Sticker Organisation Ideas

I have used several methods over the last year, depending on whether I wanted mobile storage or had a craft room. I have found that i’m running out of ideas to organize my stickers that work. Some work for a while but then i get to many stickers and they don’t work for me anymore. I have found that sticker organization varies between people and what works for them may not work for you.

Some of the sticker organisation types i have tried are:

* Sticker folders:You can buy sticker folders with sheets a bit like project life inserts. They are expensive but they work.

*Concertina/Expandable folders: I’ve seen concertina folders used a lot, I used this method for a good few months. It worked well for me but the more stickers i had,the harder it was to find the stickers that i was looking for in the compartments. I also found that it got really bulky so it got hard to close the folders. I ended up having 4 little folders from Wilkinsons until i gave up using this method.

Wilkinsons expandable file £1.25
Wilkinsons expandable file £1.25
Wilkinsons Expandable file
Wilkinsons Expandable file

* The box with expendable D.I.Y inserts: This method is exactly like the Concertina folders but in a box instead. This was the first method that i tried. It worked for about a week until i brought the concertina folders. My problem was that i had to D.I.Y and make the expandable inserts to hold the stickers and i just didnt have the time. I found this method by watching a YouTube Video showing how to make them. The link to that is here: 

* Folder with card stock in: I have seen people use a normal folder with card in it and using a strip of washi tape to stick a sticker sheet onto the card and then punch it in a Filofax or folder.

A5 Folder with card and a sticker sheet stick in with washi tape
A5 Folder with card and a sticker sheet stick in with washi tape

*Avery Insertable Folder Dividers: I saw this method and i loved it! Its so easy to organize your stickers into categories and then put the stickers into the flaps in the dividers. However, If you are in the UK you will struggle to find these *Sad face* You can buy then of amazon but on my student budget i cannot afford to buy a few packs of them with the shipping cost.

* A5 display folder: I’m currently using a A5 display folder from Amazon to store my stickers. I see loads of people using this method and loving it. I’m not sure if i like this method because the folder gets REALLY bulky. It wont really close without an elastic band holding it closed. I love how easy it is to look through and choose stickers but i just doesn’t look nice in my opinion.

A5 Display Folder from Amazon
A5 Display Folder from Amazon
What the display folders looks like with stickers in it :(
What the display folders looks like with stickers in it 😦

I have still not found sticker organization peace and i’m not sure i ever will. However there is always methods to try out and test. I hope this post has helped you and given you more ideas on how to organize your stickers. If you have any questions or ideas of you own i would love to hear about them! Please comment below or email me at

Have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxox


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