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Whats in my pencil case 2016


I was noosing on Mrs Brimbles blog the other day and saw her blog post on whats in her pencil case.  She made up her own tag and i decided that i would like to take part in it and share with you all whats currently in my pencil case. Anna who is of course the amazing Mrs Brimbles has made up questions for the tag. I am going to use her questions as a guide and answer them.

1. What pencil case are you using / do you use?

I am currently using a lovely owl make up bag as my pencil case at the moment which is pictured above. I have lots of pencil cases laying around my room but this is by far my favorite.

Owl Pencil case

2. Why do you use it?

I use a makeup bag as my pencil case because of the size. I find many pencil cases are too small to fit all my bits into because i stuff a lot in there.Plus is pink and has owls on. Why else hehe.

3. Where was it from?

It is actually from Primark. I brought it last year for £4 which i thought was a good deal considering if i don’t use it as a pencil case i can always switch it and use it for what its actually made for haha, holding my make up.

4. Do you carry it out and about or does it stay at home?
I don’t actually take it out with me. It sits on my desk at home with my planner. When i’m out and about i bring my Filofax Pennybridge which i don’t really do anything in expect write in it with a normal pen that is kept in the pen loop. Therefor i don’t really need to lug it around with me. If i do need a pencil case i use my little pink one pictured below:

5. Show us what was inside?
Inside there are:

*Papermate flairs

*Sissors x2



*Gel pen

*Washi samples

*Masking tape set

*Stick it roller

*Sticky notes booklet

6. What was in there that you had forgotten about?

There wasn’t anything in their that i had forgotten about actually, i think its because i went through it just after Christmas so everything in there is fairly new and used often.

7. What is your most used / favourite item?

My favourite item has to be my papermate flairs. I use them all the time. I love how they write and how  bright the colours are on the paper! They don’t bleed through the paper however they do shadow a little bit but its not too bad.

8. Now you have gone through you case what will you leave out? if anything!

I don’t think i would leave out anything if im honest. Although if i had to pick something to leave out i would say the sticky notes, i don’t use them that often and they do bulk my out my pencil case. However they have come in handy when i am forward planning because they are compact and have loads of shape and sized post it notes in there. 

9. How often do you go through your case and change things?
Hmm, i’m not sure to be honest. I go through stages, one minute im loving everything and the next i have brought something new or changed things up. The last time i went through my pencil case was after Christmas. Before that i think it must have been early November time!

10. What are your future plans for your case? New case? New contents? What is on your wish list?

Hmm i’m not sure actually. I love my pencil case at the moment but im very unpredictable so it could change quite fast! If money wasn’t an object i would love to buy a Kipling 100 pencil case. They look amazing and i have really fallen in love with them. However paying £35 for a pencil case is ridiculous in my opinion!

I would love to know what you have in your pencil case so please leave me a comment below. Please  also see Anna’s original blog post to see what she has in her pencil case. I will leave the link below.  I tag all of my readers to do this tag! If you do please let me know! I’d love to come and read it.

Have a lovely week,

Zoe oxox

Mrs Brimbles blog post: 


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