day? I don’t really update my planner everyday because i plan the week ahead every Sunday. If i were to update my planner during the week it would normally take me around 5 minutes max. 
5. When did you first start decorating your planner? I first started decorating my planner in January 2015. It was very simple decorating though. I only really used washi tape and colourd pens. I think i started really decorating my planner around February 2015.
6. What is your favourite pen for your planner?  My favourite pen that i use in my planner has to be my Papermate Flairs.
7. If you could use one embellishment what would it be? (I.e. Stickers, washi tape, gems, etc.) Hmm this is a hard one. If you were to ask me this last year i would have said washi tape hands down. HOWEVER now i would have to say stickers. I just love stickers and how simple i can make my layout look with them.
8. Favourite place to get Planner supplies/goodies. (Etsy shops can be included) My favourite place to get planner goodies has to be from eBay. You can get really good things on eBay for so cheap. All my washi apart from a few are from eBay. However for stickers i love Etsy. My favourtie shop on Etsy at the moment has to be StickerSisterCo.
9. What is your Planning routine? My planning routine is really simple if i’m honest. I plan every Sunday afternoon. I move my laptop on top of my printer and i put on a TV show that i am currently watching and then i get all my planning supplies ready and put them on my desk.
10. What inspires you each week for your weekly layout? (I.e. Holiday, Birthday, Season, Color, etc.) Hmm this is a hard one. I don’t really have an inspiration if im honest. I’m not a matchy matchy layout type or planner. If you look through my planner every layout is very similar. The only time i plan based on a theme is if its a holiday such as Christmas or Easter
11. Who is the first You Tuber that inspired you to decorate your Planner? The first YouTuber that inspired me was LivingTheWifeLife. I loved how she decorated her planner. I would just get hooked on her videos.
12. How many Planners do you decorate? I currently only decorate one planner.
13. What Planner would you recommend to a first time user and/or Planner to decorate? I would highly recommend a Paperchase organiser. They are fairly cheap and so lovely. They come in loads of sizes and patterns. If you wanted a spiral planner i would also recommend a Personal-Planner.
14. If you had to pick only one planner which would you use and why? Ohhhh this is a hard one! If i had to pick one it would have to be my Filofax Personal Pennybrige. This is because its the planner that i most use. I could not imagine me not using my Pennybridge. I use it everyday as a purse as well as a Filofax.
15. Bonus question: Show your washi tape stash and is it out of control? Compared to some peoples washi stash i think mines quite tame. However i have run out of room in my desk draw now so i store some in a small box on my shelve.

Here is a picture of my washi stash minus the washi tape in my small box.

16. Who do you tag to do this tag? I tag DaisyDuster Designs,Plan it Zoe and Geek,Chic and Chaotically Organised. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I know it is a little bit different. I would love to know your answers to the questions! Let me know if you do this tag.

Have a lovely weekend

Zoe oxox


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