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Current Planners In Use- April 2016

If you read Wednesday’s blog post then you will know that this is linked to my Planner Collection blog post. I received a few questions over the last few months, asking me if i actually use EVERY planner that i own. Well the truth is, no i don’t. However I do use a fair few of them. Today i am going to show you the ones i use and how I am currently using them.

The planner that get’s used the most out of my collection has to be my Filofax Personal Pennybridge. This is because I use this as my everyday purse. I love the Pennybridge so much! It’s a lovely size so i can fit all my cards in there and it also has the option to hold my current planner inserts if i am going out and about and want to just carry my purse and do not want to lug around another Filofax with me at the same time. The Filofax Pennybrige has 14 card slots, a zipped compartment for your coins and a place to keep your notes. It also has compact personal rings so you can carry around your inserts in there or spare note pages/shopping lists. If i am using a different Filofax as my current planner then i will keep shopping lists in the Pennybrige so i can keep everything together. There’s nothing worse than going out shopping and loosing your list in your bag somewhere!


The next planner that is currently in use is my A5 Yello Kikki K planner. I use this as my blog planner. Since i started blogging i have always used a personal sized planner as my blog planner. However i found that the inserts were just too small for me to plan out my blog posts on my monthly spread. When i moved down to personal size for my everyday planner i decided that i would move into my A5 Kikki K and transform it into my new blog planner. I love using this planner for my blog planning because it just fits everything in so nicely. I now have ample room to plan my monthly blog upload schedule and i have lots of room to jot down my ideas for future blog posts.

kikki k outside
Kikki K Large


The next planner that i am currently using is my Filofax Personal Finsbury. I am using this Filofax as my everyday planner. I love using the Finsbury because the leather just feels so nice. Its lovely and soft and it just makes me feel happy! I normally switch out Filofax’s every week to use as my everyday planner because i have so many that i love so i like to alternate them depending on my mood. This is one of the reasons that i have so many planners!


The next planner that i currently use is this green pocket organiser that i brought from a charity shop. I am using this planner as my travel planner. I am currently planning on going to a big planner meet up in October. I decided that i wanted to make myself a travel planner because i am also going to be staying up there for the weekend. Some of you may know this but i suffer from anxiety. To help me get through the trip i wanted to sort everything out in a planner. I have different sections in the planner to help me sort out things for the trip. For example i have all my travel information in there, my hotel information in there and packing lists. It’s all to help me get information out of my head and onto paper so i can process it better.

pocket planner

The next planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase vintage organiser. I am currently using this planner as a college binder. I take it to college with me and its holds all my notes and note paper. I love using it because it has compartments at the front of the planner which is helpful to keep things in such as memory sticks and pens.

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser

The last planner that i am currently using is my A5 Paperchase pink organiser. I am using this planner as a sticker binder. I have struggled finding ways to store my stickers ever since i started planning. I saw a lot of people use ringed planners to store their stickers. I liked the idea however i found that planners with a strap closure just didn’t work for me. That was in till i had the idea to use my paperchase organiser with the elastic band closure. I love this planner so much, i loved using it when i was using an A5 planner as my everyday planner because it was just so bright and happy. However since i moved to personal size i really missed using it. I am so glad that it is now in use!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know in the comments below if you use more than one planner and what you use it for. If you have any questions please leave them down below and i will make sure i get back to you!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zoe oxox


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    1. I am planning on uploading a blog post this week on my blog planner in depth. There will also be a few free printable’s :p
      Ohh are you going as well? I’m really looking forward to it! I look forward to meeting you too!

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