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Ring Bound Vs Spiral Bound Planners

Hi Guys,

I have had some questions about my ring bound planners and why i prefer them over spiral bound planners. I have decided to do a blog post explaining why i like them and prefer them over spiral bound planners. 

As many of you know i’m obsessed with ring bound planners. There are lots of positives, however there can be a few negative things about them.


I love how much you can customize ring bound planners. There is no limit to what you can do with them. My favorite thing about them is that you can take things in and out as you please. There are so many times that i get important letters with information on that i need to keep and remember and i loose them because i put them in a “safe place” and always forget where that is. Whereas now, whenever i get an important letter i punch in into my planner at the back so i always have it on me and know where it is whenever i need to find it. However, there is a downside to being able to take things in and out of your ring bound planner. Depending on how often you open and close your planners rings it can have an affect on the tightness of the rings and cause gaps where the rings do not meet up correctly. This can be avoid though by opening and closing the rings correctly by pressing on both sides of the levers that open the rings and not just one. This makes sure that there is pressure coming from both ends of the rings to avoid one side becoming looser then the other. 

Another thing that i love to do is make custom dividers for my planner. I love doing this because i can switch out the contents to fit my growing needs. In my planner at the moment i have 5 divided sections. They are: Planner, Weight loss, Blog, Notes and letters. However over time i may not need one of these sections. If that happens then i can just simply remove it. There are so much you can do with a ring bound planner. Its all up to you and your creativity. However some people may find having all this control and customization very overwhelming. Many people do not know where to start and find the ring bound system to much. That is the downfall to having so much customization. However you always have to remember that this is YOUR planner and it can be as simple or as creative as you like. 🙂 


Buying a ring bound planner can be expensive depending on the make and where you buy them from. The most popular ring bound planner is the Filofax. Filofax’s can cost anywhere between £25 and £100. However when buying a Filofax you know that it will last years and be amazing quality. When looking to buy a ring bound planner its best to shop around. You can get amazing deals on Filofax’s on Ebay and Amazon with people selling them second hand. However you can get cheap alternative to Filofax’s. When you first start out i recommend you look for “Ring bound organizers”. You can find these in the shop Paperchase and online. When i first found out about Filofax’s i was obsessed and i really wanted to buy one. However being on a student budget i knew i could never afford one. This was in till i found out that you can buy ring bound organizers from Paperchase for half the price. 

Ring bound planners can be cheaper then spiral bound planners. This is because you will only be buying the ring bound planner once, All you need to do is buy the inserts for it each year. This means in the long run it will be cheaper then buying a spiral bound planner each year/6 months. 


Many people have busy lives so having a planner to fit in there bags is important. I love the fact that you can get ring bound planners in all shapes and sizes. I currently have an A5 for my life planner which usually stays at home or if i’m going out and about i bring it with me because i don’t carry much around so it fit in my bag. However when i’m at college my bag is stuffed to the brim with different stuff so i use a pocket planner. This easily fit in any bag and is not bulky at all! 

Having a ring bound planner can also be bulky. Depending on the size of your bag and the size of your planner this can be an issue for people. Some people’s planners are too bulky and heavy so they do not like carrying it around with them. This is an disadvantage but personally i don’t think its a big disadvantage due to the fact you can buy different sized planners to suite your needs and wants. If you have a small bag then you can buy a Compact, Pocket or Personal sized planner rather then the A5. Its all up to how you use the planner and what suites you! 🙂 

I hope you found this helpful. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, either write a comment or email me at 

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Zoe oxoxox


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