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Planner Collection January 2016

Hi guys, A lot of you have asked to see my updated planner collection due to i have shared some new pictures on my Instagram recently. I have also had questions on how i use the planners/Filofax’s i have and if they are in in use. Today i thought i would answer all those questions! I will start off with the Planners/Filofax’s that you may have seen in my last planner collection and then i will move on to my new ones!!

Paperchase A5 Vintage Organiser

I currently use this planner to hold my extra A5 notepads and inserts that i am not currently using.

Filofax Personal Compact Pennybridge

I currently use my Filofax Pennybridge as my purse and on the go/college planner.

Brown and green personal
Personal organiser

I currently use this personal organiser as an address book.

Green pocket
Pocket organiser

I’m not actually using this planner at the moment. It currently on my shelf waiting for me to find a use for it.

Pear saffiano
A5 Filofax Pear Saffiano

This Filofax is currently holding spare A5 Filofax note pads.

Pink personal
Personal organiser

This planner i am currently using as my blog planner. Its a little bit bigger then a personal size in height but i love the feel and colour of it. I’m planning on a blog post all about my blog planner if you guys are interested! I’ve made some free downloadable inserts for you all.

Gold saffiano
A5 Gold Saffiano

This Filofax is currently sitting on my shelf not in use. I loved this planner around Christmas time.

Pocket organiser

This pocket organiser is currently being used as a health planner. I use this planner to track my migraine and sickness.

pink domino
Paperchase A5 organiser

This planner is what i am currently using at the moment as my main planner. I love the colour so much! I never thought i would like planners with the string Closure but im really loving it!

pink wilko
Wilko personal organiser

This planner i received yesterday from the MyGreenCow giveaway that i won from her YouTube channel! I love the colour and the feel! Trying to find a way i will use it.

yello kikki k
Large Kikki k planner- On its way

Right, This planner i actually haven’t received yet! This beautiful yellow KIKKI-K planner is what my brother has just brought me from the sale. I am planning on using this as my main planner once it gets here. Picture from

carpe diem
A5 Aqua Carpe Diem planner

This planner i am currently using as my penpal planner, I keep all my letters in here and keep track of when i post/receive letters.

personal planner
Personal-Planner from

I currently use this planner in my main Filofax. I uncoiled it and punched it into my Filofax.

That is currently all the planners that i own! I love each and every one of them and i hope you do too!

A big question that i get asked is “why do you buy/need so many planners?” The honest answer is i don’t. I like collecting them and swapping them out when i feel like it. Its like swapping bags to match your outfit. I like swapping Filofax’s to suite my mood. I know not everyone is going to understand that or agree with it but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you have all have a lovely weekend. In the comments bellow let me know how many planners you own and what you use them for!

Speak to you soon,

Zoe oxoxox


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