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Websters Pages Folio Review

If you are following me on Instagram, you will know that i recently went to a planner meet up in Southampton. I met some lovely ladies and had an amazing time. Sadly i didn’t get many pictures. The only pictures that i have i will attach here.


Anyway, the lovely Maisie from DaisyDusterDesigns gifted me a lovely pink Websters Pages Folio at the planner meet up and today i thought i would do a blog post on my first impression/review.  Firstly i would like to thank Maisie for gifting me this Folio. If you read Wednesdays blog post you will see that i recently brought a Websters Pages planner. I tried to buy both of these Webster Pages products when they were on offer for £3 each,however i missed out. Ever since then i have wanted to get my hands on a Websters Folio and now i can say i finally have!!!

The Folio that i now own is the lovely pink coloured one. Webster Pages Folios come in the same box as the planners come in. Again i like this because i feel the products are being protected when traveling in the post. It also allows you to have something to store your planners/Folio’s in when they are not in use.


 Websters Folios are made out of PU Leather with Nylon and Mesh on the inside. The outside of the Folio’s are all the same expect from the background colour.  I love how simplistic the Websters Folios look,the pattern on the front is not too busy which i really like. Every colour option that the Folios come in also match a Websters pages planner perfectly. I think this is a really cool because it is not everyday you can find a planner pouch that matches your planner perfectly.

On the inside there are four pockets one of which is a mesh pocket. The pockets are really large which i love because it means you can stuff them! Websters Folios are a nice size, they are the same size as their personal planners which i really like because it means it is a lovely size to fit everything in that you need to however its not too big where you find that its a hassle to take around with you.


Websters Folio’s also come with a few goodies when brought from the Websters Pages website. The first thing that they come with is a sheet of tiny stickers. I really like the stickers because they are so cute and also functional. The stickers can be used for different functional meanings. The next thing that comes with the Folios is a set of 4 bright chevron washi tapes. I LOVE these washi tapes. The colours are so bright and cheerful plus the pattern is really cool. The last thing that comes with this folio is a little pack of funky paperclips. These paperclips are very popular. I always see people using these paperclips in there planners.


All in all i really like this product. I think it is very functional and a handy product to own. Since i have had this, i have used it near enough everyday when i go out of the house. I also love using it when i am sat at my desk updating my Filofax every day. I defiantly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an on the go planner pouch.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it useful! Let me know your opinions of this product in the comments below and let me know if you use it!

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxox


2 thoughts on “Websters Pages Folio Review

  1. I have a blue one of these. I quite like it but I find the zip can be a little hard to do up sometimes. I use my Websters box for a selection of planner stickers I can keep to hand day to day.


    1. I haven’t really found the zip a problem yet, however i haven’t stuffed it as much as i would like to!
      That’s a really good idea of a use for the box! I never thought of doing that!


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