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A5 Vs Personal- The Filofax Debate

When you start planning and you are looking into buying a Filofax it can be a very confusing and mind boggling time. The biggest question that gets asked in all the planning groups on Facebook is “DO I BUY A PERSONAL OR AN A5?!” Deciding whether you are a personal user or an A5 user can be a very difficult time. Many people don’t actually know the answer to that question until they have actually had time to use both.  Today i am going to talk about both sized Filofax’s and stating my opinions in the advantages and disadvantages to them both.

First lets talk about the A5 sized Filofax. A5 Filofax’s are much bigger then the personal size which in itself can be an advantage or disadvantage to many people. When i stated planning i always used A5 size. I loved the space that i had to write in and it was easy for me to make my own inserts because of the page size. However after a while i found that i wasn’t actually doing enough or busy enough to fill in the A5 sized inserts and it was really getting me down.  If you have a busy scheduled or you have a business, i think an A5 Filofax would work really well for you, however if you do not do much or do the same thing most of the time then your pages may become a little empty.

Advantages to an A5 Filofax:

  • Large space to write in.
  • It’s easy to print out inserts because of its a widely recognised size.
  • Bigger ring space.

Disadvantages to an A5 Filofax:

  • Its Heavy! if you want a planner to carry around with you all the time then this may not be the right option for you.
  • A5 Filofax’s are expensive! whether this is the Filofax itself or the inserts. A5 sized is defiantly more expensive.
  • Its Big! I found finding a bag big enough to carry my A5 and the rest of my stuff very difficult. I either found a huge bag that wasn’t practical or a bag that was just too small!


Finally the Personal sized Filofax. Personal sized Filofax’s are smaller then an A5. When i first started planning i thought that a personal sized Filofax was too small for me. I thought that the pages didn’t have enough space on them to write in my daily to do’s and scheduled. However i come to find now that i was very wrong! I have been using a personal sized Filofax for a few weeks now and i absolutely love it! I find that it finds everything that i need lovely and its defiantly for someone like me who is a college student who doesn’t have much going on or has the same routine most weeks.

Advantages to a Personal sized Filofax:

  • Its portable! Taking out a personal sized Filofax is really easy!
  • Its cheaper! When looking into buying a personal sized Filofax, you will find that the Filofax itself and inserts and much cheaper then an A5 sized. This is great if you are like me and like changing out your Filofax on a regular basis.
  • Its smaller! They fit in almost any bag that i own and i do not need to worry about it being to big or too heavy to carry around.

Disadvantages to a Personal sized Filofax:

  • Smaller pages! If you have big hand writing or you have a busy scheduled then a personal sized Filofax may not be for you.
  • Difficult to print your own insets! I have found printing personal sized inserts much more difficult then an A5. This is because its a strange size that my laptop does not recognise. When making inserts on Word you can change the page size on page set up function so it’s easier to make your inserts. However when you come to print them, if you are printing them on an A4 piece of paper, make sure you have a personal sized bit of paper to mark round so you get the perfect size or make sure you put a border round the page so you know where to cut it.
  • Smaller rings! If you love packing your Filofax then you must take into consideration that personal sized Filofax’s have smaller rings then an A5. I myself have not found this a problem or even really noticed it, however i do not have much in my Filofax.


I hope this post helps you in deciding if you want to buy a personal sized Filofax or an A5 Filofax. If you have any more questions please comment down below and i will make sure i answer them!

I hope you have a nice weekend.

Zoe oxox


8 thoughts on “A5 Vs Personal- The Filofax Debate

  1. I’ve found the perfect compromise for me, I use an A5 clip book Filofax for carting around with me and have an A5 Filofax at home. And because I can print out A5 pages on my printer easier it works out cheaper for me too.


  2. Eu comecei com um A5, mas ficou difícil de levar comigo. Fui me adaptando ao tamanho personal, e agora decidi investir numa Finsbury Cherry.


    1. Oh that sounds a little confusing! I think Filofax should make a new size. An in between size of the personal and A5 😉 Not sure if it would work but its a fun thought!


  3. This is great! I wish I’d seen it before I got my first planner lol. I started out in an A5 Metropol because I prefer A5-sized notebooks over anything smaller and assumed it would be the same for a planner. Boy, was I wrong! Even bed-ridden with my planner left open on the bed most of the day, I found it unwieldy; too big and too heavy. Plus, I didn’t like the vertical week-on-two-page inserts it came with, and the zip and ring size meant it wouldn’t fit everything I needed. My next planner was the teal and white striped Color Crush by Webster’s Pages (the equivalent of a personal-sized Filofax). It has large (3cm) rings and a long strap so I managed to stuff it quite well (which I prefer) and I was surprised to find the smaller page size really didn’t bother me.

    Unfortunately, the Color Crush didn’t last long before the snap broke, but I moved on to a Malden, and recently bought a Kikki K. I do sometimes struggle a bit with the smaller page size, but it wouldn’t be a problem if I just took them out. It’s an issue inherent in the design of ring-bound planners, I think: the rings themselves just get in the way.

    I have to disagree about the ring size, though! It realyl depends what type of planner you get. Compacts, for instance, are only 1.5cm in diameter, which isn’t enough for me but might be for someone who prefers to keep limited pages in theirs. I’ve owned various A5 Filofaxes (the Calipso, to name one) that had a really short strap so it didn’t hold much despite 2.5cm rings, and personal planners that can hold a tonne because they’ve got longer straps and wider rings. Kikki K planners are well known for being far more stuffable than most Filofaxes, in general. It really just depends on the brand and make.

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    1. I am so glad that you liked this post! I was the same. I don’t really pack my personals too much so i think a compact would work great for me, however i know it doesn’t work for everyone.
      I’m so sad to hear that the snap broke on your websters pages planner! I recently got one and the rings are very loose and gappy. I love the look of them but the quality doesn’t seem up to scratch like Filofax’s are. x


      1. It was two snaps, actually! I’d only been using the teal stripe for about three months when its popper broke, and the popper on a brand new teal broke a day later. Websters replaced them and I sent them to someone on Facebook who said her husband had experience of fixing the snaps and wanted to give one to her little girl, but I stopped using the Color Crushes (I’ve got three now, and had the lilac stripe on preorder but cancelled when the second snap broke). Once isn’t a big deal, I guess, but to have two break, when I hadn’t even really used the second one? And it was all over the planner community that a lot of people were having the same issue, so, yeah. I still want the rainbow for visual purposes, but I’m not going to waste any more money on them, you know?


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