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KIKKI K Planner Unboxing

Look what arrived! Oh my goodness its so beautiful! The colour is so bright! I was nervous when it was ordered in case it wasn’t as bright as the website picture showed. However it really is! I’m so happy with it!

I brought this planner on sale for £28.80 and £6 p&p. The price before the sale was £48. I never thought i would own a Kikki K planner due to the price and the fact that the shop is not based in the UK so i was always afraid of custom charges. However Kikki K has changed how they do things so people wont get custom charges which i am really happy about!

The delivery time on this planner was amazing! Considering it was sent from Singapore it only took 6 days to arrive! I orderd from the Kikki K website Friday night and received the planner the following Thursday. The parcel was delivered by DHL and came at around 5pm. The planner was shipped in a large white box which had inside my Kikki k box and lots of air bubbles.

The Kikki K came in a lovely hard box in the corresponding boxes which i absolutely love! What i mean by this is depending on the colour of the planner the outer box matches.

Kikki k boxbox indside


When i opened up the box i couldn’t believe the colour! It’s so bright and cheerful i absolutely love it! This is my first ever Kikki K and everyone raves about them. I didnt actually know if i would actually like it. However im so happy i do! The texture is like saffiano leather. Similar to the Filofax Saffiano. However its more coarse then the Filofax saffiano.

kikki k outside

What i really loved about this planner is the inside. Due to me only owning Filofax branded planners the insides are virtually the same. However with this Kikki K planner the inside is so cool! There is two spaces in the inside over to hold little note pads which iv started using and there amazing. One of the notepads is a to do list and the other one is a enjoy today pad. I love the to do pad as it has already come in so handy! All i have to do is put my master to do list there and i can just flick open the planner and have a look, rather then faffing trying to find my current week. The enjoy today note pad is not currently in use. I’m not sure what i will use it for at the moment but i am sure i will find a use for it. My only concern about the note pad’s is them running out and i can’t buy replacements. I will have to sort something out and try and make my own or something. I’m not actually sure if Kikki K sell them individually.

kikki k inside

The rings in this planner is actually gold. I don’t actually own a planner with gold rings so this is a first. I’m not really fussed on the colour of the rings if im honest. I know some people hate gold rings, but im not really bothered. Rings and rings.

The inside of the planner is actually material. The only other planner i own with material insides is my Aqua Carpe Diem Planner. I didn’t really love the material in the Carpe Diem planner, however in the Kikki K i really don’t mind it. The material is soft and feels so much better quality.

This Kikki K planner arrived with grey and black colourd inserts. Of im hoinest i dont really care for them. If they were lighter i think they would be nice but im just not into dark colours. This Kikki K came with 7 dividers, 2 pages of stickers,18 month perpetual calendar,to do pages, meeting pages and note pages. I don’t plan on using the inserts as i have cut and punched a personal-planner into my current Filofax which i am planning on just moving into the Kikki K planner.

At the back of the planner its the same as every other planner if im honest. There is a split for a note pad. The Kikki k note pad doesn’t come with pre-punched holes like the Filofax brand does. However that doesn’t really bother me due to the fact i hardly use them so i don’t need to put it in my planner straight away. This may be a problem for some people though who use it to take notes on the go.

All in all i really love this planner. The quality is good and the colour is amazing! I’m so thankful to be able to own my own Kikki K planner! I really didn’t think that i would ever own one! I hope you all enjoyed this review and it helped you if you are deciding to get one. I have also done a YouTube video review if you would prefer to watch that as it has more information and in depth show through of the planner and the inserts.


Speak soon,

Zoe oxox


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