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On the go stickers

If you read Fridays blog post then you will know that i have a pocket at the back of my Filofax that i keep all of my on the go stickers. These stickers consist of things that i use every week/day.  Most of these sticker sheets are pictured with some stickers missing, this is due to the fact that i actually use them week to week and i wanted to show that.


The first set of stickers that i keep in the back of my Filofax is the actual Filofax brand stickers. I really enjoy using these Filofax stickers,I love the size of them.When i received them for Christmas i didn’t know how i was going to use them as i thought they were really basic,However i have used some stickers for different meanings then they are meant to be used for. For example i use the house sticker as a college sticker and i use the light bulb sticker to identify if i have maths that week or if i need to write a blog post.

filofax brand

The second sheet of stickers that i have in the pocket is the change bed sheets stickers. These bed sheet stickers are so cute! I recently brought them from StickerSisterCo onEtsy and i am in love with them! I have been looking for a cute reminder to put in my planner and i have finally found some!

Change bed sheet stickers

The third sheet of stickers are some envelope stickers. I brought these a while ago now from Hand Crafted By Sheree on Etsy. I love these stickers so much because they fit perfectly in my personal inserts. These stickers are the most used stickers in my planner due to the fact i have a penpal and send a lot of mail!

Happy Face Envelope Stickers

The fourth sheet of stickers are also from Hand Crafted By Sheree and they are the small colourful check list stickers. These stickers are amazing for personal or pocket planners because they are so small and can fit nicely in your layout. I use these stickers every week to check off my weekly to do’s.

40 To Do heart check list flags

The fifth sticker sheet in the pocket is some hand print stickers from StickerSisterCo on Etsy. These stickers are handy to keep in my planner to mark off days that i have been asked to babysit. I love the uniqueness of these stickers as i haven’t seen any stickers like this before.

Hand print stickers

The sixth sticker sheet in the pocket is some canceled and rescheduled stickers. These were made for me by a friend so this actual design is not being sold, however im sure you can find some on Etsy.


The final sticker sheet in the pocket is some pound sign stickers. These are from DaisyDuster Designs:on Etsy. I love using these in my weekly view to mark off when i have paid for something or if i have a bill coming up. Using these stickers makes the bill or transaction stand out so i remember to pay something.


I have linked all the stickers URL’s in the captions of each photo so please check that out. I have also put links to the above mentioned shops at the end of this blog post.

I hope you liked this blog post and it gave you an idea of some stickers that i use on a weekly basis. I am thinking about doing a plan with me blog post some time soon. If that’s something your interested in please comment below or like this blog post.

I hope you all have a good week.

Zoe oxox

Shop Links:


HandCrafted By Sheree: 

DaisyDuster Designs:


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