January Favourite’s

I cannot believe its nearly the end of Janurary! How crazy is that! Only seems like yesterday that i was getting ready for Christmas! I know i didn’t do a December favourite’s, things got crazy over the Christmas period. I am hoping to carry on with them this year though as i know some of you liked them.

This month i have mainly planner supplies that i have loved using. But hey! Who doesn’t like planning supplies :p I have used most of these products for about a month now and i can generally say i love them all and going to buy some more! If anyone has any suggestions of products that they love and want me to try please comment bellow!

Right so onto this months favorites:

  • Papermate Flairs Amazon £8.75- For Christmas i was given a amazon voucher. I decided that i wanted to spend it on something that i would never buy with my own money. I have always seen people using Papermate flairs in their planners. I have always been intrigued because the colours always looked so bright on their pages. I bite the bullet and i am so glad that i did!
  • papermate flairs
  • Page flags Amazon £1.82- I also brought these with my amazon voucher. I brought them to use as a sticker in my planner to mark off my daily events such as college and placements. When the came they were smaller then expected but i am really happy with them.
  • page plags
  • Pink Organiser. Charity shop £1-As you may know from a blog post last week, i have set up a blog planner in my personal pink organiser that i found in a charity shop.  I have always wanted to find a use for it because the colour is so beautiful and the leather is so soft! When i really started getting into this blog and my YouTube channel i really need to get everything together and i thought that a blog planner would be the best way!
  • Pink personal
    Personal organiser
  • Dashboard-When i got my KIKKI K Planner i was moving out of my carpe diem planner into it. During the process i was deciding on a new dash for that week. I couldn’t find one that i liked or thought that went with yellow. I gave up and just closed the planner. However later on in the day i went into my planner to check something and i noticed that the dashboard that i was using in the carpe diem planner went really well with the KIKKI K, I couldn’t stop looking at it or taking photos,as you can see on my Instagram haha.
  • kikki k inside
  • Amazon bag- If you read my “what i got for Christmas” blog post then you would have known that i got a bag from my aunt. I’m really loving the colour grey at the moment. I am always finding myself going for grey clothing and planner accessories. When i received the bag i was so happy. I have been using my bag every day, going to college and every day errands. The size of the bag is perfect for fitting everything i need for college and for fitting little bits of shopping in when im out and about,refusing to pay the new 5p bag charge haha.
  • Bag x
    A bag from Amazon
  • Post-it note tape Tesco £1- Another Christmas present that i received was this post it note tape. I am a big user of post it notes and washi tape, so the two combined is amazing! It’s so easy to write on and it doesn’t smudge, unlike washi tape does if your not careful.
  • post it washi
    Post it note washi from TESCO
  • Kikki K Planner £28- As you will know from last weeks blog post,my brother brought me a Yellow Kikki K planner. I have always wanted a Kikki K planner, however i never thought i would ever own one due to the price and the fact they are not UK based. I am so in love with this planner, the texture, the colour and the inside pockets.
  • kikki k outside
  • Doll box from Tesco- I have been having trouble trying too find a box big enough to hold my sticky notes. However i received this lovely box for Christmas and its perfect. It taller then the boxes that are about at the moment and fits perfectly on my desk shelf.
  • box
    Box is from TESCO
  • Fox planner cover £14 TheSewUniqe Etsy- Since i have been using my Kikki K planner i have been petrafied of getting it dirty due to it being such a light colour. I rememberd that i had brought a planner dust cover from TheSewUniqe on etsy a few months ago. The cover fits lovely on the planner and looks amazing on my desk due to its cute bright pattern. I actually did a whole review on the planner cover,if you like to see it click HERE.
  • planner cover

    I hope you liked this months favourites and made you want to try new products! Let me know if you want me to do a February favorites next month. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Zoe  oxox


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