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Different uses for Filofax’s

Since i uploaded a picture of my updated Filofax collection on Instagram i was flooded with messages asking what do i use them for blog post hint or that some people buy a few and change them out but are then stuck what to do with them in the meantime. Iv been having a think and today i am going to be giving you guys a few ideas on the uses of a Filofax.

  1. Address book
  2. A place to hold old/new inserts
  3. Journalling
  4. Projects
  5. Recipe organiser
  6. Home organiser
  7. Bill organiser
  8. Blog planner
  9. Personal planner
  10. College planner
  11. Work planner
  12. Christmas planner
  13. Holiday planner
  14. Business  card holder
  15. Finance planner
  16. Fitness planner
  17. Penpal planner
  18. A place for your lists
  19. Notebook
  20. Pet planner
  21. Purse/wallet
  22. Sticker storage
  23. Wedding planner

I hope this blog post helps you or gives you a few ideas. As i hinted above, i am planning blog posts on my updated Filofax collection and how i am using them! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

See you soon,

Zoe oxoxox


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