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March Favourite’s

Gosh! This month has flown by! I cannot believe how quick its gone. I apologies there wasn’t a monthly favourite last month, by the time i went to write one it was the middle of March! Anyway, onto this months favourite’s.

The thing that stood out most this month was stickers!! I have a few stickers in this months favourites. Due to moving down to personal size this month i have been playing with new stickers and finding my feet when it comes to planning in a personal size Filofax.

The first set of stickers are some diary stickers from China. I love these stickers. They have loads on a sheet and they come with 6 sheets for 99p which is an amazing deal. I use these stickers on every spread in my planner because the stickers on the sheets link to my everyday life or can be used to signify something. I have two different sets of these stickers. The first set is the cat characters and the second is the pic characters.

cat china stickerschina pig stickers


The next set of stickers that i have been loving this month are from StickerSisterCo on Etsy. If you have read my last few blog posts, you will know that i have mentioned StickerSisterCo a few times. I honestly love their stickers. I have done a whole review on StickerSistersCo so if you would like to see that click HERE.


The final Etsy shop that i have been loving this month is HandCraftedBySheree. I have been using these stickers for a while now however this month they have really stood out. I have loved using the small list flag on my layouts this month because it is the perfect size for a personal sized planner. I also love using Sheree’s happy mail stickers. They are so cute and also the perfect size for a personal sized planner.


Seeing as that is the last of the stickers lets move onto washi tapes!!! This year for Easter the washi bunny came 😉 My mum surprised me with a set of lovely Easter Themed paper tape and i have been using them on my weekly spreads ever since i got them! I love how colourful they are and how they just complete my spreads. I have attached a picture of this weeks spread with one of the washi tapes on it and i just love it.


chick week

The last section of this months favourites is planners and Filofax’s! As you will know i brought a couple of new planners this month and i have absolutely loved them!

The first Filofax that i will mention is the Filofax Personal Finsbury. This planner is gorgeous. The texture of the leather is so smooth and so nice to the touch, and the colour is so rich and lovely! I have always wanted a Finsbury however i could never justify the price, so when i received one in a swap I couldn’t believe it.

Filofax Personal Finsbury

The second Filofax that i have been loving this month is my new Filofax Personal Blossom. I brought this planner a few weeks ago and i have been using it ever since. The print of this planner and the colours are beautiful. This is the first Filofax/planner that i have owned to have a print on it. I usually go for plain leather planners,however i couldn’t pass this one up.


The final planner that i am going to talk about, and my last favourite of this month is my A5 Yellow Kikki K planner. Since moving down to a personal size for my every day planner, i decided to move up to an A5 size for my blogging planner. I brought this Kikki K shortly before moving into a personal size Filofax. This planner was just sitting on my shelve and i hated the feeling that i had wasted my money because i just wasn’t using this planner. Then one day i was trying to plan in my personal sized blog planner and i was getting really annoyed with my month on one page inserts. They were just too small and i could not write anything on them. That’s when it hit me to move into my A5 Kikki K. Since moving into the Kikki K i have loved planning future blog posts because i actually have space to write them on my monthly inserts. I also find it easier to write things down because of the space you get on the A5 paper.

kikki k outside

I hope you have liked this months favourite’s. I apologize that there wasn’t one uploaded for February. If you guys still like these blog posts then let me know and i will start writing down my Favorite for April!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe oxox


One thought on “March Favourite’s

  1. Oh you have found the first set of stickers –Diary Stickers from China–that I have been searching for a long time. Please write an update as to the sellers name and how you contacted them. Would enjoy reading about the other two stickers also. Thanks for your lovely posts!!


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