My Top 3 Things I Use To Plan With!

Hi Guys!

Today i will be sharing how I plan and what I use. I usually plan every Sunday for the week ahead.  I use the Paperchase Vintage London A5 Organiser with my personal planner from my last post punched into it. 

How i plan

I plan on a Sunday because my week starts on a Monday so its natural for me to plan everything on the Sunday before. Due to being at college there are certain things that happen each week that i know are happening which i can put in there on the Sunday. However some things i will not know and i will pop them in my planner as i go.

The personal planner “inserts” (Please see my previous blog post to see how the planner looks before i decoiled it) that i have is the vertical columns. However i divide the columns into 3 sections, ‘Morning,Day,Evening. (like the Erin Condren Life Planner Layout) by using Washi Tape to make the sections.

Washi tape sections
Washi tape sections

When i plan i use different things to help me and make planning my life fun! Just think of it like this; Everyday boring tasks you have to do, if you put them in your planner using stickers or fun colours it brings a sense of fun to them. I have also found that i am more likely to complete a “to do” task when i make it “fun”. I store all my stickers in little files that i brought from Wilkinson for £1.25. I found keeping my stickers in something that i can organize into categories helped me find things a lot easier and faster.

Sticker storage
Sticker strorage side Sticker storage from Wilkinsons

sticker tabsMy planning techniques is actually quite simple if i’m honest compared to many peoples. This maybe due to the fact i only started a year ago and still finding my “technique” or it could be that i like things looking simple and clean. I love using stickers in my planner. I love how you can use them instead of having to write. It brings colour and fun to the layout. When i started planning i was obsessed with stickers. You can buy stickers from many different places depending on what you are looking for. Etsy is the best place to buy stickers because they have everything you can ever want and more. However the only downside is that most Etsy sellers live in America so the postage to the UK is RIDICULOUS! Instead i make my own stickers. It so much cheaper and you can have anything you want made into a sticker. All you need is sticker paper and a printer. I went a bit overboard with sticker making but i love how much freedom you have. Many times i have had an event going on and i have made a sticker for it that i would never be able to buy. A tip when looking to buy stickers is to look in your local shops. Many shops sell random stickers aimed at children but they can be functional for a planner. An example would be a sticker page full of cars and transport. This would be great to mark holidays or days you need to take a bus. Many kids stickers you find in Wilkinsons, Asda, Argos can be used in a functional way.

The next thing that i use when planning is washi tape. I never heard of this before i started planning and i cannot believe it! It the most amazing invention ever. For people who don’t know, Washi tape is patterned tape that is removable. Its great for using in art projects because it can peel off the paper if you change your mind, or in planning if the lines not straight. :p I use washi tape as mentioned before to section off my days. However i also use washi to mark off events that are happening over a certain period of time. I use washi to mark off placement days i have at college because it makes them stand out and it goes though the days.Washi tape comes in so many different styles and colours you can even get them with different themes. For example you can get washi tape that looks like a road. This is amazing if your traveling because you can mark the days that you will be on the road.

An example of how i use washi tape to mark of events over a period of time.
An example of how i use washi tape to mark of events over a period of time.
An example of how i use washi tape to mark of events over a period of time.
An example of how i use washi tape to mark of events over a period of time.
My Washi tape collection
My Washi tape collection
Washi tape collection
My Washi tape collection

Post it notes, Oh what amazing things. The amount of things you can do with post it notes. I have so many its ridiculous!  I use them to write homework tasks from college and things that i’m not sure are defiantly happening yet but want to keep a note of. I also use them to track mail that is supposed to come that week. My favorite thing about post its is that they come in all sort of shapes, sizes and styles. I’m a bit of a collector of post it notes. Being a pen pal i collect a few different ones which is amazing because i may not have seen them before and i can try them and if i love them buy a pack of them. Post it notes are so functional to have because you can jot things down on them quickly when you need to. Its my must have to have on my desk.

I hope this post is helpful to people who are currently starting to plan or looking into it. I really recommend it. The products i mentions in this post i swear by and i don’t think i could not live without haha! There will be a follow up to this post where i talk about how i store all my planning supplies in more detail and a planning 101 for beginners. They will both be up shortly. I’m currently sorting out a schedule for uploading the posts. I’m thinking about every Wednesday and Saturday. Nothing for sure yet!

Hope you enjoyed reading and ill speak to you soon,

Zoe oxoxo


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