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StickerSisterCo Sticker Review

I was having my daily smooch on the UK Planner Addicts Group on Facebook the other day and i came across a post asking if anyone wanted to try out some new stickers from a brand new etsy shop that is in the process of being made. Of course i commented saying that i would love to try them out. The owners of StickerSisterCo only asked for my 100% honest review of the stickers in return of them sending me them for free.



When they arrived and i got them out of the envelope i could believe how bright the colours was! I love bright colours so seeing that as a first impression was amazing!

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I love the mixture of stickers that StickerSisterCo sent me as i get to try out things that i may not have picked myself. My favorite sticker that i received has to be the hand prints. I am currently studying childcare and i am volunteering in childcare settings so these hands will be perfect to mark that days that i volunteer.


My second favorite has to be the individual mickey mouse check boxes. I love this idea because i can use them in my personal sized Filofax. Since moving into a personal sized Filofax, i have found that some stickers are too big to fit in my layouts. I have also found that many of my check boxes don’t fit in a days space. Having these individual box stickers will mean i can fit as little as i want to in the space depending on the to do’s that day and the space of the day in my currently layout.

mickey box

I have never seen Pokemon stickers before and if im honest im not really a big Pokemon lover, however they are adorable! I am going to use them in next weeks spread because i just love the cuteness for them! I know loads of people love Pokemon so there is defiantly a market for them!

pokomon boxespokomon characterspokomon list

All in all i love these stickers. The size of the sheets are just perfect for taking with me on the go. Every sheet fits lovely at the back on my personal planner and also fit in my planner pouch. Having stickers that fit in my planner pouch is a must for me because i love taking it on the go with me. If the sticker sheets don’t fit in my pouch then they normally get put in my sticker folder and forgot about, which is really sad.

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy shop will be opening this weekend so please make sure you head over and check them out! All their links will be at the end of this blog post!

I hope you liked this blog post. If there is anything you would like me to review please comment down below or pop me and email and i will look into purchasing that product!

Have a lovely week!

Zoe oxox

StickerSisterCo’s Etsy: 



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