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Filofax A5 Pear Saffiano Review

As some of you may know i became a part of the planner community in January 2015. My first planner was a Personal Planner from I did a review of this planner and i love it. I currently use it as an insert in my Filofax. To see the blog post click Here.

Anyway when i first started i used the personal planner as it is until i was gifted my very first ring style organizer from my beautiful penpal Alycia.  I then decided to decoil my personal planner and punch it into my Paperchase ring planner. This was the best thing i ever did! I was really nervous in doing that because i was scared that punching it into my planner, i would loose writing space. Now i have done it i can say you really don’t loose much space. If you would like to see a blog post on how i uncolid it and everything please let me know 🙂

The Paperchase planner was amazing and did its job perfectly but i really wanted to own a real Filofax. I’m the worst with money, As soon as i get it i spend it so i knew that saving for a Filofax would be hard, let alone choosing which one i wanted. One day i was looking on the UK Planner Addicts group on Facebook and a bright green Filofax caught my eye. I instantly was drawn to it as green is one of my all time favorite colours. It was a personal size and i knew that’s not what i wanted and at the time i wasn’t really decided if i was actually going to save to buy a Filofax.  Days went past and i could not stop thinking about the Filofax.

Two Weeks later i decided to look onto the Filofax website and see how much the planner was and what it was called. I learnt that it was a Pear Saffiano and i could get an A5 size! On the Filofax Website its £45. For a link to the website please click Here. I was talking to my penpal Alycia about my thoughts on buying a Filofax and she was really supportive. She let me know of a site called SpeedyHen. Speedyhen is a online shop that sells Filofax’s Cheaper then the actual Filofax website. On SpeedyHen the Filofax was £24.29. When i saw this i immediately made up my mind that i was going to save and buy this Filofax. Well how couldn’t i at that price!

A5 Pear Saffiano
Filofax A5 Pear Saffiano

.I was a bit skeptical with ordering from SpeedyHen because i had never brought from them before and a few ladies from UKPA have had some problems but many ladies received there order fine or the customer service were quickly resolving issues for other ladies that had problems.  I ordered the Filofax on Saturday the 8th of August and it arrived on Wednesday the 12th or August! The delivery was super fast! The packaging was very well packaged. The Filofax came in a box with thick sellotape around it. The Filofax itself was in cardboard and had a white sleeve around it to protect the material of the Filofax. I actually had trouble opening the box because it was so well sellotaped haha!

When i finally got the Filofax out and took off the plastic sleeve. i was so happy to see it in beautiful condition and the rings are perfect. I’m used to Paperchase rings, trying to open the Filofax rings are so stiff and hard! Its perfect though, stops the rings having gaps. When i opened the Filofax i was so shocked to see that it came with inserts. I knew that if i ordered from Filofax website that it would come with inserts but i was unsure if i would received insert from SpeedyHen. The Filofax came with:

  • 2 Clear plastic dashboards.
  • Numbered dividers
  • 2015-2016 Inserts
  • To do pages
  • Note pages
  • Colourd note pages
  • transparent ruler
  • Open top loading pocket
  • a note pad at the back

I am so happy with how the Filofax came and everything that was included! I can’t believe i only paid £24.29. I’m so in love with the planner and so happy that i brought it. I will upload a blog post showing my set up next week. I apologies with the lack of pictures in this blog post but its really late and all the pictures came out with crappy quality. I promise there will be lots of pictures in the set up blog.

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you found this blog post helpful and interesting. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me at

Have a lovely weekend,

Zoe oxoxoxox


2 thoughts on “Filofax A5 Pear Saffiano Review

  1. Lucky you, I received my Pear Saffiano this week, but paid more than that for it. This is the first real Filofax I have owned and I must admit I can’t put it down. I too think the colour is stunning. Now I just have to set it up…..

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    1. Aww, I love speedyhen as they had loads on there for half the price. I’m so glad to hear that you like it! This was my first real Filofax too. Iv brought a few Filofax styles from charity shops and there lovely but the pear is much better quality and the colour is amazing! I cannot fault them! I’ve recently brought a Filofax Compact Pennybridge that i got from a lady on Facebook and i can defiantly say Filofax are amazing! 🙂 xx


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