Personal-Planner Review 2016

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that last year i was using a A5 personal-planner that i had uncoiled and punched into my Filofax.  I loved it so much that i got another one for this year. However i decided to change the layout of it. Last year i used the vertical layout. This year i decided on a lined box layout. Before we get started the price of this planner including postage was £22.90.

The website is so easy to use and has so many options. I’m not going to lie it took me ages to choose what i wanted because you could customize EVERYTHING! I decided to do the box layout this year because i liked how simplistic it look and i could just write straight in it whereas i couldn’t do that with the vertical layout due to the fact i had to use washi tape to break up the days.


This year i went with their new 2016 cover page as i loved the quote. Last year i made a collage on picmonkey of my loved ones, I loved the quality that it came out in, however i fancied a change this year.

personal planner front cover

Once i ordered the planner i could not wait for it to arrive. The planner took about a week to arrive. The website tells you to expect 2 weeks for delivery though. The Planner came in a green bubble wrapped bag which was different to the box that it came in last year. If i am 100% honest i will have to say that i preferred it coming in a box. It set my mind at ease when it was coming through the post. However the planner came in perfect condition so i cannot moan.

The planner itself comes with a ruler, a plastic wallet to keep things in and a elastic band to keep the planner together. I loved the fact that the ruler and plastic wallet could be taken out and moved to where ever you want it. I used the ruler to mark the day i was on so i could find my page. I also liked the plastic wallet because i could move it in my week if had something i needed to remember in it or i could put it in the front or back. Whatever i felt like doing that week.


When looking through the planner i could not believe the quality of the paper! I was nervous that they would change the paper and it wouldn’t be as thick.However if im honest i think the quality of paper has got better then last year! A lot of Pens that normally bleed through my paper didn’t and the paper its so lovely to write on! The pages are so bright and colorful which makes you just want to stare at the pages!  I decided to go with a nice bright yellow pattern for the inside with the lined pages.

I decided to choose a lined background this year as i love the way it makes everything come together. I cannot write in a straight line to save my life. I also like using the lines as a guide so i can make sure the stickers are straight hehe! Something new this year with the personal planner is the fact that they have added a monthly view calendar. I envied the Erin Condren Life Planner because of the monthly view and now i have one! Oh the simple things hehe.

monthly view

On the website you can chose to have different boxes at the bottom of the page. Last year i went with an exam box, to do box and a meal planning box. However i NEVER used them! They were so small and i had trouble writing on them. I decided to keep them blank so if i wanted to use them i could and i wasn’t limited to what i could use the space for.

bottom boxespersonal planner left box

All in all i am obsessed with this planner! I cannot recommend it enough! If you would like to see some more pictures of this planner please see my Instagram @zoeplans

Thank you so much for reading, Hope this review has helped!

Zoe xoxo


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