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Filofax A5 Gold Saffiano Review

I know i know, You all probably thinking the same as my mum did. ANOTHER FILOFAX?!?!?!

Oh i couldn’t help it, the colours AMAZING. Makes me so excited for Christmas. Only 7 Mondays guys 😉

Anyway. my only excuse for this purchase is that i actually only paid £5. My brother paid the rest for my birthday present. Before i decided to buy it i saw loads of pictures of the gold Saffiano but i didn’t really think anything of it. However the more and more pictures i saw the more i was warming to it until i just had to have it. My brother and i decided that we were going to order it off SpeedyHen. It was £25.70 with free postage. I love speedyhen! This was only my second time in ordering from them but i have had an amazing experience with them. The postage was super fast and the prices of the Filofax’s are amazing!

When the parcel arrrived it was very well packaged. The Filofax came in a box with thick sellotape around it. The Filofax itself was in cardboard and had a white sleeve around it to protect the material of the Filofax. I actually had trouble opening the box because it was so well sellotaped haha!

The box that the planner came in. Unfortunately i haven't got a picture of the package that it came in.
The box that the planner came in. Unfortunately i haven’t got a picture of the package that it came in.


When i finally got the Filofax out and took off the plastic sleeve. i was so happy to see it in beautiful condition and the rings are perfect. I always get anxious when buying Filofax’s online in case they come with gappy rings. #WorstNightmare! When i opened the Filofax i couldn’t believe how beautiful and shiny the colour was. The smell of a new Filofax and the texture is just amazing! I checked over the Filofax first to check for any scratched or damages as i new that it would then get put away for a few weeks until my birthday so i wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

Gold saffiano

I like Saffiano’s because of how simple they look. Someone don’t get on with them because of the lack of pockets. However i don’t really keep anything in the card pockets inside so i have never found it a problem.


Inside the Filofax came with:

  • 2 Clear plastic dashboards.
  • Numbered dividers
  • 2015-2016 Inserts
  • To do pages
  • Note pages
  • Colourd note pages
  • transparent ruler
  • Open top loading pocket
  • a note pad at the back

On the back of the Filofax there is a pocket that you can slide a notepad in. The Filofax came with a punched pad which you can use.I love this idea because it simply stays at the back of your planner and you can take notes and rip the paper off the pad and put in straight into your Filofax.


Back 1

Back 3

I am so happy with how the Filofax came and everything that was included! I can’t believe i only paid £25.70. I’m so in love with the Filofax and so happy that i brought it. I will upload a blog post showing my set up in the next few weeks.

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you found this blog post helpful and interesting. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at

Have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxoxox


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