How I travel with my planner supplies.

Having my planner with me is a must at all times. You never know when you need to jot something down or check a date. If i don’t have my planner on me then i get anxious because my whole life is in my planner and without it i would be an unorganized mess. I have had a few emails asking me what planner supplies i bring with me when i’m out and about. Today i though i would answer that. I am also going to talk about what i bring with me when i’m traveling and know i’m going to be away from home when i am going to plan.

Firstly on the go supplies. When i am out and about i don’t really bring a lot with me. I normally just bring my planner and my planner pouch. In that pouch i have my must haves that i may need when on the go and i need to jot something in my planner. I got my planner pouch for £2.59 from eBay. I used to have a passport organizer but i really couldn’t get on with it. I found it too flimsy and the pockets were either too small or big. My pens would just fall all over the place. When i found this pouch i fell in love and pens fit lovely in it! 🙂

Travel pouch front
Travel pouch front
Back of the planner pouch
Back of the planner pouch
Inside the empty planner pouch.
Inside the empty planner pouch.
Planner pouch full.
Planner pouch full.

In my planner pouch i have:

  • Colourd pens from eBay
  • Portable hole punch from Wilkinsons
  • Small scissors
  • Washi samples
  • Must have/Most used stickers
  • Paper clips from the range
  • Sharpie from Poundland

As you can tell the planner pouch can hold quite a lot of stuff. Some people may think, “You carry all that around with you?” Yes, however i obviously wont take it with me if i’m nipping to the local shop as that would be a bit silly but if i am going out say round a friends or on a shopping trip then i will because my planner houses all my lists and things i need.

If i am traveling then things are a little different. Depending on what i am doing and where i am going i may bring different supplies. If i am going somewhere where i know i am going to plan the next week then i will bring everything i normally use to decorate my week or use when i am doing my weekly planning. Bringing my supplies with me does mean a heavy/big bag. I used to struggle finding a bad that would fit my A5 planner plus all my supplies and anything else that i would need to take with me. HOWEVER i have found the most amazing solution. When shopping one day in Wilkinsons i was in the beauty section and a bag caught my eye. I picked it up and opened it and a thought came rushing into my head. PLANNER BAG!!! The bag is actually meant for a wash bag for traveling but the pockets are perfect to carry my on the go supplies in.

Wilkinsons wash bag £6
Wilkinsons wash bag £6
Sections inside the bag
Sections inside the bag

As you can see from the pictures there are two large clear pockets which are perfect for carrying my planner and pouch in one side and washi tape, hole punch, stamps, glue stick and any other bits and bobs. There is a chevron zip pocket inside which is perfect for keeping sticky notes in there and project life cards, and there is a pocket on the front of the bag which would fit stickers in perfectly.

I’m just so in love with this bag and how it fits everything in. However i hardly travel due to college and work but i have found this bag is amazing to bring with me to work. I normally do my planning on a Sunday morning. However i now normally work then so i found this bag amazing to bring so i can do my normal planning at work when the children are still asleep in the morning or when they do to bed. I obviously bring another small bag to hold my phone,purse, keys and essentials but i love being able to have everything in one place/bag. 🙂

Thank you all for reading and i hope this inspires you or helps you find what works for you when traveling with your planner. Everyone is different and what works for me may not work for you but together we can help and share tips 🙂

I hope you have all had a lovely week.

Zoe oxoxoxoxox


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