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Websters Pages Caramel Planner Review

A few months ago a website was selling Webster pages planners for £3. There was a massive craze and unfortunately i missed out on them. However a lovely lady on UKPA had brought one when they were on offer and sold me it because she wasn’t using it anymore.

Websters pages planners come in a cute box which i really like because i can use it to store the planner when it is not in use. Due to my planner being second-hand the box was a little dented, however i think this was done during transit to be via post.


Websters pages describe the colour of this planner as “caramel”, however i have to disagree. This planner is very orange. If i were to describe it i would call it pumpkin. I actually quite like the colour. I think this planner would look amazing around Halloween time.

The texture of this planner is very nice. The material of this planner is split leather which has a nice feel to it.The leather feels squishy to the touch which I know a lot of people like the feel of. On the front of this planner there is a leather strap and popper closure. Compared to other binder style planners, the websters pages planner looks like it has the biggest strap closure. This means that you can stuff this planner quite easily and still be able to close it. On the popper closure, you will see that it matches the colour of the planner, it also has “websters papges” engraved in there with a lovely flower. I really like this touch as it’s not something you see everyday.

The inside of this planner is also split leather. What i really like about this planner is the fact that they have contrasting colours inside of the binder. Websters pages planners come in many different colour combination. This planner is caramel on the outside and on the pockets on the inside, but there is also white on the inside covering.

On the inside of the webster pages planner there are two card slots and a deep pocket at the front, and at the back there is a space for a notebook insert as well as an elastic pen loop.


The rings on this planner are silver which i think matches really well with the colours of the planner. I much prefer silver rings compared to gold rings in a planner. This webster’s pages planner is compatible with standard Filofax inserts which i think is great.  The rings itself are the biggest let down for me for this planner. The rings just look and feel very loose in my honest opinion. I have spoken to a lot of people and nearly all of them have had trouble with the rings on this planner. The top rings are fine, however they just look like they have a gap in them and i cannot make this go away.

All in all i like this planner. I love the colour and texture, i just wish the ring quality was a little better. In my honest opinion i feel like this is not a planner that you would buy if you want a “life time” planner.  However saying this, i would buy this planner again if i were to buy it from a small independent shop because i know that the rings will be checked before sending. If you would like to purchase this planner you can buy one from the Websters Pages website. You can also purchase one from Mrs Brimbles who pre-orders them in her online shop.

I hope you have found this review useful.

Zoe oxox

*DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions are my own.*



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