New Years Resolutions

Hi Guyss,

Today i thought that i would share with you all my 2016 resolutions. I thought if i wrote a blog post on them i might be able to stick to them a bit better haha! I’m not usually the person to make new years resolutions due to the fact i never stick to them however this year i have decided to try and stick to my guns!

2016 Goals:

  • My first goal is to not buy unnecessary stationery that i do not need. Every time i think about buying something i am going to stop and ask myself if i really need it. If i am unsure then i will hold off buying it until the next day.
  • My second goal sort of leads off the first goal. I have decided that i want to save money. I’m not getting younger, therefore i have decided to start saving up. I’m 20 in October so i want to start saving for if when i move out.
  • My third goal is to publish at least 2 blog posts a week. Normally on a Friday and a Sunday.
  • My Fourth goal is to make sure i tidy my planning space and the rest of my bedroom once a week. I’m murder with keeping things tidy, i just pull things out and then leave it in a mess. Then i get annoyed at myself because my room is untidy and i have no time to tidy it after college.
  • My Fifth goal is to make my bed everyday! This leads off the last goal!
  • My sixth goal is to remodel this blog. I love the way it is now but i really want to change it and make it more of my own. This will probably take me a while but i defiantly want to do it before next Christmas!
  • My last and final goal is to run at least 2 big giveaways on this blog during the year. I have a few up my sleeve but i need to make sure i set aside time to plan them.

Hopefully i will be able to stick to these goals. I would love to hear from you guys if you have any goals for 2016. Hope you all have a lovely new year and i wish you all love and happiness in 2016!

See you soon,

Zoe oxox


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