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November Favorites

I cannot believe its nearly the end of November! How crazy is that! Christmas in less then 30 days!!! I know a few of you liked my October favorites and wanted me to do more! So here we are, my November favorites ūüôā

This month i have mainly planner supplies that i have loved using. But hey! Who doesn’t like planning supplies :p¬†I have used most of these products for about a month now and i can generally say i love them all and going to buy some more! If anyone has any suggestions of products that they love and want me to try please comment bellow!

Right so onto this months favorites:

  • Sainsburrys washi tape ¬£3: I went to sainsburrys at the end of October and i saw this washi. The glitter caught my eye and i fell in love. I’ve used it mostly on my penpal letters and i love how it layers up.¬†12305837_1251913034824427_564227344_n (1)
  • Brimbles box ¬£18: ¬†If you read my blog post at the¬†beginning¬†of the month¬†you would have seen that i brought a Brimbles box. It was my first brimbles box and i loved it! It was the Christmas box so it had amazing christmassy¬†goodies¬†inside. My favourite from the box would have to be the Elf list pad! Its so adorable and functional!¬†youtube tumbnail
  • L2e Planner stamps ¬£5:¬†I’m obsessed with stamps this month! I have wanted to use stamps for ages now, however the only stamps that i have come across is stamps from the US. I was on the Planner group and a lovely lady was selling some so i had to snap them up and try them. When they arrived i loved them so much. They were so functional and i actually use them every week!¬†12309265_1251913061491091_1742934549_n
  • Laminator ¬£10:¬†If you read my “what i got for my birthday” blog post then you will have seen that i got a laminator. This month i have used it so much to make christmassy/autumnal dash’s for my Filofax. I’ve made so many that i have enough to change every week haha! The laminator was from Wilko and it’s amazing for personal use!¬†12305638_1251913031491094_2029779466_n
  • Dashboards: Following off from my last favorite you know that i loved making dashboards this month. I have made so many and iv sent a few to my penpal Alycia! (Check out her blog). I love dashboards because they add Personalization to your planner as well as colour. There amazing to change out with the seasons instead of changing your planner!¬†12312216_1251913078157756_985648189_n12309355_1251913081491089_1500535265_n12305678_1251913091491088_2142733361_n
  • Gold Saffiano ¬£25.70:¬†If you read my last blog post you would have seen a review on my Gold Filofax Saffiano. I’m currently using the gold saffiano as my main planner and i’m loving it! The colour is so beautiful and it’s so shiny!!¬†12309034_1251913148157749_1437382452_n
  • Pocket gold¬†organizer ¬£1:¬†Last week i went to a Christmas fate at my local church. During having a nose through the stalls i came across this gold pocket organizer with a price tag of ¬£1!!! When i saw the price i had to pick it up. I’m not actually sure what im going to do with the planner but it looks beautiful on my shelve with the rest of my planners!¬†12306020_1251913141491083_346065391_n
  • Emoji sticky notes ¬£2:¬†I love emoji’s! I use them all the time when im on my phone, maybe even too much! When i was shopping in Primark with my friend Sophie i saw that they currently have a little stationery stand. When i approached it all the emoji things caught my eye! I have a look through and i picked up these Emoji sticky notes. I fell in love insistently! I loved how cute the sticky notes looked and how functional they are because it gives you a good space to write on them. I actually also picked up some emoji stickers that they had there,also ¬£2. Altogether for the stickers and sticky notes it came to ¬£4 which lovely Sophie actually brought for me bless her.¬†12278044_1251913074824423_514362928_n
  • Stamp ink ¬£1.75:¬†Because i brought stamps this month i have been on the look out out for good yet cheap stamp ink. During my Christmas shopping on eBay i came across DewDrop Memento dye ink. I loved the shape of the ink pads as they were small and looked perfect for my tiny planner stamps. When i brought them i was a little scared that the ink would bleed through my paper as that’s one thing you have to worry about when using stamps in your planner. However the stamp ink was amazing! It only shadows through the page a little bit and i love them! I brought 3 colour and they are so vibrant. There will be a blog post reviewing them that should be up in the next few weeks.¬†ink
  • Fine liners ¬£2: I have always wanted to try fine liners in my planner but i was so scared that the ink would bleed through my paper. However when i saw a pack in Wilko for ¬£2 i thought i should just try them. I knew if i didn’t like them in my planner then they would be used in my college book for revising and coursework. When i actually used them i was so surprised. Fine liners are amazing to write in and they are so bright and colourful! I have used them ever since!¬†12312063_1251913041491093_967530582_n

I hope you liked this months favorites and made you want to try new products! Let me know if you want me to do a December favorites next month. I want to apologies for being MIA lately, college has been really stressful and i just haven’t had time to write a blog post. I have a few in the works that should come out next week. I do try and make sure there are 2 blog posts for you guys a week, normally Friday and Sundays. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Zoe  oxoxoxox


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