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Filofax Finsbury Review

As some of you know, i received a Filofax Finsbury in a swap that i did a few months ago. When i put a picture of it up on my Instagram i got asked if i could review it because they wanted to know if it is as lovely as people make out. Well to keep this short. YES IT IS!!!

Filofax Finsbury’s retail around £50 brand new,however if you are on planner group’s on Facebook there are always Finsbury’s being sold for around £20-30. The Finsbury i own is the personal raspberry. However Filofax offers Finsury’s in all sizes and many different colours.

The outside of the Finsbury is textured rambler print leather with hand finished colour. The feel of this Filofax is AMAZING!  It feels so buttery and soft. Out of all the Filofax’s that i own, i think i love this texture the most.

The inside of the Finsbury is a combination of external leather and colour matched lining. The Finsbury has six card slots and one vertical slip pocket at the front and a vertical zipped pocket at the back. I love the fact that it has a zipped pocket at the back because i like to keep postage stamps and receipts in there.

This Filofax has a leather pen loop and strap popper closure. I have never used a leather pen loop before, and if i’m honest, i don’t notice anything different. All of the pens that i use can fit in the pen loop. However if you use a big barreled pen you may struggle to fit it in.

All in all i love this Filofax. Out of all the Filofax’s that i have owned, this is my favourite! The colour is lovely and the texture is amazing! I defiantly want to buy another one in the future. I love the look of the Cheery colour.

I hope you have a lovely week.

Zoe oxox


6 thoughts on “Filofax Finsbury Review

  1. I have a cherry one and it’s gorgeous, they’re currently £29.00 including postage on of you’re interested.


  2. My first ever planner was a Pink breast cancer support personal Finsbury. She’s a little battered now. I also have the raspberry in pocket and red in personal. I love them. I tend to prefer leather anyway. My only bugbear is they won’t lay flat!!


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