Monthly Favorites

October Favorites.

Is it only me that loves having a nose on other peoples blog’s and YouTube channels to see what they are using and loving every month? I love it as it opens my eyes to products that i haven’t seen before. Its not good to my bank balance wanting to try all new things but it’s exciting and 9/10 i absolutely love the products that i have tried.

I have been thinking for a while now if i wanted to start doing monthly favorites but i always decided not to without any real reason behind it, so i have decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. I’m not sure if i will do one every month or how long i will do it for but i am 100% going to give it a go.

This month i have mainly planner supplies that i have loved using. Due to it being my birthday on the 29th of this month i decided to hold off on craft bits due to i know i will be getting some for my birthday from my mum.

I have used most of these products for about a month now and i can generally say i love them all and going to buy some more! If anyone has any suggestions of products that they love and want me to try please comment bellow! ūüôā

Right so onto my This months favorites:

thumbnail edit

Sprinkle washi tape and Mickey mouse washi tape: I was checking my ebay purchase list as i was checking delivery estimates when i saw that a seller that i brought some washi tape off before, was having a sale. I was having a snoop when i came across ¬†the sprinkle washi. I feel in love with the colours in the tape and decided to buy it. Before i did i was having a look at the other washi tapes that the seller had for sell. This is when i came across the mickey washi tape. I’m a big lover or Disney. Growing up i had all the books and teddy’s of all the Disney characters. Anyway as soon as i say it i knew i had to buy it as well. I couldn’t get a good picture of the Mickey washi tape but it says Magic,Memories, Laugh with mickeys hand, shoes and Minnie’s bow. ¬†Altogether both washi tapes cost ¬£2.58 (¬£1.29 each).

Set of 5 washi tapes: This favorite was introduced to me by my penpal Alycia, from Sweetplanning101. She put a photo up on Instagram of a ebay haul which included the 5 washi tapes. I asked her about them and i couldn’t believe it that they were ¬£1.99. She gave me a link to them and i checked them out. There from china which i didn’t really mind as i don’t mind waiting 30 days for that price. The only thing with this product is you can’y actually choose which washi tapes you receive. It’s¬†like a blind box, you get sent 5 at random. I quite liked this because it was a surprise when they came but i know its not some peoples cup of tea. I recently brought another 5 and i did receive one washi tape that was the same but i didn’t mind as lucky it was one of my most favorites and i can always sell them if i receive more then one.

Tesco pouch: In the¬†beginning¬†of the year i saw on the planner groups that Tesco had come out with a pouch pencil case. I¬†saw pictures of how everyone used it and there set up and i loved it! I really wanted one but¬†unfortunately¬†i¬†haven’t got a large Tesco near me, just metro ones and they didn’t stock them. However a lovely lady from UK Planner Addicts was selling one and i managed to quickly snap it up. When it came it was even better then what i hoped for. I have space for my set of pens,a sharpie and scissors in the zip pocket, and plenty of space for sticky notes and stickers in the other 2 pockets. Its thin so its perfect for shoving in my bag with my Filofax when im out and about.

PouchInside pouch

Christmas paperclips: If you saw my bog post from a few weeks ago then you would have seen the amazing Christmas paperclips from Donna. I have been setting up my Christmas planner this week and i love how they look in my planner. They will look amazing with my Gold Saffiano that i will be using during the Christmas time! I just cannot wait to use them all the time! Hurry up Christmas :p 2 Months to go!!! Hehe.


Handbag organiser: If you read my blog post from last Sunday then you would have seen how i organise my planner supplies on my desk using a handbag organiser from ebay. I just love how it has a place for everything and it also has handles so i can carry it around with me in the house depending on where i am going to plan. Its perfect for holding all my essentials and i know they are all in the same place so it is easier and quicker for me to plan. To see more information on the handbag organiser and how i am using it as a planner caddy/orgsaniser please click here to see the blog post.

handbag organiser

Black Tassel Bag:¬†I have been using a lot of bags recently and i just cannot find one that i really like or that is big enough to hold my Filofax and other bits that i need when out and about. That as all in till i was given this black tassel bag from a family friend. It’s the perfect size, it can hold my A5 Filofax, my Pennybridge Filofax, a pencil case, a bottle of drink and a sandwich. Im currently into handbags rather then shoulder bags which is a surprise as i have always preferred shoulder bags so im hands free.


Duck Tape: I never knew that you could get different colourd duck tape! I was in the range the other day and they had a massive stand and there was every colour in the rainbow there, even patterns! I was actually in the range looking for something to use to cover a binder that i found in the attic. I was looking for sticky back plastic but thought that duck tape would work better due to it being in strips rather then me having to cut it down. There will be a blog post soon about the D.I.Y folder that i have made to store my stickers in. I recently wrote a blog post about sticker organisation. To see this click here.

Duck tape

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I know it’s a bit different. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and if you would like me to carry on with these types of post. As i said it is just a trial at the moment. If anyone has any questions comment below!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Zoe oxoxox


2 thoughts on “October Favorites.

  1. You’re not the only one… It’s a Sunday morning treat for me to catch up on the blogs likes yours that I enjoy and binge watch YT. Love the favourites especially the washi 5 pack and Tesco pencil case. I wish I still lived in the UK. Please do a November favs!


    1. That’s what i do on a Sunday! Nothing better if you ask me! Thank you so much for reading! So happy to hear that you liked this post! I will defiantly do a November favorites so glad you liked this months! ūüôā x

      Liked by 1 person

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