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Daisyduster Designs Grab Bag Review

If you have been reading this blog for a while now then you will know that i LOVE stickers! I really enjoy using stickers in my planners because it gives it a sense of fun. I have found that if my week is pretty then i am more likely to keep looking at it which will mean more things get done. Anywayyyyy onto the stickers!!!

Today i am going to be doing a review on a grab bag from DaisyDuster Designs on Etsy. Before i get started i do want to say that these stickers were sent to me for free,however they were not sent for the purpose of reviewing. The lovely Maisie who owns DaisyDuster Designs sent them to me for my personal use to cheer me up after i had a bad week. Therefore, I am 100% reviewing these stickers on my own accord as i love them and really wanted to share them with you.

The stickers arrived in a cardboard back envelope. The stickers were packed neatly into a clear plastic bag. As soon as i took the stickers out of the envelope i knew that i would love them. The colours of the stickers are so beautiful. There’s a lovely mixture of bright colours and pastel colours which i really like.


I really like the idea of grab bags, if you are like me and love surprises then grab bags are an amazing idea. Grab bags are also a great way of testing out different stickers that you may not have picked yourself. Many times i will receive a set of stickers that i would not have chosen and absolutely love them. In this grab bag i received 10 sticker sheets and if i am honest i actually love every sticker sheet that was included! According to DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Bio, if you buy a grab bag you will receive 10 sheets of stickers with the value of £9.70. The cost of the grab bag is £6 and 97p p+p. I think this is amazing value for money. The grab bags that is currently available is the Not-Quite-Perfect Planner Stickers Grab Bag! I’m not sure if this is the grab bag that i received because the stickers were near enough perfect!

The stickers i received in the grab bag were:

paw prints
Paw Prints
Star check box
Star check list
Money icon
Book icons
Arrow icons
Breakfast, lunch and dinner stickers
Car icons
box check box
Square check list
Pastel daisy stickers
love hearts
Tiny love heart stickers


All in all i think these stickers are really good quality. I think the grab bag idea is an amazing idea that will appeal to many people. I have used a few of these stickers in my planner and i just love how bright they are. I would 100% recommend this shop. On DaisyDister Designs Etsy page it states that they are renovating at the moment. They will soon reopen and be bigger and better than ever. I am not sure on the date that they are reopening, when i find out i will add it to this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and loved the stickers shown as much as i do. If you have any questions please leave a comment down below or email me at

I hope you have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox



DaisyDuster Designs Etsy Shop:

DaisyDuster Designs Grab bag: 



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