TheSewUnique Planner/Filofax A5 Dust Cover.

Since buying a Filofax i was always worried that it would get ruined in my bag or get scratched. I kept searching on Etsy for a nice Dust bag but i could never find one in my price range that i liked and was from the UK. One morning i was doing my normal morning routine that consists of looking through Facebook on the UKPA group, and i found a post where the Etsy sellers on the group were linking there shops. Luckily the day before was payday so i decided to have a browse of everyone’s shops!

In the post a lovely lady called Emma linked to her Etsy shop and said that she made planner cases, I clicked onto her shop and i fell in love with all the beautiful patterns and fabrics that she had and made into cases.  She had cases for all sized Filofax. While having a look through i saw a beautiful bright green case with foxes on. I immediately fell in love.

I emailed Emma on Etsy because i wanted to make sure that my Filofax would fit in the case a some ladies who buy cases have had problems with sizes. This is normally because every person’s Filofax is different. Some are stuffed full of amazingness and others are simple which is amazing too. Emma replied back to my email within 10 minutes and sent me pictures of different Filofax in the cases and immediately put my mind at rest. That second i clicked buy and i’m so glad i did.

My package was sent the next day and i received it the day after. I cannot believe how quickly it arrived. The fabric feels amazing, the stitching is perfect and the colours are so vibrant. I also love how light the case is. I would defiantly recommend Emma’s shop to anyone looking for planner/Filofax cases.

I hope this review was helpful, I truly love this case. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zoe oxoxox

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and i have not been paid to write this review. All Products were brought with my own money.


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